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~Amu's Point of View~

"Okay, so is that all we know about the Tsukiyomi team?" I asked once all the hugging had died down.

Everyone was quiet, so I took that as a yes, "Alright," I said and pulled out another folder I had brought over from my desk, "Let's get started on this case."

I handed the brown folder to Miki, "These are the descriptions of people that Hoshina Ami's bodyguards said they saw around her dressing room before being knocked unconscious. I only have half…Yoru-san has the other half," I said, "I want you to try and draw what these people look like."

Miki nodded and explored the folder, "The rest of us need to do research on Hoshina," I said, "So…let's get started; we have a questioning with Hoshina's bodyguards in about an hour."

Everyone nodded and everyone, but Miki, got on their computers to start their research.

~Ikuto's Point of View~

"We have to work with the Hinamori team?" Iru asked from her comfortable position in an arm chair. She had one leg pulled up onto the expensive chair, and I was thankful that she had a worn black slacks with a red turtle-neck blouse tucked into it today instead of her usually rebellious clothing.

I was sitting on the couch opposite her in our office, "Yep," I stated, "And we all know who's who right?"

Everyone nodded, "Good," I said standing up with a brown folder, "Yoru," I stated to my younger brother, "See if you can draw these better than the ones that Kondo girl can."

Yoru, my younger brother with the same midnight blue hair as me and bright gold eyes, raised an eyebrow, a light blush creeping onto his cheeks at the mention of Kondo Miki, "Okay…but I highly doubt I can," he stated.

"Try," Utau, my younger sister, a beautiful girl with long straight blonde hair in high pigtails and a professional dark orange dress suit and flats, and I said in unison.

Yoru sighed and opened the folder, "Iru, I need all former or current criminals that live around Hoshina's house and may have been around the disappearance sight," I said, "I don't care if it's from memory or research. I just want a list before we go to the questioning in an hour."

Iru sighed in annoyance, "I can tell you now…I'm going to need a lot of paper…" Iru said.

"Use the back sides of the paper," I stated, "Eru- you, Yuu, and Utau start on the research on Hoshina. Does she have enemies? Crazed fans? Anything that we could ask the bodyguards about."

Eru, another blonde and Iru's twin sister by genetics only, and Yuu, the oldest on the team and also the clumsiest, nodded, but Utau just gave me a look, "And what are you going to do?" she asked.

I shrugged and sat back on the couch. Utau rolled her eyes and logged onto her computer. When I was absolutely sure everyone was engrossed in their work I pulled the chain around my neck from under the collar of my plain black dress shirt. On the delicate chain was a golden key with a diamond flower at the top at the end of the chain. I closed my eyes, 'Ikuto, look, it's a matching set!'


I turned to my girlfriend of three months who was looking in a shop window. I walked over to the window and saw a golden key with a diamond flower on top and a matching lock with the same flower in the middle, "Isn't that cute?" my girlfriend asked.

I shrugged, "Yeah…you want one?" I asked.

My girlfriend, a short girl in a red sundress with a wide black belt and hair down to her knees, looked at me with pleading eyes, "Well…yeah," she said, "But why only get one for me? Why not get the pair; one for each of us?"

I chuckled, "Alright then," I said and we entered the shop.

End Flashback

It wasn't even a month later that she broke up with me. 'I don't understand it, how could she have gone from that…to calling me something I'm not?' I quickly put the charm back where it was and went over to my desk and started doing some paperwork that was due today, "Yo!" Iru yelled suddenly at my desk side.

I turned to the purple haired girl, no emotion readable on my face, "Here's those baka lists you wanted," she said and put at least three pieces of paper on my desk, "Front and back."

I blinked in shock, "Were Hoshina and her friends bakas?" I muttered, shocked, "They should've done a background check on the place first," I groaned, "Good work Iru."

"And…" Iru said.

"And this is counting towards your community service," I stated, "But you do realize that if your sister didn't have the absolutely clean record she did and have testified for you…you'd be in jail."

"Hey, I've learned my lesson…mostly," she said with a slight smirk and went over to her desk.

"Iru," Eru muttered shaking her head as she pulled the white cotton sweater she was wearing over a light pink tank top tucked into a knee-length pencil skirt, her shoes were white flats.

