The next morning, Sasori was rushing around the house, fulfilling Deidara's commands. Running back and forth from room to room, trying to please his lover.

"Oh, Sasori, honey!" His mother giggled, as she watched the redhead begin to cook lunch. It was rather cute to see how grown up her son had become. It was like yesterday he was wearing diapers and today he was a full adult ready to enter the dangerous world.

"Hm, yeah Mom?" Sasori asked, flipping the grilled cheese he was making.

"You went a little rough on him, didn't you?" She laughed, sipping her tea. Her smiled widened at her son's flushed face.

Sasori blushed and laughed nervously. "Geez mom, you don't have to mention it..." He rubbed his arm awkwardly.

"But I could hear you two all night."

The redhead blushed more and placed the food on a plate. "Moooom..." He whined. Why, oh, why did she have to embarrass him like this?

Ai giggled and hugged the redhead. "Gah, you're growing up so fast." She nuzzled him before pulling away. "Sasori...You do know you're turning eighteen next week, right?"

Sasori nodded and started making his own grilled cheese. "Yeah. What about it?" He asked, uncaringly.

Ai frowned, setting her tea down. "You won't be able to date him, sweetheart." She said, lightly.

Sasori froze, worried. "What? I thought you were cool with him? Weren't you just cooing over us having sex?" His mind began to spin. "Why can't we date...? It's not illegal..."

The brunette laughed lightly and flipped his food before it burned. "I don't have a problem with it. But, his parents have to approve of it also." She gave Sasori a knowing look. "I thought you knew, dear."

". . ."

"Sasori you're turning eighteen. You'll be a legal adult and Deidara is still fifteen. All you have to do is ask permission from his parents, otherwise you could be charged as a pedophile." Ai explained, going over to the sink and beginning to wash the dirtied dishes off.

The redhead set his food on a plate and frowned. "His parents...Well, they really don't approve of his sexuality. Especially his father..." He muttered, sadly. "Can't we just not tell them...?"

Ai shook her head and frowned, "I know it's gonna be tough on you both, sweetheart. But if you don't want to get in trouble with the law, you have to talk to his parents." She said, scrubbing away.

Sasori grabbed two sodas from the fridge and set everything on a tray. "But, his family will disown him if they knew! His dad is a complete ass-"

"Language." His mother scolded.

"Sorry...I mean he's a total arse-hole and his mother is a perfectionist freak. She may seem nice, but she thinks their family is perfect when it really isn't." Sasori scowled. "I don't want Dei to loose his only family, even if it does suck."

Ai frowned. "Well, I suppose you could keep it quiet. But, you'd have to be careful and take responsibility for your actions. And if you get sent to jail, I don't know if I will have the money to bail you out. Better start saving."

Sasori nodded and hugged him mother. "Thanks, mom! I love you. You're the best!" He grabbed the tray and some Doritos, before rushing up the stairs and to his room.

"DeiDei~" Sasori sung as he entered his room. He carried the tray in one hand and held the door open with the other. "Lookie what I got~" He smirked.

"Danna~" Deidara sung back. "Yay! You made food, un!" The blonde said, excitedly. "It smells great!"

The redhead laughed and sat down next to the blonde, setting the tray on his lap. "Of course, just as the princess commanded."

Deidara rolled his eyes, "Ha ha. Now gimme fooood." He practically drooled, feeling hungrier than he was ten minutes ago.

Sasori flicked Deidara's forehead. "Ah, ah, ah. Magic word~" The redhead teased. The rumbling stomach from the blonde made Sasori crack a smile.

The blonde groaned as he felt his stomach rumble. "Pleaaaaseee!"

Sasori paused as if thinking. "Beg for it, Dei." What could he say? He loved messing with the blonde. It always amused him.

Deidara growled and glared at the redhead, before sighing. "Please Danna? Gimme food? Pretty please?" He begged, lightly kissing the edge of Sasori's lips.

