Dear Miss Swan...

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Chapter 1.

Dear Miss Swan,

It has come to my attention that the semi-nude photographs you emailed me were not accidental. If this be the case then please report to my office, 11 am sharp, in said bra and panties, sans clothes. However if this not be the case, then feel free to ignore this email.

Sincerely Edward Cullen

C.E.O of Cullen Enterprises.

There. That should do it. Miss Swan and I have been pussy footing around each other for weeks now, ever since I hired her and today I was finally hoping to get me some real pussy.

She's one of the hottest women that I have ever laid eyes on, and our consent flirting was beginning to drive me insane. She's turned me down numerous times when I asked her out, and I was beginning to think she wasn't interested, just liked a little flirt.

After the realisation came to me, I began to give her space. You know, space to realise she wants me just as much as I want her. So imagine my surprise when I opened my email Saturday morning and there nestled between Aro Volturi's complaints about the printer ink and my mother's nagging about a family lunch, was an email attachment from the delectable Miss. Swan.

I somehow managed to choke on my own saliva when I opened it. Sat back on her knees, red lace covered breasts pushed out...the look of pure lust covering her features. Even the little mole she has on her stomach seemed to turn me on.

Assuming it was accidental, I tried to ignoring it. Try being the operative word, that didn't mean my resolved didn't brake and I found myself jacking off to the image over and over and over and over.

However during the weekend, I found my inbox becoming rather fond of emails from Miss. Swan, as two more images filtered through. Each one she was clad only in the red lace bra and panties, only each image become more and If that's even possible.

And I knew, on Sunday night when the most recent email came through that I could no longer ignore it.

So now it's a waiting game...

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