Love Eternal

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This is the second chapter of my hiatus avp ff and I've got the story planned in my head. And now I have mentioned in my other chapter where it is set and what happened will follow. But this is about ten years on when poor Lily has been adopted and living with the Adams family (dudududun- DUN DUN) and has followed her biological father down the track of science

This is where she has been accepted by Weyland Yutani's (I think that's how you spell it) Biological warfare and study department.

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And also, all weapons in this story have been taken from the New Conglomerate Faction of Planetside 2. Just because I love the semi-heated rounds they fire.

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Chapter 2

Evolution. Everything must evolve to survive. But what's evolution without trial and error? How do we make the perfect human. No fear. No hate. No prejudice. And be able to combine technology with human cells?

How do we answer and break the laws of nature and science at the same time? Nature tells us we cannot. Whilst Science say it is possible. If we succeed, we break the laws of nature, but correct science? If we fail, we correct the laws of nature and postpone the laws of science until we do.

For 8 years Lucy had been studied and 'brainwashed' to forget everything that happened. She no longer looked at her saviour as a divine intervention, but a beast of uncontrollable power and the carnation of the devil.

She had been adopted at 11 years of age and grew under the tree that was the Adams. Lucy-who had never forgot her maiden name- lived peacefully under them. Billionaires, they were, but they were huge supporters of the RnD and Biological warfare departments of Weyland industries. She had no vendetta against Weyland Yutani at all, but she couldn't help the fact that something was a bit off with them.

Hush-hush science vessels in the far corners of the galaxy –as far as she knew- were doing some sort of DNA replication process from a catastrophe both 8 and 1008 years ago? The past is the past. She always thought. Without Weyland Industries they wouldn't have caused her to lose her parents (of which she attended the funeral. But neither ashes nor body parts were buried).

"Hey, Lucy. Lucy-Hey! Snap out of it! We're almost there." A young lad, barely past his 18th birthday, whose name was shining in brightly painted gold on his carbon-nanofibre chestplate -that came sub-standard with all new recruits- which read 'Marcus'.

He seemed eager to arrive at Castella-Avandium XVIII- Otherwise known as Installation 13- and the third habitable planet in the Avandia system. The installation was situated in a luscious green and blue flat plain which she heard rumours around the transport vessel they were on were called 'The plains of Similarity'.

She grumbled unintelligibly as she turned over in her steel cryo-pod wanting peace and quiet. "Hey! I know I got a british accent but that doesn't make it a lullaby!" He tapped her on the forehead a bit more strongly than she would have liked but it got her attention.

"Can't you go and bugger some other girl, I'd rather sleep until-Whoa!" she complained, before being tossed out of the cryo-pod and onto the shiny floor. "What was that for?" she whined, rubbing her elbow which had a less-than perfect landing.

Marcus shrugged. "I knew you wouldn't listen to me unless I took physical action. Much like Dad does every Monday to wake you up." Lucy picked herself up and went over to the mirror in her private room. "But Dad didn't end up leaving me pained on the floor." She chatted back straightening her red hair which was in a right mess.

"It don't matter what Dad does, He told me to look after you. And that's what siblings are for, right?" he fingered the strap of his helmet. He pulled the oversized hoverboard helmet off. Revealing a very attractive set of deep green eyes and short, straight and potentially Pure black hair. His face was chiselled which made him look like a playboy.

"Can you give me a hand?" She asked turning towards him. She pointed at her foot locker "any will do thanks" she ordered without even waiting for a reply. "So, what are you going to do first when you arrive?" he replied.

He moved over to the locker. He opened it and pulled out a t-shirt and jeans. Putting them in the cryo-pod, Lucy did a circular motion with her white-skinned finger. Getting the message, Marcus turned around. "What's the point? I've seen worse than you stark naked bef-." He looked up and saw the camera. "ah" he muttered. Pulling up his helmet, he covered the camera as she changed.

"Done" she muttered a few minutes later. "I'll see you on the ground" she spoke as she exited her bedroom and into the scarcely populated corridors of the Morning Grace, a Prometheus-class ship that was a model of the first ever interplanetary ship that disappeared along with every single one of the crew.

