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Every so often those words would repeat in his head, almost as if he was trying to make sure he'd never hear them verbally again.
"Simba, you have forgotten me."

Yes, it was true. Even the great King Simba hadn't always been the lion he was today. He had run away from everything he'd been taught. He'd lived life that way he had wanted to and not cared about much of anything or anyone else. Yet, perhaps it was this that made the mighty King Simba so strong. His past kept him humble. Pride did not possess Simba the way it had Scar. He knew he had never been perfect and still wasn't. He understood that if he wasn't careful he could easily forget his father's teachings again. Somehow his humility is what made the great King Simba so great. He knew he wasn't any better than any other lion. He was king not because he was the best lion for the job, but because it was his responsibility and that kept him humble. After all if you want a humbling experience, try having the lion you look up to most in the world tell you that you've forgotten him.

This was not of course to say that Simba had ever literally forgotten his father. Mufasa was on his mind all the time. To this very day Simba still thought of him often. It wasn't so much about forgetting his father as it was forgetting everything his father ever stood for. Things were different now though, Simba was no longer running from Mufasa, but instead was trying to live a life that would make his father proud.

Anyway, I'm sure you've all heard this story probably many times. Simba ran away, he came back, he saved Pride Rock. He married Nala. They had a son and everyone lived happily ever after, right? Wrong. Happily ever after is for fairytales and Simba's life was no fairytale.

And as he sits mourning this very night, remembering what was, four words repeat over and over in his head. Remember who you are. For anyone who experienced the things Simba did today is only naturally tempted to escape it all, tempted to run away again. He won't though of course because he is stronger now. The young cub is gone, he is an adult. In spite of the broken mess he feels like, he is still the Lion King. Regardless of circumstances that will not change. Simba will not be a coward and run away, but even he knew this time there was no point trying to hide the pain.

So he sits there in the grass, speechless as the stars come out. He'll never know whether he actually hears the voice of Mufasa or whether it is just a memory.

"The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars so whenever you feel alone just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you... and so will I."

The only thing he can do is find comfort in those words. Mufasa is there watching. He sees the pain. He knows his beloved son is hurting. Mufasa is there to guide him.

And yet, his heart still aches and all he can ask is dad... why?