The redhead chuckled and pecked his lips, letting the blonde have access to his food. "Alright. Eat up." Sasori sat smiling, pleased to see his little blonde happy.

Deidara let out a sound of exclamation digging into his food, stuffing his face.

"Hungry much?"

"Starving, un." Deidara muttered, chewing his food.

The redhead laughed and ate his own food, resting his head against the blonde's shoulder. Silence filled the room as the two ate. "Dei..." Sasori muttered, his lips moving against the soft skin of Deidara's neck.


The redhead sighed and twirled a blonde lock of his lover's hair. "I'm turning eighteen next week." He muttered, sighing at the end of his sentence.

"I know, un."

Sasori kissed his neck, "And that means I'm a legal adult...And you'll still be fifteen...My mother says that I could get in major trouble if we were caught dating."

The blonde went quiet for a moment, then spoke up. "I thought it was legal, un." He asked, confused. Deidara frowned and played with a lock of Sasori's hair, feeling a rather unpleasant feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Sasori nodded and sighed. "It's legal...But with parental permission. My mom is fine with it. But your parents have to agree too..." The redhead frowned when he felt the blonde tense up. He knew Deidara's parents would never approve of it.

Deidara turned towards Sasori. "They would never agree. They would kick me out, un! There has to be another way!" The blonde pleaded.

The redhead sat quietly. "Well there is another way...We could keep dating, but we'd have to keep it a secret."

The blonde nodded. "I understand..." He handed Sasori the tray. "I think I should get going, un...My parents will get suspicious if I'm gone all the time." With that said, Deidara pulled the blankets off and fully clothed himself.

"Alright. I'll see you at school?" Sasori asked, setting the tray down on the seat he was just sitting on.

Deidara gave a short nod and wrapped his arms around the redhead. "Yeah. Later, un." He said, giving Sasori a quick peck on the lips and exiting the room with a slight limp.

Sasori shook his head. "He could of at least let me walk him home." He sighed and grabbed the tray taking it down stairs.

Later that night, Deidara plopped down on his bed exhausted. As soon as he got home he was scolded and cooed over by his mother. She wet on and on about running off in the middle of the night and how she almost called the copss. And of course, she had to go and tell Yukio, being the good wife she was.

"Deidara." A low voice growled.

The blonde scowled, rolling over to face the wall. "Go away, asshole. I'm trying to get some sleep. I have school in the morning, un." He pulled the blankets up to his shoulders, trying to make it seem like he really didn't care. On the inside however, he was anxious.

"You stupid little brat!" The man growled, grabbing Deidara by his hair, successfully pulling him out of the bed. "Don't you turn your back to me when I'm talking to you." Yukio hissed.

Deidara glared and spat on his face.

Yukio slapped the blonde across the face hard. "Don't try to act all tough." He growled, tightening his grip on Deidara's hair. "I missed you yesterday. Your mother wasn't home, it was a perfect night for a good beating." The older male hissed.

The blonde groaned in pain when his hair was tugged harshly. Blue eyes glared into the man's dark brown. Deidara grabbed Yukio's hand, digging his fingernails into his skin, trying to pry the man's grip off his hair.

Unfortunately for the blonde, Yukio was unfazed by the action and only slammed Deidara against the wall. The male grinned when he heard a small whimper escape the blonde's lips. "Did you have fun at your little boyfriend's house?" He growled into Deidara's ear.

Deidara bit his bottom lip when he was slammed against the wall. He accidentally let out a small whimper when the man pushed him further up against the wall, causing him to hit his sore ass. "Go rot in Hell, un!" Deidara yelled, angrily.

Yukio only laughed and used his hair as a leverage to slam his head into the wall. "Did he fuck you good, hm?" The male slammed the blonde's head again. "You're such a whore, Deidara. A filthy whore."

"If you're gonna act like a whore, I'm going to treat you like one." Yukio hissed in his ear, grabbing the blonde's hip with his free hand. Roughly, he grabbed the blonde's boxers and yanked them down.

