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Having a holiday for a birthday can be the best or the worst thing for anyone. Some people do not see the great joy in being born on Christmas or having their birthday on the day that everyone wants to get wasted and kiss everyone near them just because they survived the New Year. I mean, who cares that you're alive for another year? The world hasn't changed in anyway by this new day but I digress.

Today was two very special teenagers birthday. They didn't really mind their birthday being on a holiday… but this holiday just brought bad feelings in their spirits. And it didn't just bring them bad feelings. It made everyone look over their shoulders twice before continuing their walk under the full moon down the empty sidewalks as the wind blew leaves around their ankles.

Some people believe that they are paranoid, looking over their shoulders and flinching at the shadows that were obviously created by the trees that lined every sidewalk. But others knew that this day was a day when bad things happen, when spirits came from their dormant stages and walked amongst them.

Large gray eyes stared into open space, taking in the outside world slowly and slightly sad. It was cold and dark outside, the open window giving the room more than a slight chill. The full moon winked down on the screaming children as they chased each other with varying containers. Their costumes depicted vampires, fairies, princesses, even some movie stars.

Hinata sighed and pulled her eyes away from window and tightened the fluffy towel around her body. She brought up her pale hand and slowly closed the large, open window as she was supposed to. A shiver ran up her damp spine as a small wind managed to get into the room.

Today was her sixteenth birthday, a day she was supposed to be celebrating gloriously. It was meant to be a great day, her sweet sixteen! A cold gust of wind sent another shiver up and down her freshly clean body. Hinata glanced at the window that was tightly shut and locked. 'This is why I am not happy,' she thought sadly, running a hand through her drying hair. She had a feeling that something horrid was going to happen today and the feeling was not helped when her friends announced a surprise awaited her and the other birthday celebrator.

Hinata turned her head towards her best friend, the boy that was born on the same night and nearly the exact same time as her. Truthfully they were a mere minute apart, her being the oldest. It was something she sometimes loved to tease him about, declaring him her baby brother though they were not even related.

Gaara was sitting silently on the edge of the tub, a damp towel wrapped around his waist. His red hair was matted on his forehead with the excessive amount of water still trying to escape down his body. The redhead's face was clean of make-up that usually hid the purple bags under his eyes. The only thing that stood out on his face was the large tattoo that Hinata still pondered as to how he got without being eighteen.

"I still cannot believe that you got love tattooed on your forehead," Hinata stated, shaking her head softly. A small smile appeared on Gaara's face as he stuck out the tip of his tongue at her. The bright, permanent stamp was the same color as his ruby hair and was hard to miss. Hinata walked forward and pressed her long fingers against the brand gently seeing as it was still a bit sensitive.

"When I tell people that I love them, I mean it. This was the way to show it. Besides, it is not like I had his name or anything," Gaara replied as he always did when she brought up the tattoo. He began to adorn his ears with earrings once again. Hinata laughed to herself in the musical tone that she possessed.

If anything, no one could say that Gaara was not consistent. She remembered when they had first met. Gaara and his family had moved to Leaf when they were at the tender age of five. When they found out the miracle that was their birthday was on the same day they were overjoyed and became inseparable.

As they grew though, they became two completely different people. Hinata was a quiet bookworm of a girl that shied away from a lot of things, most of them confrontations. She hid in herself and had to fight hard against her crippling social awkwardness. Of course this vulnerability that Hinata gave off attracted a protecting boyfriend that would literally kill someone if they even pretended to hurt her with or without him being in the vicinity.

Gaara grew into a tough boy that had a mind for evil. He fought more times than either of them knew, sometimes actually picking a fight when he needed to vent though it wasn't too hard to convince someone to fight someone as small as the redhead. To top off his own ability of protecting himself, Gaara had a smart, cunning boyfriend that knew just what buttons to push to make anyone feel inferior. They were a match made in heaven… or Hell depending on which side of the road you were on.

Someone being polar opposites brought Hinata and Gaara closer together in their friendship. They trusted and loved each other with such a fierce feeling that Hinata had allowed Gaara to date her cousin without even a word of negativity. To her, their love seemed very real and stable. She was happy for both of them.

Speaking of her cousin…

"Are you two ready?" Neji demanded as he broke into the room. Hinata blushed and dropped down into a protective stance that shielded her body from her cousin's nonexistence stare. Gaara simply stared at the boy for a moment before his rage went up to a scary five. He stomped swiftly to his boyfriend and stood right in the taller boy's face.

"Get out. Now you damn PERVERT!" Gaara shouted, grabbing the boy by his hair and forcing him to turn in a very awkward position. He pushed him through the open doorway, letting go of the chocolate locks that fell to the gray eyed boy's waist. Neji twisted around and looked at the small boy clutching his dark blue towel at his waist though his eyes lingered on the pink nipples that tightened at his stare.