"What?" Iru asked, "I've help you guys solve over ten cases because I knew how to get information out of snitches and know where they hang out…all while doing it legally."

"She has a point," Yuu said, pushing his glasses up but his tan dress shirt, and his khaki suit jacket and pants still a total mess.

"Yes, but the new girl of the Hinamori team, Hinamori Dia, was your partner for some time," Utau stated, "Which means…she knows all the same stuff you do."

Iru growled, "It's her fault I got caught…" she muttered.

"We know, we know," the whole team and I said in unison.

"I still say we should be on top of the board," Utau said, still typing, "I mean, we have just as many solved cases as they do and we have less people!"

"Calm down Utau," I said, "You're letting your competitiveness get the best of you."

"I am not!" Utau yelled, "I'm just stating the facts!"

"Don't start," Yoru said still drawing, "You were like this after that year at Arts Camp when you lost the singing competition to Hoshina…"

I went wide eyed and looked at Utau, "I didn't do it!" she yelled putting her hands up.

I sighed, "We know that…you were with me and Yoru when it happened…" I said.

"Then why'd you look at me like that?" Utau asked.

"Because when you hold grudges you tend to remember and research their lives even years later," Yoru stated then paused in drawing and erased something, "How am I supposed to draw a 30 year old male with a heart shaped face! It just looks weird!"

I rolled my eyes, "Just draw it," I stated and looked at the plain wall clock, "We still have about 30 minutes before the three coming in for questioning are supposed to be here."

Yoru groaned and began drawing again, the sleeves of his white dress shirt now stained as black as his black jeans from where he used them to do shading on his sketches. 'Mom will have a field day cleaning that up...'

Everyone was once again working on their tasks, minus Iru, who was just messing with her computer. 'So, these will represent that we'll always be together?' My heart clinched tightly as her words from that day rang in my ears. I shook my head and tried to focus on the paperwork in front of me, but it soon became kind of hard because I kept hearing her laugh in my head.

I barely managed to finish the paperwork in time to go to the questioning. About halfway to the police waiting room we met up with Amu's team. Amu and her sister completely ignored me and I flinched slightly, but it wasn't noticeable and put up the cool façade I've been putting up, "Well, if it isn't the little Hinamori team," I stated smirking.

"Shut it," Amu stated, "Let's just get this done."

"Long time no see Dia," Iru said Dia's name with venom.

"Iru," Dia acknowledged her, being the civil one, which visually annoyed Iru to no end.

"Come on now," Eru said, pushing her twin, "The past is the past. Move onto the present; which is a case!"

The group stayed in their own teams and about a foot away from each other. They soon entered the waiting room and found,

"Nagihiko! Yaya! Musashi!," Amu stated shocked, but with familiarity.

"Wait, you know these three?" Utau exclaimed.

"Yes…" Amu and Dia said in perfect unison.

"Musashi is my fiancée and Yaya is the fiancée of Musashi's twin, Kairi," Dia stated, glaring at me when it was Utau who spoke.

"And Nagihiko is Mashiro Rima's fiancée, my best friend," Amu said.

I remembered Rima…I don't think she liked me that much. We all sat down around the three, with Dia sitting beside Musashi; Miki beside Yoru; Yuu beside Su; Kukai beside Utau; Ran beside Daichi; and Eru beside her twin. Amu glared at me because there was only a two person couch left, "You totally planned this baka," she muttered for only me to hear but still sat down on the couch.

'I did not…but that doesn't mean I'm not glad it happened.' I sat down beside Amu, "So, mind telling me why you kept this from me Musashi?" Dia asked, her voice slightly darker.

Musashi paled, "Uh…top secret?" he tried.

Dia crossed her arms giving him a look that could rival Iru's when she's extremely mad, "It's true!" Musashi yelled, putting his arms in front of him, "Come on Dia, you know I tell you everything when I can! And how Easter runs its protection department! Come on, turn X-Dia off."

Dia sighed heavily, "Fine," she said, "But we're talking about this when we get home…"

Musashi winced, "Fair enough…" he said.

"Do Rima and Kairi know about this?" Amu asked.

Nagihiko shook his heads and Amu sighed, "I'm going to get a mouthful along with you if Rima gets wind of this," she stated to Nagihiko.

Nagihiko paled, "Oh…Lord help us if that happens," he said.

