Dear Miss Swan

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Chapter 79

"Okay" I say as I slip the key-card into the lock. I'm pretty sure there's a knack at how to open them first time round, but it's a knack I have not acquired. "I know you're gonna love it!" finally on my third try, the green light flashes, and the door is open.

I gesture for Bella to enter first, knowing that she'll spot the suit that I've hung up purposefully in front of the wardrobe door.

She lets a gasp as she spot it. It does look pretty sweet from this view point. Lying there, with the sun…I hope that doesn't have an ill effect 'cos-

"Oh Edward" Bella whispers, a hand is over her heart and she looks like she may start crying. "You actually bought a proper suit. Not some stupid, costume. A real suit."

"Well thanks for all the confidence." I roll my eyes "It's just a suit, I wear them daily…but I admit, I did want this one to be a little special"

You don't know how fucking happy I am that she actually likes it.

"Of course it has to be special, baby" she comes close to give me a sweet, chaste kiss. "It's our wedding day"

I smile along with her because…well yeah, I'm all shades of excited.

She lets out a little giggle, presumably at my expression, before turning and walking towards the suit. "The material looks a little funny Edwa…what the fuck is this!" she asks, holding up a sleeve.

She looks likes Hades right now…you know, the bad guy for the Hercules movie.

"Well, I was going it tell you, it's-"

"I know what the fuck it is!" she yells. "Is it all…?" she starts feeling the whole of the suit. The jacket, the pants…and then the tie. "It is! It's all made from leather!"

"Yeah…" I shrug, rubbing the back of my neck. I thought it was pretty rock-star.

"Edward how could you?!" her foot stamps and everything "You said James Bond…this is not James Bond. This is some reject from a wannabe Marilyn Manson tribute act!"

My first instinct is to kinda say…Marilyn Manson is more about the face art, but instinct tells me that ain't gonna go down well.

"That's not all" I say, discreetly cupping myself….you never know. I thought it was awesome, but I also thought the leather suit was badass.

Clearly I and my bride have different definition of 'cool'.

I'm pretty sure mine's the dictionary definition…hers is all girl code.

And we all know girls know shit all about being cool.

"Oh god!" she throws her head back, hands covering her face "Of course it gets worse…it's you! I'm the idiot for thinking this was as worse as it gets"

"Look on the back" it's a whisper because I'm hoping she'll miraculously forget, and all will be okay again.

But I can tell by the fire in her eyes, as she twists the jacket around to revel 'Yoda was my Father' sewn into the material, that I'm in deep shit now.

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