Chapter 9

Dannie and Nana ran into each other again! This make Dannie believe luck is on their side, and their competition is in the bag. Will this more driven spunk help Blur beat Hedeki Ryuga? Guess we'll find out in this exciting chapter of Blast and Blur! Now ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

Nana and the gang were sitting in the rec-room watching the TV with the other tenants waiting for Blur to face Hedeki Ryuga. Nana, Nobu, Shin, and Yasu were all pretty much rooting for Blur, Dannie Alborn's group of punk rockers, whilst Yuri, one of their fellow tenants who happened to be a porn star, was rooting for Hedeki.

"Hedeki's really cute don't you think Miu?" Yuri asked. Miu remained quiet, indifferent to the conversation.

"Yeah whatever, Blur's defiantly going to whip the floor with that guy!" Nana exclaimed, Yuri narrowed her eyes at Nana, who glared back.

"Of course you would say that. Have you even heard those kids play?" Yuri asked. Nana crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"Don't need to; I know they got more talent than some bully on TV." She said. Yasu and the others shushed the two as the show was about to come on.


"And welcome to day two of Sakura Sound's annual Music contest!" the announcer said, back stage Dannie, Ai, and Sam were sitting in a room with Hedeki Ryuga. Dannie couldn't help but glare while her two friends sat uncomfortably in their seats. Hedeki poised himself crossing his leg over his knee, whilst Dannie sat arms crossed slouched, and legs slightly spread almost showing her underwear under her skirt.

"You really shouldn't sit like that young Danielle it's not good for your posture." Hedeki retorted, Dannie sat up.

"I can sit how I want thank you, and don't call me Danielle it's Dannie! And you-" Dannie was interrupted by Sam and Ai slapping their hands over her mouth so that all that came out where muffled grunts.

"You shouldn't pick fights with little girls Mr. Ryuga." Ai said, Dannie narrowed her eyes at her friend, growling a muffled version of 'I'm not little.' However she was ignored. Hedeki gave an amused look to the group.

"Let's have a clean competition ok Mr. Ryuga?" Ai then said with a sweet smile.

'Let's give a round of applaud to Mr. Hedeki Ryuga!' the announcer said before Hedeki had a chance of answering Ai's proposal for a fair and clean competition. He stood, and then walked toward the edge of the stage.

"Break a leg! You jerk!" Dannie shouted, she had managed to release herself from her friend's grip. Usually a phrase like that meant good luck, but in the way Dannie said it she really meant 'break a leg.'

"Dannie you shouldn't let him get to you. He's doing it on purpose." Sam said. Dannie huffed.

"I know what he's doing. I wasn't born yesterday Sammie." She hissed, glaring at the monitor where they could see Hedeki waving to the crowd like a gentleman Blur knew he wasn't.

"You'd never know by how he acts on TV that he's a real jerk." Ai said staring at the screen.

'So Mr. Hedeki Ryuga; anything you'd like to say before you begin? Any words of encouragement towards your fans?' the announcer asked, Hedeki gave a kind smirk.

"I hope you're all watching, my beautiful fans!" he shouted, then his mic was turned on, and he began to sing.

Save my love, immediately

Save your dream with your dance

Only for tonight, the PARADISE can be released

I'm searching, boy

You are my gravity, gravity, gravity

A future that I can go to with you

Is now unfolding

You are my gravity, gravity, gravity

Let's yearn for light and fly, we can fly high

Make a move some more

Make your day as you want

Party tunes slash apart the night and become tightly engraved

Don't stop, girl.

Dannie watched the screen as Hedeki danced and sang while the crowd shouted and cheered. She immediately sank in her seat. 'what have I gotten myself into?'

Lyrics from

You are my gravity, gravity, gravity
A future that I can go to with you
Is now unfolding
You are my gravity, gravity, gravity
Let's yearn for light and fly, we can fly high

Lyrics from

I'll be your gravity, gravity, gravity
Now I'm jumping over
The rules that existed up to yesterday
I'll be your gravity, gravity, gravity
Even the shape of freedom, we can change now

As Hedeki finished, Dannie's confidence seemed to fade a bit. Ai and Sam looked over to her, and noticed her expression.