"It's not like I have never seen that gorgeous ass in the showers in some sheer—," Neji pulled at the towel when a hot blush found itself on Gaara's face at the reminder of his Halloween outfit for last year. However the smaller had a good grip on his towel and his knee came out to kick the older in the groin. Luckily Neji expected an attack and was able to jump away and disappear down the hall.

"You won't ever see this ass again with that attitude," Gaara huffed to himself, stomping back inside the large bedroom. Three different people could be heard laughing around the hallway's bend. Hinata stumbled to her feet and locked the door, red blush still staining her cheeks.

"Getting dressed would be a good idea," Hinata whispered. Gaara nodded in agreement and pulled out his overnight bag. In it was his birthday outfit that was totally meant to tease his boyfriend. Tight, long black pants lengthened his body and rounded his bottom. A tight black t-shirt and slightly longer net shirt brought out the creaminess of his skin. Then his signature eyeliner hid the purple bags from under his eyes and brought out the teal. He winked at his reflection and pulled on a long black duster. That would show that bastard for coming in unannounced. Gaara turned around just in time for Hinata's amble bosom to disappear under a tight lavender shirt.

Hinata's long blue jeans added shape to her legs and brought out the utter lusciousness of her butt. Her long ebony hair was brought back in clip that showed off her long, elegant neck while the large blue butterfly on her shirt brought attention to her already noticeable breasts. Sneakers completed her look while tall boots with a lot of buckles completed his. Gaara had a vague feeling that Hinata was playing tease with Sasuke…

Until the purple hoodie hid her body once again. Her outfit was nothing but a pure, naïve accident.

The two best friends looked each other over and nodded their approval. Hinata smiled happily and linked arms with Gaara. As they left the room, Gaara took a last look at the room and frowned as something caught his eye. Hinata pulled at his arm and the boy shook his head, leaving the room.

"Get a grip Gaara…" he muttered to himself, low under his breath. There was nothing wrong with that mirror… no boy smiling at him in a way that sent chills through his entire body.

~Minutes later~

"I dare you to put that on me," Gaara growled at his boyfriend, glaring at the offending cloth. It was innocent and black that would impair his vision. Gaara would be damned if Neji placed a blindfold in it. Neji sighed and looked at his surroundings, well his friends really. They were leaning into their significant others and looking at each other with trust and love.

'Why must I have the difficult one… but he is the cutest… sweetest… best… toughest…' His thoughts trailed off and he completely forgot what he was mentally complaining about as he turned to his lover. The stormy ocean eyes stared deep into his endless pool of silver that tried to convey all his feelings.

"Please… for me… just for me?" Neji whispered. He laid a gentle kiss on Gaara's forehead. The redhead gasped at the electricity that sparked through his body. He pulled Neji down a little further to kiss the older teenager, opening his mouth to Neji's hot tongue. The brunette pulled away, panting slightly. "So… does that mean you agree?"

Gaara gave a tiny nod but that didn't stop the duo's… show. They kissed harder, swapping saliva and allowing their hands to roam freely. Neji cupped Gaara's ass and hefted the younger up, wrapping the thin legs around his waist.

"Should we interrupt their fun… or can we join them?" Naruto smiled, looking as much as a pervert as his adopted father. His tanned hand snuck up his girlfriend's shirt only for it to get stabbed by something oddly sharp. "Shit, do you have a damn razor strapped to your tit?"

"Oops," TenTen giggled evilly, smiling brightly up at her eccentric boyfriend. The blond pouted and pulled his hand to his mouth to suck away the blood. TenTen just shrugged and pulled him down for a gentle kiss that promised his rocks would be gotten off once this was all over.

Neji, hearing the comments, broke away with a pretty pink dusting his cheeks. Gaara merely shrugged, had they not wanted to see some intense loving, they shouldn't have been watching. He looked over his shoulder to see Hinata with a blindfold over her eyes, leaning against a smirking Sasuke. 'She is so trusting,' Gaara thought. He walked over to the birthday girl and laced his fingers with her.

"I don't trust these… imbeciles so we are going to be holding hands. Perverts, siblings, and boyfriends do not mix well," he stated loudly enough for the couples to hear as he gazed at them. They were smiling but it might have just been his imagination when he saw a bit of malice in those smiles.

Haku made a noise that drew Gaara's attention. The equally small boy was leaning against a tree not too far from the group with his arms folded. He ran a thin hand through his silky brown hair and winked at the redhead in such a way that it reminded him of a black haired girl that he had forgotten but…

Then it was black.

Gaara blinked in the sudden darkness and attempted to stop his eyes from straining in the dark. A voice, maybe it was inside their head or maybe it was one of their friends being idiots but the voice was soft and almost like the wind as it swirled through both handicapped teenagers and nearly stop their breaths right from their lungs.