"Don't touch me, you fucking pig!" Deidara yelled, elbowing the older man in the gut. Quickly, the blonde pulled his boxers up.

Yukio was up on his feet in seconds, grabbing the blonde roughly. "What did I tell you, whore? Acting tough isn't going to get you anywhere." He tightened his grip, pushing the blonde onto the bed.

Deidara struggled against the man, clawing at his hands, kicking and kneeing. Unfortunately, Yukio held the blonde in a firm grip.

"Face it, brat. You're just some weak blondie bitch whore."

At this, Deidara finally managed to get a hand free. He balled his fist and punched the elder, hard. "How's that for fucking weak, you ass, un!"

Yukio was utterly surprised as he felt the force of the blonde's blow hit him. "Why you..." He growled, seeing red. He clenched his fist into a ball, pulling back to hit the blonde.

"Yukio, honey?" A quiet and tired voice muttered from outside the blonde's room.

The two males looked at each other. Deidara smirked and took a deep breath, preparing to scream.

The older male slapped his hand across the blonde's mouth, attempting to keep him from screaming. "Scream and I'll beat you until every one of your bones are broken." Yukio hissed.

None the less, Deidara began kicking and screaming. Though, Yukio's hand kept his cries muffled, it was enough for his mother to hear him and check on him.

"Deidara?" Tora said, switching on the lights, quickly. She was surprised at the sight. "Yukio?"

Yukio straightened himself and removed his hand. He cursed quietly. He would need a good and convincing lie to get out of this. Hopefully, the woman would be stupid and believe him over the blonde.

"Honey...What were you doing?" She asked concerned.

"I heard Deidara screaming a bit earlier, so I came in to check on him." Yukio explained, stroking Deidara's hair in a concerned way. "I tried calming him down, but it only seemed to rile him up more. I'm sorry."

Deidara gaped as he saw his mother hug than man, cooing. Was she really that stupid?

"Were you having a bad dream, DeiDei?"

Yukio gave Deidara a look. 'Tell her what happened and I tell about your little boyfriend.'

Deidara, unable to speak, just nodded. He clutched his blankets uncomfortably. Could tonight get any worse?

Tora hugged him. "Oh, DeiDei! There's nothing to be scared of!" She giggled.

"It's rather late. Why don't we get some rest. You too, Deidara."

The woman nodded, agreeing. "Good night, DeiDei."

"N-Night, un..." Deidara muttered. He glared at Yukio as the man left, turning off the lights. The blonde sighed in relief. 'Thank God he's gone...I was going to be raped...By my stepfather' He replayed the thoughts in his head all night.

The next day Deidara rushed to the bus stop, eager to see Sasori.

As soon as the redhead arrived, Deidara hugged him tightly. "Sasori!" The blonde sighed, loving the feeling of the other pressed against him.

"Well someone is happy to see me~" Sasori chuckled, hugging the blonde back. "Did you miss me or something?" He laughed, running his hands through the blonde's locks.

Deidara scoffed lightly and pulled away from the hug. "Sure. I'll just let you believe that." Their was a soft chuckle before his lips were stolen by another pair. The blonde let out a muffled moan and wrapped his arms around the redhead's neck.

Sasori smirked and licked his bottom lip, teasingly. The blonde opened his mouth to let the redhead in, but was disappointed when Sasori pulled away.

"Asshole, un."

The redhead laughed and rubbed Deidara's cheek. "You're cute when you're angry." He teased, grinning.

"I'll show you angry." Deidara growled, slapping the redhead upside his head.

"Deiiiiii~" Sasori whined, rubbing his head. "You're so mean to me." He sighed melodramatically.

The blonde scoffed and crossed his arms, turning away from the redhead. "And you're a drama queen, un."

"Somebody is cranky. Did you get any sleep last night, brat?"

"Shut up!" Deidara yelled. Sasori was taken aback by the blonde's out burst.


"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Deidara covered his ears and kept his back turned to Sasori.

