Once A Day
Heero, Relena; they wish it was 1xR
Author's Notes:
I imagine that Heero's a bit like my husband and has a habit of disappearing to take care of things when people are visiting. My husband has been known to take my car to change the oil, check the fluids, inflate the tires and wash it when he wants to avoid me and my friends. (He says it's because we're loud. I say it's because he's largely anti-social by nature. Silly engineers.) Anyway, Heero's behavior is once again influenced by my lovely husband.

Viscera - 1. The internal organs located in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdominal cavity. 2. The interior parts.

With a soft grunt, Heero managed to pull the oil filter from the car. Placing the oil pan below the stream of black, he slid out from under the car to get the new filter. He was currently up to his elbows in grease doing the maintenance on Relena's car, which suited him when the house was filled with politicians who rather enjoyed condescending to him, treating him no better than hired help.

At least the car wasn't going to make snide comments about how he looked or behaved. He understood the car and he liked to think that the car understood him, even when he was elbow deep in its guts.

There was a soft tapping at the door and he looked up to see Relena leaning against the doorjamb with a glass of lemonade in hand. "How goes it?"

"It goes," he shrugged as he accepted the glass. "Draining the old oil and then I'll put the new filter on and refill it. After that I'll rotate the tires and check the pressure.

"You know, most of the other politicians have a certified mechanic on call, but I have to admit, the fact that you just do this saves me the hassle of remembering to make the appointments."

"I do because it keeps me out of the house when you have those political types over." He peered over her shoulder at the mansion. "Shouldn't you be entertaining your guests?"

"They'll be fine for a few minutes," she answered with a small smile. "I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay."

He jerked his head towards the car. "I have that to occupy me. Why wouldn't I be doing okay?"

"Because I know how much you hate it when I host functions," she replied simply.

"I accept that it's part of your job, which is why I disappear."

"I wish you wouldn't."

"They don't like me and I don't like them. Given our mutual disdain, I think it's better for all parties involved to steer clear of each other."

"If you told them who you were-"

"They wouldn't believe me and you know it. None of those suits would ever believe a kid was piloting a Gundam."

"I know, I know. It was just a suggestion, Heero."

"There's nothing wrong with the way things are now," he said as he handed the glass back to her. "Just let me know when you're hosting these things and I'll busy myself with the car. Even if it's just vacuuming the damn thing out."

With a small smile, Relena shook her head. "I need to head back in. I'll send Pagan out to get you once everyone clears out."

"Thank you."

Her brilliant smiled answered him. For him, she'd do anything. Especially when he was elbows deep in the inner bits of her car for no other reason than he wanted to be.