It was decorated with carbon fibre walls and chrome floors. Nothing much to a space-aged ship but that. She proceeded down the left side of the hall and through the windy passages of the Grace. Reaching the Bridge, she saw the beautiful orb of green and blue out of the reinforced glass that was Castella-Avandium XVIII. It seemed picture postcard perfect.

" Good morning passengers, this is our captain speaking. We are five minutes to drop point. We are several days ahead of schedule so no rush. We're not due back at Earth for three hundred and seventy hours. FTL travel only takes around seventeen hours. So enjoy the scenery while you can girls, you won't see anything as fine as this in many of your lifetimes." The captain's voice calmly slithered out of the intercom all over the ship.

"Picture perfect isn't it? The mountains of Red rise to the east and the reflecting lake to the south… Always something to do." A deep voice hummed behind her ear. "Careful, Commander, People may get the wrong idea." She flirted. Turning in her trainers to face him, the Commander had a sly grin plastered on his ivory skin. "Now, why would people think that?" he purred.

Shaking her head, Lucy couldn't remove the playful smile that crept onto her face. "As much as I like this play-by-play flirtation, Oh, over-decorated soldier… but you need to have barriers." The Commanders brow rose. "Over-decorated?" he pouted. "I thought they were shiny… And colourful…" he absent-mindedly muttered to himself stroking his many collections of badges on his chest.

He pouted very over-enthusiastically at her. "Anyway, I'm the military man on this facility now. You'll be seeing me more now than ever before back on Earth." Giving a non-too convincing slouch, he sat down in the co-pilot's unoccupied seat.

Taking her leave, Lucy decided to get her Nanosuit on. Proceeding to the armoury, she put the pin of her date of birth into the padlock and pulled out a standard AF-19 Mercenary and a one-piece suit that was her military scientist's work armour.

Zipping it up over her clothes, she grabbed her weapon, locked her locker and headed to the cargo bay. Where all of the crew were gathered ready to walk onto the lush, emerald green lands that was Castella-Avandium.

Making it just in time, Lucy formed ranks in her vacant spot next to her step-brother. He looked nervous-agitated? Or eager to walk out onto what everyone muttered was the perfect world. Standing to attention, The men and women in front of her shuffled nervously the longer it took.

After several heart beating moments, the Morning Grace landed with a casual thump "Sorry, passengers, that wasn't my most softest landing. But rest assured, we have arrived. Make sure that all luggage is attended and have a nice trip." Came the pilot's voice. "Lowering cargo bay doors" came the womanly voice of the VI (Virtual Intelligence). As if on cue, the cargo bay doors, excruciatingly slowly, opened with a hiss.

Golden light flooded the darkened bay. Many men and women raised their arms to cover their eyes from the blinding light. After some adjustment, the columns of new recruits started to march out and onto the endless fields of green.

Lucy inhaled sharply. She had never seen anything so beautiful. No blemish or overgrown tuft of grass broke the emerald sea before her. The only thing that ruined the picture was the complex of metal and concrete that broke the sea like an oil rig.

But this was Installation 13. And this is where they would work for the next five years. "Keep to it ladies!" the commanding voice boomed over the jets of the Grace. Those who had blundered caught up in their march and before long, the steel gates opened to the new arrivals.

Not one person spoke now. Not one soul dared breathe as they gathered in the muster centre. A man in a white coat over his Nanosuit stood at the front on a pedestal. "Welcome, new recruits and scientists. I am glad to hear that you arrived safely. As you know, This Installation is funded by the highest Cher holders of Weyland-Yutani. And so all you see here is from their very high funding. There will be no secrets held here, and neither will any be let out. Anyone who is found guilty of releasing any of the-" he paused "experiments… can be found to have… disappeared. So now you know what is at stake. And with that… I bid you farewell, And have a nice stay. Your commanding officers will show you to your quarters and to your lockers and work will commence on Monday morning." And with that, his deep voice subsided and left the pedestal.

Lucy couldn't take her eyes off of her surroundings. She had a knack for familiarising herself with her surroundings. Before long, she was taken to her quarters. Situated in the Delta Wing, she was, as the commanding officer told her, was the closest to the Scientific Department than any other.

Feeling fatigue from being woken early by her brother, Lucy decided to take a quick nap on her bed. Not bothering to take her suit off, she dozed off. Dreaming about what she will find in the Scientific wing.

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