Sasori frowned and hugged the blonde from behind. Despite his protests and yelling, the redhead didn't let go. He simply rested his head against the back of the blonde's shoulder.

Deidara yelled once more and went quiet. Only the sound of his heavy panting was heard in the November winds. He relaxed into Sasori's hold, feeling guilty for yelling at him.

"Danna, I'm s-" The blonde started.

"No need to apologize, Dei. You were obviously angry about something." Sasori muttered. "It's good to get it out."

". . ." The two stood there quietly, waiting for the bus to arrive. When it did, the two sat down in an available seat. Deidara tiredly rested his head against Sasori's shoulder.

"Hey Sasori! You look really cu-"

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up, Pinkie?" Deidara snapped angrily at the pink haired girl.

Sakura gaped and looked at Sasori. "Are you going to let him say that to me?"

Sasori looked as if he were giving it a thought before speaking. "Yeah."

The girl scoffed and pouted, turning around in her seat having no desire to speak to the couple. Deidara glared at the seat before rolling his eyes.

"Stupid bitch, un."

"Ne, Dei. What's bothering you?" Sasori asked, concerned. He hadn't seen the blonde this angry since they began dating. He figured it must have been something to do with his parents, specifically his stepfather.

Deidara grumbled. "It's nothing. Just leave it."

"Alright..." Sasori sighed. "But, remember. You can tell me anything, Dei."

A week later and the blonde had still not told Sasori what happened that night. His mood had gotten better however. Sasori was glad to see the blonde smiling and being happy. It made him feel better, especially since his birthday was tomorrow.

"Dei~ Guess what tomorrow is.~" Sasori chimed into his phone.

"Lemme guess...Perverted Sasori Day, un?"

Sasori smirked and chuckled. "Close. Guess again."

Deidara laughed, "It couldn't be your birthday could it?"

The redhead faked a gasp. "How did you guess? I thought you would of never guessed."

"I'm just that good."

"At giving blow jobs~"

"Sasori! You pervert!" Deidara exclaimed, his cheeks burning bright red.

Sasori laughed. "Oh, don't act like you don't love it~" He teased. "Anyways, speaking of blow jobs..."

"Hell no, un!"

"Aw, come on, Dei." He whined. "It's almost my birthday...Consider it an early birthday present!~" Sasori pleaded into his phone.

"I'm rather lonely. Plus, I feel like a dirty pervert doing it myself~"

"That's because you are a dirty pervert."

"You wound me~" Sasori hummed in thought. "Well...I could always jack off right here and let you listen in~" He chuckled. "That'd be fun, wouldn't it?"

Deidara went wide eyed. "Are you trying to have phone sex with me, un?"

"Do you want to?"

"Ew! No! That's gross, un!"


"I'll think about it..."

The next day, Deidara was out with Sasori, hanging out at the mall and everywhere else. Deidara had insisted they leave early in the morning so they would have all day to be together. He even let Sasori doll him up. Not that the redhead didn't mind, but it was a bit suspicious. Especially on his birthday.

At least dressing up Deidara had been fun. The blonde wouldn't say the same though. When Deidara dragged them to the mall, Sasori came up with a wonderful ridiculous idea of taking the blonde to Hot Topic. Deidara had wanted to bash the redhead so many times, but decided against it since it was his birthday.

Sasori forced the blonde to change as soon as he bought the clothing and items for him. And to make sure he wouldn't try anything, Sasori took away his clothes, leaving him either to be naked or forced wearing the clothes he bought.

So the blonde was shoved into girls clothing, to his distaste. It didn't look that bad on him, to be honest. He wore his hair up as usual, though his bangs were pulled back revealing his left eye. His eyeliner was a bit darker and he had a light strawberry lip gloss on. He wore a Living Dead Souls black ribcage t-shirt and a rainbow tulle petticoat with black fishnet rainbow lace up thigh highs. For his shoes, he was bought a pair of black lace up heel platform boots. And just for the redhead's own amusement, he slipped a turquoise lace thong into the blonde's clothes.

