Chapter 1: The Winged Fiend

"Fi. Fi. Hey, Fi, hey. Fi."

Fi groaned as she was awakened from her sleep. She rolled in the bed, her hand attempting to shut off the disturbance. Her hand met cold metal. Much to her dismay, the noise continued.

"Fiiiiiii. Hey, Fi. Hey, hey, pay attention to me. FI-!"

Her eyes shot open to an all-too-familiar face. Her friend, Ghirahim. His childish brown eyes stared back at her. Fi sat up in her bed, crossing her arms. She looked rather silly, despite trying to look serious. Ghirahim pointed to her window.

"There's something outside and it won't leave me alone." His mechanical voice echoed out of his hollow form. Fi cocked a brow and she walked to the window. Standing on her tippy toes, she looked up to see a horrible, digusting, viel creature. Its icy blue wings were large compared to its mangled furred body. Its eyes were wide. They took up most of its head in order to reflect the bodies of its victims. It was a freak of society. A new emotion set itself into Fi's mind: fear. She turned to her friend.

"It's a demon!" She whispered, hiding underneath the window. Fi began to notice that Ghirahim was beginning to program the emotion as well, but more dramatically so. He hid behind the bed, whispering back to her.

"Of course! I mean, look at it! It's all gross and stuff!" He whispered back. Fi nodded frantically.

"We have to kill it!" Fi stated. Ghirahim shot up. He gave a wide grin at the idea. He threw a fist in the air.

"Yeah!" He cheered. The two spirits in the body of children ran out the door and down the steps. The stairs were swirled and long, much to their dismay. You see, they were not used to their human forms yet, which made them poorly uncoordinated. This fact was proven once they began to fall down the many solid, rock-hard, painful flights of stairs. They stacked up on each other once at the bottom. Ghirahim sat up and eyed the weapon's room. He knew it was this room because of the large sign that read 'Don't Let Fi or Her Acquaintances In This Room.' How convenient.

Ghirahim scrambled up and ran to the doorknob. He jumped up, trying to reach, but alas, he was not tall enough. Suddenly, a hand hoisted him up by his leg. He started to frail around as he glared at the amber-eyed goddess.

"Release me!" He shouted. Din grinned, laughing.

"What are you doing here, shrimp?" She mocked. Ghirahim hissed for help, causing Fi to show herself. Din turned to her and let the boy fall to the floor.

"Hey, Fi! What'cha doing with this wimp?" Ghirahim brushed himself up and crossed his arms, muttering about how he hated Din. Fi looked up at the goddess.

"Ghirahim saw a demon." She said, "We're going kill it."

Din's eyes widened. "A demon? What'd it look like?"

Ghirahim stood up. "Blue wings and a furry body with RAZORS on its head!" Ghirahim explained, using his hands to demonstrate the razors. "And its eyes are big enough to trap its victims!" At this point, Ghirahim was shaking like a leaf. The Power Goddess cocked a brow before a wide grin spreading on her face.

"That demon? Oh, he's the worst! You shouldn't go out without the proper weapons!" Din went into the storage room. Ghirahim and Fi waited until she came back with two items. "Take these… swords. Heh, it is dangerous to go alone, after all!"

Ghirahim greedily took hold of his 'weapon.' It had a smooth, wooden hilt that stretched out, the metal in a circular shape with a netted hole connected. The two gawked at the swords. They never had seen these before. They must have been sacred.

"Just take a swipe at the b-demon, and it will trapped." The two smiled and dashed out into the world, leaving a laughing Din.

"There it is." Ghirahim spoke in a hush voice, hiding behind a boulder. Fi put her hands on the rock. She was shaking in fear as she gripped the handle to her weapon. The feminine sword leaned towards her opposite.

"O-On three." She stuttered. Ghirahim bent his legs, ready to jump as high as he could. Ghirahim insisted he could count. Fi allowed him so.



"… Uh, Fi." Fi turned towards Ghirahim. He was looking at his fingers. "What comes after two?"

