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It was just another day for Sasori Akasuna. The weather outside was nice and the sun was shining bright. However, the male was very reclusive and hated the sun, so his curtains were closed preventing any sunlight from coming in.

So there he sat at his desk, drawing and humming along to his music. Sasori heard the door, and immediately knew who it was, "What do you want, Eien?" Sasori asked.

"I came to get my Game Boy…" Eien started, looking around the room, "Hm...I won't be able to find it in this darkness." he grinned and walked over to the window and opening the curtain to his balcony. "Much better" Sasori rolled his eyes, and glared at the beam of light hitting his floor. "Hey look, Sasori!" Eien said, as he pointed out the window. "New neighbors!"

Sasori rolled his eyes and sighed. "Come on! Look!" the older boy pleaded. The redhead groaned and stood up, walking over to the balcony door. "alright, I see them. What about it?"

Eien grinned. Sasori glared before crossing his arms, "No. we are not gonna go help them unpack" he growled. The older frowned, "Aw, come on Sassy! Look at them!"

The family was frantically moving boxes in and out of the house. "I really don't care, they look lik-" he stopped when his eye caught sight of a blonde. He assumed it to be a girl, due to their long hair, but you never know with the Japanese. Whether it was a girl or boy, Sasori didn't care. They had blonde hair that went down to their mid back and was wearing a mid drift blue top with netting underneath. He also wore skinny jeans that matched his shirt.

Eien whistled, "well ain't that a sight" he grinned. Sasori rolled his eyes and stared, "I think I'm going to go help them...your Game boy is over there. Take it and leave." he said. The older male laughed and ruffled his brother's hair, taking his hand held before leaving.

When he had left the room, Sasori immediately began making himself nice. He combed his hair a couple of times, fixing his bangs so they looked sexy, he then put on his favorite hat, sideways like always. He then ran over to his dresser and pulled out his favorite shorts and button up shirt. He buttoned it up, leaving a couple unbuttoned showing off his chest and grabbed his cologne, spraying himself with a reasonable amount before running out the door.

Eien snickered as he watched his little brother run over to their new neighbors house. "Huh? Where's Sasori go?" Ai, Sasori's and Eien's mother, asked. The older chuckled, "He left to go help the neighbors." Ai smiled, "Aw! That's so nice! He's been so withdrawn ever since Takeo left." she frowned, "But it's good he's finally getting out!" her frown was replaced with a smile. Eien nodded.

"Oh, hello" a woman with blonde hair said as Sasori approached them. "Hey," he smiled, "My mom sent me over to help. We live right next door." she smiled, "We could use the help." Sasori nodded starting to help the family. The blonde he saw earlier approached him, "Hey, un" the voice gave them away immediately. "So, you're a interesting." Sasori said.

The boy frowned, "What's that suppose to mean?" the redhead smirked, "Oh, nothing. So you got a name, brat?" the blonde furrowed his eyebrows, "It's Deidara Kusuru. And I'm not a brat, un!"

Sasori laughed, "Whatever you say," he paused and grinned, "brat." Deidara fumed, "Ugh! Whatever. So what's your name?" the redhead set the box down in the house with the others and smirked sexily, "Sasori Akasuna" the other blushed at the sexy smirk and hmphed.

"You really are something, huh, brat?" the redhead chuckled. "I told you, my name is Deidara, not br-" he was cut off by a pair of lips pressing against his. Sasori pressed the blonde up against the wall, and slid his tongue against Deidara's bottom lip. The redhead was surprised when he was suddenly pushed away. "What the hell is wrong with you, un!" Deidara said, with a flustered face.

Sasori smirked and pinned the blonde to the wall, "You know you liked it." Deidara pushed on the other's chest, "No I didn't!" the redhead grinned and pressed him closer to the wall. "Now, don't be like that, brat" Sasori purred. Deidara was about to say something but was cut off by his mother. "Boys! We can unpack the rest later. Let's get some lunch." Sasori got off the blonde and started walking out the door. Deidara, flustered, ran up to the redhead. "What's your problem, un?" he asked.

The redhead shrugged, "Nothing. You're just extremely cute." he grinned. Deidara let out a groan, "I am not cute! I'm a boy! Boy's are not cute!" he argued. Sasori waved a hand in dismissal, "Whatever floats your boat, brat." the blonde let out a strangled reply of curse words and stomped off. Sasori laughed and chased after the blonde. He could get use to this.

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