Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At C.H.B.

Paint The Hades Cabin Pink

"Alright, everyone know the plan?" Connor whispered.

"Yup. Nico is fast asleep." Percy said while the others nodded.

"He won't know a thing." Travis grinned.

"Alright, move out." The campers glanced around and opened the paint buckets. They began painting the dark, obsidian cabin...bright pink.

"Paint a heart right there." Will instructed.

It was the middle of the night and most campers were asleep. That is, except for the Camp Half-Blood boys, of course. They had planned the attack because recently they all had grudges against him. Percy because he couldn't hang out with his girlfriend because she was tutoring Nico, had ratted out the Stolls for dropping a stink bomb in the Demeter cabin, accidentally summoned the dead in the basketball court and uprooted the basketball hoop, etc...

After a while the boys sat back and smiled at their work.

"Beautiful. You've done well, men." Connor praised. They all sighed and cleaned up and headed back to their cabins for the night.

Nico yawned and blinked a few times before dragging himself out of bed. He threw on some clothes-some jeans, a Camp Half-Blood shirt, some of those Osiris sneakers-and headed outside.

He certainly wasn't expecting to see everyone in camp standing in front of his cabin, pointing and laughing. Especially a group of boys he recognized as his friends. He stepped out and turned around.



His cabin

"STOLLS!" he shouted, sending them a-well, a death glare. Literally.

"You have five seconds to run." He said.

They were gone before he could finish his sentence.

Hey guys! So I've been doing this for The 39 Clues in a "Things I Am Not Allowed To Do In The Cahill Command Center" Story. After that I decided to make one with our favorite little troublemakers, the campers of Camp Half-Blood. Welcome to "Things I Am Not Allowed To Do In Camp Half-Blood"

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