"Now!" Fi jumped, her weapon over her head. Ghirahim blinked, surprised she finished the countdown.

"O-Okay! One, two, NOW! GO!" He jumped as Fi landed. Her weapon missed the demon, who flew away at the sight of the two. Gravity did not like Ghirahim, so he fell on top of his friend. Fi gave out a groan as Ghirahim looked up. He jumped on her back.

"Attack!" He yelled. Fi grunted as the eight-year-old used her head as a launching board. They continued to chase the demon, swinging and smacking- on Ghirahim's part- at the monster. But alas, the monster could dodge every attack. Ghirahim became to feel outraged and growled, deciding to just throw his weapon at it. The weapon hit the Elder Kikiwi in the head. The animal turned around just as Ghirahim ran into him. His belly caused Ghirahim to fall on the cold hard ground.

"Boy that is no way to respect an elder." Ghirahim squeaked, apologizing repeatedly as he retrived his weapon.

"Sorry! Me and Fi are trying to slay a demon!" He yelled, running off. The elder stared at the fleeing child for a moment and blinked slowly. He sighed.

"Kids these days." He muttered.

Ghirahim sprinted after Fi. She was standing in place like a statue. He stopped in front of her. Her eyes were wide and her bottom lip was quivering. He gasped and placed both of his hands on his mouth.

"It brainwashed her!" He said. Fi slowly shook her head, and she pointed towards Floria Waterfall. The Anti-Master Sword turned and froze. The demon had an army. Everywhere were the demons, flying around and killing the poor plants' life source. The boy tensed as a demon came near them. Fi attempted to talk without moving.

"They can sense you if you move." She said. Ghirahim forced himself to remain still. The demon came closer. Ghirahim could feel the chill coming off their wings. His eyes searched for an exit. He mentally danced at the sight of the dragon Faron's home. His mental dance died when he realized they would have to run into demon territory. He snapped back into reality when something landed on his ear.

Ghirahim screamed.

"It wants to eat me!" Fi joined in and they quickly dashed straight into the territory, crying for help. The water dragon arose from the waterfall and growled.

"Children! Children! What is the meaning of this?" Smoke blew from her nostrils. Ghirahim and Fi looked like they were about to cry. Their voices broke at they pointed to the demons.

"T-Th-There's demons everywhere, Faron!" Ghirahim wept, a tear stinging his eye. Faron turned to the direction and looked a mix of emotions. She seemed to be amused, in disbelief, and annoyed. She sighed, turning back to the whimpering spirits.

"Those aren't demons." The two's eyes widened.

"But Din said-!" Fi was interrupted by Faron's chuckle.

"Ah, Din. Such the joker. They are called Blessed Butterflies. They are made by Nayru and completely harmless. In fact, they bring good luck at times."

The two spirits went silent, their tense bodies now loose and limp. Their eyes stared at the dragon's beady onyx ones before the longest moment of silence. If one were to see this, they would panic because they would believe they had been sealed in the Silent Realm. Finally, the two spoke.

"What!" They chorused. Ghirahim began ranting.

"I can't believe her! She's so mean! We thought they were monsters! So we've been actually running around like stupid people chasing them! I can't believe they made Fi scream like that!" Faron blinked.

"Fi's voice was second. I honestly thought the first was a maiden." Ghirahim fumed and began to stalk away.

"Hello, Ghirahim." Demise grunted, halting his creation. "How was your day this time?

"Awful." He pouted and sat on the rug. An eyeless critter with black fur and a wide set of fangs walked up to Ghirahim and fell on his lap. Demise looked at his creation hopefully. Was this the day Ghirahim would stop being friends with that holy sword, Fi? The day Ghirahim would stop being poisoning by the goddess's device into being… being good? Caring? Generous? He smiled.

"I tried to slay a demon." Ghirahim explained. Demise's hammer fell on the floor in shock. He roared.


"I tried to slay a demon, but it turned out to be a butterfly."

"… Go to bed, and think of what you have done."