That's not the end of it either. Sasori decided to make sure he was fully accessorized. He managed to convince the blonde to get his belly button pierced. The piece of jewelry was an iridescent gem heart navel barbell. Along with the piercing came a six pack of neon friendship bangle bracelets and an eighteen pack of multicolor bangle bracelets. On his back, was a Pikachu drawstring backpack, which now carried his normal clothes.

During the whole time, Deidara whined about how Sasori wasn't all dressed up so the redhead was shoved into some different clothes also.

Unlike Deidara, he bought himself actual boy's clothes, except for his shirt. He wore a DC Comics Batman sleeveless girl's shirt with Royal Bones black zipper skinny jeans. For his accessories he bought himself a Marvel Universe superheroes bi-fold wallet with a silver handcuff wallet chain. For his shoes, he went with a pair of black and white Vans checkered slip-ons.

For his piercing he got his tongue done. Deidara had to turn around, saying it made his tongue hurt looking at the procedure. He also got a four pack of black and white swirl, start, and stripe barbells.

And for their final trip in the mall, Sasori drug them into a jewelry shop to get them an engraved 'best friends' necklace with their names on it. The blonde was given Sasori's name and Sasori, Deidara's name.

In total, Sasori spent a hundred and sixty-five dollars on Deidara and a hundred and fifty-seven on himself. Deidara complained the whole time, saying Sasori was wasting his money and Kakuzu would have a fit. Sasori eventually got the blonde to shut up and they continued their little journey.

"So...Did the others tell you to distract me so they could set up a surprise party?" Sasori asked. The couple were currently at the park, swinging.

Deidara scoffed, "You wish, un." He looked at his cellphone and cursed. "So...The park?" He asked, slipping the device back into his Pikachu bag.

"I figured it would be fun."

"How?" The blonde asked, confused. "Isn't the park a bit childish for you, un?"

Sasori chuckled, "Maybe." He paused in thought. "But, not for you."



Deidara scowled and got up from his swing. "I'm not a brat, un!" He declared, stopping Sasori from his swinging.

Sasori smirked and grabbed the blonde's hips and pulling him closer. "Of course. You're a spoiled brat." He raised Deidara's shirt up, kissing his stomach sensually.

The blonde squeaked in surprise and pushed Sasori off. "Hey! I never said I wanted this. You bought this for me, un!" He said, pulling his shirt down before crossing his arms across his chest.

The redhead feigned a sigh. "Oh, sure, sure. I'll go along with it for now." He grinned. "Now you said you wanted to know how this would be fun, right?" The grin widened.

"Un." Deidara nodded, curious as to what the redhead had in mind.

"Let's play spider~"

"Spider? What's that?"

The redhead smirked. "Come here and I'll show you." He purred.

Deidara hesitated at first, but moved closer to his boyfriend. "If this is one of your perverted tricks to get me to give you a blow job, I won't do it, un."

Sasori laughed, "It's nothing like that. It's just an innocent little game. Now, put one leg over my lap." He said, patting his lap, waiting for the blonde to move.

The blonde gave him a look. "For some reason, it feels like this isn't going to be so innocent." He said, sliding one leg over the redhead like he asked. "The act of sitting on a male's lap is consider an act of intimacy, un."

The redhead shrugged and ran a hand over the blonde's stocking clad thigh. "And?" He leaned down and kissed the cloth covered flesh up and down. Deidara shivered and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Sasori. Stop it."

Sighing, Sasori stopped. "You're no fun." He pouted. "Now do the same with your other leg."

With the aid of Sasori, Deidara slid his other leg over Sasori and was now successfully sitting on the older male's lap. "How is this innocent, un?"

"Just is." Sasori muttered, now rocking them into motion. "It'd be perverted if we were having sex~"

Deidara blushed and playfully hit Sasori on the chest. "Don't say that so loud. What if some little kid were to walk by or something, un?"