"Happy Birthday," it whispered.

~Little while after~

Imagine not knowing where you are going, not being able to see the ground you step on. You aren't even sure if the ground is really under your feet or if it will be there come the next step. No one can warn you of the hazards that are surely there, that are probably right to your left or maybe just a centimeter to your right. Hell you probably overstepped it by a stroke of good luck or maybe it isn't there to begin with.

You only have one assurance that what you are doing is real, that you are not flying off the ground but there is a single flaw with this. The thing that you are clinging to, putting all your hopes in is just as ignorant as you are to your surroundings. Maybe the person will soon be sprawling, bringing you down with them or maybe it will be your lack of sight that will bring them to their knees or face.

That is how Gaara felt as he clutched Hinata's hand in an iron grip as he tried to not walk into a tree. That was the only thing that either of them knew. They were heading deep into the forest, being guided by their friends that probably wouldn't hesitate to allow them to walk into a tree or are too slow to warn them of an approaching root that is sticking from the ground.

"How much longer is this?" Gaara hated this feeling of blindness. It was a disability and disabilities usually hindered his ability to protect himself. He hated the feeling of being vulnerable, actually he feared it more than anything else in the world. He tightened his grip on Hinata as he tried to not tremble or allow anyone to realize his fright. Hinata squeezed back and he could tell that she was smiling in his general direction. She understood him well.

"Do I detect a note of no trust coming from you?" Neji whispered into Gaara's ear as he guided the redhead over a pile of rocks and Sasuke helped Hinata avoid an oddly sharp stick. Gaara's mouth thinned into a single line as if he were thinking hard on something before a condescending smile spread over his lips.

"You are not getting a note. You are getting a six page letter of the lack of trust I have with you," Gaara replied. He stuck out his tongue as the sound of Neji's faux sigh of sadness. Neji's stopped Gaara from walking and quickly pulled the pink tongue into his own mouth, sucking hard. Gaara shuddered and leaned into his boyfriend carefully so as not to fall.

"Do I have a bit of trust now?" Neji smirked against Gaara's lips. The redhead gave him a small peck in defeat and fought down the blush that was trying to fight its way on his face. Hinata had stopped walking as Gaara's hand loosened on hers which confused her. What was going on? Sasuke glanced over at Neji and shook his head in disappointment. Why the Hell was Neji such a horn dog?

"Can we please hurry, my legs are getting cold," Sakura complained, pulling at her tan shorts. Ino giggled and wrapped her arms around the slightly taller girl, pressing her groin into Sakura's nice ass. Her smooth legs eased through Sakura's spread ones and rubbed the icy limb gently.

"It's a contest between girls to see who can dress in the most revealing clothes in the cold, it must be for you guys to wear the things you do in such cold troublesome weather," Shikamaru sighed, leaning against Temari's back. The blond elbowed him in the stomach and glared at him over her shoulder. It wasn't a contest, she simply loved the way her black dress and red sash showed off her curves and she knew that Shikamaru loved it just as much so he had no room to complain.

"Okay, obviously these two walking around here all blind isn't going to make this go any faster," Ino stated though she was perfectly content with rubbing against her girlfriend.

"I have a suggestion," Haku stated, stepping forward. Haku was a soft spoken but very intense guy. The only person he matched in height was Gaara and he probably kicked as many asses as the violent redhead had too. Head turned his way almost immediately. "Why don't Gaara and Hinata just ride Sasuke and Neji's backs?"

"Only if you're comfortable with that," Hinata whispered. Gaara gave her hand a small squeeze and released her though he held deadly still until Neji slowly guided him to wrap his legs around his waist so he could ride his back. Hinata held tight to Sasuke's neck and prayed to boy was careful to what he stepped on while Neji was short of being strangled as Gaara whispered threats of dismemberment if he should so much as stumbled while Gaara occupied his back.

It didn't feel like a lot of time passed as the two sat quietly perched on their respective boyfriends' backs but no sooner did Gaara let the last muttered threat fall from his lips did they get nearly dropped from the boys' backs.

"We're here!" Sakura giggled.

Gaara and Hinata ripped off their blindfolds and blinked as a gentle light nearly blinded them in what felt to be a bit more permanent way. When their vision cleared, the two finally took in their surroundings. They were in a house, a large one that smelled of mold and decay. There was no way that anyone could have lived in this house in the past decade or so but it was filled with many candles that cast evil shadows around the spacious area. Large banners proclaiming happiness was hanging fresh and new along the high ceiling while candy and snacks littered the house's old table and wooden floor.