I remember Rima's temper quite clearly…she's the reason I can't bend my right arm that well.

Yaya, a small brunette in a light blue tee and khaki pants, stated, "Yaya-chi is Ami-chi's personal stylist, everyone could know that."

"Alright, maybe we should move from personal cases to the big case," Utau stated, crossing her arms and leaning back on the couch.

"Right…" the five said in unison.

"So, what happened that night?" Amu asked.

Utau and Kukai pulled out laptops so they could take notes, "Well, it was a pretty normal run," Nagihiko said, "We got Ami-bosu to her dressing room where Yaya was waiting making sure no one got in. We really don't know what happened because she was in her dressing room…and we can't really go in there without being murdered by both our fiancées and Ami."

"What about Yaya-san?" Eru asked, "Couldn't she have been in there with her?"

Yaya shook her head, "Last time Yaya-chi tried to protect Ami-chi when she was changing Yaya-chi got a black eye," Yaya said, "Yaya had a very hard time explaining that to Kairi…"

"I thought Kairi broke you of the third person talk…" Amu muttered then shook her head, "So how'd you know Ami-san was kidnapped?"

"For starters, we were knocked out from behind," Nagihiko motions to himself and Musashi, "And secondly, Ami-bosu was missing and there was a note in her dressing room. Rather clichéd actually..."

"Do these names ring any bells?" I asked handing each person a list that Iru made.

The three looked at them flipping them back and forth, "What are these?" Nagihiko asked.

"They're lists of all the former and current criminals that live in the area where Hoshina was kidnapped and close to where she lives," Iru said, "And those are just from my memory."

The three went wide eyed, "Really, Musashi?" Dia asked looking at the papers, "I thought you planned better?"

"I do!" Musashi stated, "I normally do anyway…"

"What do you mean?" Daichi asked.

"Well, Ami-san's manager got two new place planners so she wouldn't have to give Musashi more money," Nagihiko said.

"Who are the planners?" Su asked.

"Two Americans by the names of Hank and Roxy," Yaya said, "That's all that Yukari-san told us."

"Well, since they're American that might explain some things," Ran stated.

"We aren't getting anywhere," Kukai said.

Amu rubbed her temples; something she always did when she was completely stressed, next came the random yelling at people, "Is there anything else you could tell us?" Yuu asked, "Any previous stalkers, crazed fan who sends letters every day?"

"Um…no…not that we know about," Musashi said, "We kept Ami-san pretty much isolated except for her concerts."

"But that doesn't rule out that she has some," Amu said.

I nodded, "She's right," I said, "Stalkers and crazed fans will always find ways to get past their targets protection. This sometimes takes months."

"And since Hoshina's been publicly known for over a year, that gives a person ample time to plan a kidnapping," Miki said.

"But now the question is…do they want Hoshina…or a ransom?" Utau said closing her laptop with Kukai.

"The note didn't mention a ransom at all," Musashi stated.

Amu closed her eyes, "Right now this information isn't making sense," she said.

"But normally they don't in the beginning," Dia stated.

Everyone had on a stressed face, "We need more information…" I stated.

"How?" Amu asked bitterly.

"Iru…we need snitches," I stated standing up.

"Oh, no," Amu said standing up and glaring at me, "I am not getting illegal information. I solve cases, not become one!"

I rolled my eyes, "Please," I stated, "The way Iru gets it, it's totally legal."

Amu glared at me, "Well, someone from my team goes with her," she said, "I don't trust her…or you…"

"Can't," Iru stated, "They have to act the part. They can smell an 'angel' a mile away."

"I'll go," Dia said standing up glaring at Iru, "I know your ways in getting information."

Iru glared at Dia, "I thought you were out of this kind of thing," she stated.

Dia crossed her arms, "I am…I'm just doing my part in solving this case before it gets so cold that we can't do anything," she said.

Iru smirked, "You have to dress the part…act the part and everything," she said.

Dia took a deep breath, "Dia," Musashi and Amu said, reaching for her worriedly.

She held up her hand, "I can do it," she said, "I won't lose myself to X-Dia, the old me… I promise."

Musashi and Amu nodded slowly. Dia turned to Iru, "When and where?" she asked.

Iru smirked and I saw Amu's fists shaking, "You will not take my baby sister again," I heard her whisper.


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