Sasori smirked, "I'm sure as soon as a kid sees us, they'll run off." He released one hand off the swing and took Deidara's own hand, placing it behind his neck.

"Now shut up and kiss me, kay?" Sasori muttered, brushing his lips against the blonde's.

Deidara complied and kissed the redhead, wrapping his arms around his neck, letting the other male swing them higher.

As the swing got higher, the kiss became deeper. Deidara shivered as their tongues pressed together, the warmth of Sasori's own muscle and the coolness of his new piercing. The kiss was ended short however, to Deidara's disappointment.

"Danna..." He whined.

"Brat. I Don't wanna hurt myself otherwise I would have to wait even longer." Sasori sighed, pecking the blonde gently.

Deidara's face scrunched up in an confused expression. "Un?"

"I have to wait at least 2 weeks before I French you."

"Ugh! Why did you have to get your tongue pierced, un?" Deidara pouted, puffing out his cheeks.

Sasori chuckled and kissed him lightly again before moving to his ear. "Imagine all the things I could do to you with it~" He kissed the flesh. "Kissing you, running it down your body, and along your throbbing erection-"

"Oh my God, Sasori!" Deidara squealed, pushing on Sasori's chest. "Don't do that you pervert!"

The redhead laughed and slowed the swing down. "Oh, you know you love it~ Don't deny."

Once the swing came to a stop, Sasori helped the blonde off of him and got off himself. "Lunch?" He asked, taking the blonde's hand in his. Deidara nodded and intertwined their fingers together.

For the rest of the day, the two stayed together. They ate lunch and just walked around the town looking for anything to keep them busy. Around five PM or so, Deidara's phone went off.

Sasori groaned as he heard the sound of the phone.

Deidara pulled off the redhead. "Sa-"

"Don't stop, Dei~" Sasori whined, pushing on the blonde's head, trying to keep him going.

He blonde growled, "Asshole. At least answer it, un." He muttered, going back to what he was doing before they were interrupted.

Sasori sighed and answered the call. "Hello?~" He asked, with a slight moan.

"Sasori? What the hell? Why do you have Deidara's phone!" Konan's frantic voice, asked over the phone.

The redhead sighed and bit his bottom lip. "He's...Ah...Kinda busy...Atthe moment..." He spoke, panting in between his words.

The other line went quiet. "I'll call back in a few..." You could hear the bubbly tone in her voice. As if she knew what the two were up too.

Sasori quickly hung up and gave a long quiet moan.

Deidara came back up, so he was eye level with Sasori and wiped his mouth. "I still don't know how you convinced me to give you a blow job, un."

The redhead smirked and kissed his lips, chuckling. "Cause I'm just that good."

"At being a pervert."

The redhead raised an eyebrow and smirked a moment later. "I see what you did there."

Deidara laughed and grabbed his phone. "Yeah, yeah. Now I'm going to call Konan back and see what she wanted." He said, walking out of the bathroom.

Sasori sighed and zipped his pants up, after safely tucking his mini me away. He exited the bathroom and followed his boyfriend to an open bench. He smirked seeing the blonde already on the phone, busily talking to Konan.

"Mm, Dei~" He purred, kissing his neck.

Deidara swatted at him, blushing. "Sasori, knock it off." He hissed before continuing his conversation with Konan. "Yeah, he's right here being a pervert as usual."

Sasori pouted at not being paid attention to and begun nibbling on the blond's neck. He grinned when he heard the blonde grunt quietly. "Mm~" He moaned, taking the soft flesh between his teeth, sucking.

"Alri-Ah~" Deidara moaned. "A-Alright. Bye, unnn~" Deidara hung the phone up and grabbed his boyfriend's hand.

"Sasori...Stop it."


Deidara groaned. Konan had told him, everything was set up at Sasori's house for his not-so-surprise surprise birthday party. He moved a hand on Sasori's crotch and pushed down, making the other moan.