"Don't worry Dannie; we can do it. We can beat this guy." Sam said, Dannie shook her head, as if she had been in deep thought. She then looked at Sam.

"I know that Sam!" she growled. Ai put her hand on Dannie's shoulder.

"Don't worry Dannie. Just do what you do, and we'll follow suit." Ai said, with her usual tender smile. Dannie nodded as a smirk appeared on her face. She then jumped up, her back to her friends.

"Alright Blur, when we get up on that stage, we're gonna rock the house!" she shouted, dramatically thrusting her right fist into the air.

"Go Blur!" Ai and Sam said in unison throwing their fists in the air as well.


'And now for Hedeki's competition in today's contest to go on to the next round.' The announcer said, "The one band that said they could beat Hedeki Ryuga last year's favorite; Blur!'

"Nana! Come back Blur's coming on!" Shinichi shouted, Nana had gone to the bathroom during the commercial break and was now running so she wouldn't miss Blur. She made it just as she saw the trio of high school students. Ai to the right with her guitar, Sam in the back with his drum set, and Dannie leading the front with her bass. Dannie grabbed the mic, and smirked.

'HELLO TOKYO!' she shouted, 'WE. Are. BLUR!" the group then began to play.

remember again!

inside a world of broken words

you cannot hide

you try to find the reasons why,

as days collide

and as you walk away I call to you~!

don't you let go

take a look around, you are not alone

if you'd only stop and close your eyes

you'd find the answers

find the answers,

The gang watched as Blur seemed to be playing their hearts out on stage and on TV. Blast was star struck, the band played like they'd been playing music since they were born.

"They rock." Shin blurted.

when you feel like the world is falling in

and you can't seem to find the way back in

don't cry

just hear these words and remember again!

outside, you're trembling as you stand,

in the falling rain

you try to find where you belong,

as you drown the pain

you hear the voices crying

inside a world monochrome

but their eyes are bleeding tears of


Don't you let go !

take another breathe when you're lost again

if you'd only break the walls within

find the courage, you'd find the courage

when you feel like the world is falling in

and you can't seem to find the way back in

don't cry

just hear these words and remember again!

Once finished Ai, Sam, and Dannie looked at each other, breathing heavy and smiling. Dannie then grabbed the microphone and shouted.

"Thank you Tokyo! Goodnight!" the three then walked off the stage.

'Well crowd, that was the band Blur from Kyoto.' The announcer said giddily. 'Alright you just heard today's major picks in the Sakura Sound music contest! If you want Blur to win send your love to the Sakura Sound radio station number, code number 7! If you want last year's favorite Hedeki Ryuga to win send your love to Sakura sound's radio station number, code number 8! Remember one vote per call in!'

Nobu looked to Nana and the others.

"I think we should vote for Blur." He said, Yasu sat back in his chair.

"No phone." He said.

"What are you kidding me?! You saying this place can't even afford a phone?!" Nana shouted. Yuri grinned, pulling out her own pink cellphone.

"Nope but if you're as awesome as me! You can afford your own!" she exclaimed dialing in Sakura Sound's Radio station phone number. Nana, Nobu, and Shin glared at Yuri.

"I'm gonna vote Hedeki Ryuga to his way into fame!" Yuri said, however in her excitement and pride dialed the number 7 instead.

'Thank for voting! You're votes will be tallied at the end of the show!' the recorded voice said. Yuri's eye ticked.

"You shouldn't have started boasting like that, it's what you get." Miu said. Nana burst out into laughter.

"That's what ya get for bragging pornstar!" she laughed.


"Nicely done; children." Hedeki Ryuga said, crossing his arms as the trio came offstage. "Too bad it won't do you any good. I am after all the crowd's favorite."

Dannie was about to say something when she decided against it.

"You're a real piece of work Ryuga." Sam said then sat down in one of the chairs that was set out backstage. Ai sat next to him, along with Dannie, who smirked.

"and here I thought you kept everything to yourself Sammy-boy." She said with a laugh. Sam shrugged.

'Alright the votes are in!' the announcer said, jumping up excitedly. ' and today's winner is…'

That's all for now; find out who the winner is next chapter. Haha today's music consisted of Gravity- a song from episode 6 of Lucky star (I cant remember who sang that) and Nano's original song- Magenta! Review please!