'I can't wait to see their face,' Temari thought joyously, urging the others to peek at their expression. To their surprise the expression the two wore was not near the shock or even joy that they were aiming for. Instead their faces were void of any color that was normally at least visible. Their eyes were wide and their mouth let tiny gasps of air to escape quickly and in erratic patterns. Haku reached forward and touched Hinata's shoulder.

The girl began to shake like a leaf that was barely hanging onto a thin branch. She opened her mouth and let out a blood curdling scream. Gaara snapped out of his daze and turned around, bumping into Neji.

"We've got to get out. Out!" he shouted, pushing the boy. Neji was about to say something when Hinata pushed Sasuke into him and the two went falling. Sasuke groaned as his head knocked into Neji's and then the floor when Neji heaved him from his backside. He watched as his boyfriend went flying from the room, his cousin on his tail.

Then, in his panic, he tripped over an innocent pumpkin and crashed right through the old wooden floor. Hinata caught the end of his jacket but wasn't planted firmly on the ground and she too went falling into the dark hole.

Their yelps of shock echoed and then their bodies made a harsh thud when they finally hit the floor. The nine friends ran to the hole to check on their suddenly crazed friends though only Shikamaru had enough sense to bring one of the flashlights.

Shikamaru flashed the light down in the hole to discover that it actually wasn't that deep. They could clearly see Hinata and Gaara as they groaned and slowly picked themselves up. Gaara stumbled and disappeared from sight for a moment before staggering back in the light's width.

"Are you okay?" Haku shouted to his friends. Gaara turned his face up at them, tears pouring from his eyes and hate coming from his very pores. He bared his teeth at them as he allowed Hinata to use him as a standing pole.

"Get the fuck down here you ass fucking, grape eating, pole twirling shit humping assholes! Get us out of here. I swear to God if you don't I will set fire to you and watch as you scream and thrash and finally die. Then I will hide your fucking ashes amongst the sand with the other bodies!" His chest heaved and sobs came in between his words but there was nothing that seemed light about them. Hinata was shaking and sobbing, clutching his t-shirt.

"We… leave… now… now…" she urged, looking around the dark room. Images and memories tore through her frightened mind like a whirlwind that no one would dare even try to stop. She whimpered and threw herself away from Gaara who stood glaring up at her friends. She found a spot out of the light's radar and sat there, trying to calm her mind and stop her panic.

Five minutes, five whole fucking minutes it took his friends to find a way to get down to their level. Neji landed lightly on his feet and immediately ran to his boyfriend, arms wide. Of course it wasn't expected when a fist collided into his cheek while a nimble foot met his ribs intimately. Neji fell down and Gaara pounced on the others. He jumped on Sasuke's front, digging his hands in the boy's hair and baring his throat for all to see but enough so his forehead could beat Sasuke's nose into submission.

The other seven didn't know what was happening. Gaara was a blur as he kicked and clawed and punched at anyone in reach. Haku was the only one even keeping up, dodging blows almost easily if one dared to say it.

"Gaara, stop it!" Haku stated, kicking Gaara in the stomach. The boy grunted and went back at Haku, attacking wildly and with such a rage that it was astounding that he hadn't killed Haku yet. Neji, Sasuke, Temari, and Sakura finally caught the boy and dragged him to the dusty ground even as he thrashed and cursed their very ancestors.

"What is your problem!" Sasuke growled, driving his elbow into the boy's spine. Neji kicked Sasuke in the knee for hurting his boyfriend right when Gaara's foot met his ear and knocked him to the side. The redhead began to get back up, trying to throw or wiggle away from his captors.

"Gaara, please… stop," Hinata finally gained control of her body and mind. It took a moment for her voice to penetrate his rage fogged mind but when it did, he went completely limp. Sakura quickly released the dead weight and stepped back cautiously. Gaara merely dragged himself to his knees as sobs tore from his throat. Hinata stood to her feet and crossed to her friend, covering him in her warmth.

The silence was stifling in the room to the point that it was almost deafening the teenagers as they gathered themselves. Temari opened her mouth to say something, most likely to reprimand her little brother when there was a tiny gasp and sob that did not come from the breaking redhead.

Gaara's next sob caught in his throat and his ears became like beacons as he tried to seek out the foreign sound. He did not want anything to catch him off guard. The sound made itself known again and Hinata's heart skipped a beat as memories clawed to the surface and threatened to take her down. 'That… it's her. No… not her. It sounds like her but it can't be!' Hinata thought frantically, breathing deeply to stay conscious.

"There's a kid in here!" Sakura gasped. She pulled her lover to her feet and began to search for the sound. She loved children and her heart couldn't stand when one cried. 'No… no… we have to run!' Gaara thought, attempting to speak but he didn't even think that his lungs were taking in air. He watched in a new type of horror as his friends looked for the 'little darlings'.


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