He glared and pushed down harder and harder until he heard Sasori wince and move away.

"Dei!" He groaned, moving the boys hand.

"I told you stop, un." Deidara said, scoffing.

Sasori sighed, "I just wanted some lovin~" He muttered, kissing the newly formed hickey on the blonde's neck.

Deidara snorted and stood. "Didn't you get enough 'lovin' just a few minutes ago?"

Sasori smirked and stood also. "Enough is never enough."

The blonde rolled his eyes and grabbed Sasori's hand. "Come on, we're heading home."

"Surprise party?"

"Yeah...Just act surprise for everybody else."

"Will do."

As soon as Sasori opened the door to his house, everyone jumped out and yelled, "SURPRISE~!"

The redhead laughed and let the blonde walk in ahead of him, closing the door behind him.

"Oh my baby boy is all grown up!~" Ai cooed, hugging her youngest son.

"M-Mom!" Sasori laughed, surprised from the attack hug.

The woman laughed and only hugged him tighter. Suddenly her grip loosened. "You..."

Sasori raised an eyebrow. "Me...?"

"Smell like sex."

The whole room burst into laughter.

Sasori went red along with Deidara. "Mom! That wasn't necessary!" He said, embarrassed.

Eien laughed and slapped his brother on the back. "Guess you really are a man, huh?" He laughed even more when he heard Sasori grumble to himself. "Oh you know you love us."

"Deidara! You look soooo cute!" Konan squealed, running up to the blonde. "So this is what you guys did today, huh?"

The blonde rolled his eyes. "It was Sasori's idea. He even made me get my belly button pierced, un."

"No way!" Konan squealed. "Lemme see!"

Deidara blushed and moved his shirt up.

"Oh m gee!"

Sasori looked over at his boyfriend and smirked when he saw the blonde showing off his new piercing to Konan. 'I knew he liked it.' He chuckled.

"Hey. Have you seen Hidan?"

The redhead looked up at his older brother. "Huh? Why?"

"Reasons." The raven answered, causually.

"Uhm...Okey. I think he might be with Kakuzu. So look for a really tall muscular tan guy with lots of stitches."

Eien nodded and left muttering a thanks. Sasori shrugged and got up walking to his blonde boyfriend.

Throughout the whole party everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to be having a good time. And as they say time flies when you're having fun. And eventually the party was over.

Late that night

Eien sighed as he laid down on his bed. 'Today has been the longest day in my life...Though it was pretty funny seeing blondie and Sasori flustered.' The raven closed his eyes. 'I just need some sleep...'


The male opened one eye but closed it as it got quiet again.


"Does it feel good, un?"

"It feels amazing."

Eien sat up and looked around to see if his door was shut. It was. He fell back onto his bed and tried to go to sleep.

"D-Danna...It's embarrassing..."

"No it's not...Come on, we'll give it a try."

"A-Ah...Wait Sasori..."

Eien growled and got up walking to his door, and going out into the hallway. "Sasori!" He called out, banging on the redhead's door. He waited a bit before his little brother came out with the blankets around his waist, holding it tightly.

"Do you need something? I'm kinda busy at the moment..." Sasori muttered, suggesting to the blonde on his bed, covered by blankets.

Eien scowled, "I know that you have your 'needs' but could you keep it down a bit? I'm right next door and its hard to sleep with you and blondie going at it."

Sasori nodded, "We'll be quiet." Was all he said before slamming the door shut.

The raven sighed and went to his room, shutting the door after him.

Things were quiet for about an hour before a thud sounded and vibrated against the wall. Eien was awoken by the sound of moaning.

"Hmn?" He groaned, waking up.

"Oh God! Sasori!"

"You like that?"


Eien furrowed his eyebrows and banged on the wall. "Shut the fuck up!" The moaning and thuds only got louder and louder.

"ARGH!" Eien growled frustratedly, throwing the pillow over his head and trying to block out the sounds. This was going to be a long night.

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Sasori's Outfit

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