Whoa. Been a while. Heh heh. Well, it's kinda-okay, really-short, but for the time being, here you go.

Xiebie suddenly had a bad feeling when they got to the balcony. How were they gonna get him into the deadly dome? It was pretty out there. She also didn't know what they would do if her plan would fail. They'd all be screwed. But the Doctor didn't seem to worry. He actually seemed excited. Xiebie didn't know if she should be worried or relieved.

They had a little time to prepare for how it would go down when they got to the balcony.

"Soo, what're we gonna do?" Xiebie asked. The Doctor looked around, doing a circle in place, before grinning.

"You are gonna stand here," he grabbed her arm and put here against the wall where she was out of the way and sight. "And when I say, you are going to push the Slab off the balcony as hard as you can."

"What? And you?"

"Well someone has to get his attention," he said, going to the ledge.


"Now really isn't the time to argue now shh!" he hissed. He wasn't used to so many questions. Rose always went with it, and trusted him completely. He tried not to think about her, pushed her out of his mind and focused on the task at hand. This girl in front of him needed him. The hospital needed him.

He shook off his feelings and grinned when he saw the Slab coming toward him. Xiebie clenched her jaw, annoyed, when it went out to the middle of the balcony.

"Hello!" the Doctor exclaimed cheerfully. "I'm John Smith! Who are you?" The Slab didn't answer but continued toward the man near the ledge. "Not a talker then."

The Slab really wasn't much of a talker. He just kept getting closer and closer to the Doctor, pushing him to the ledge. Xiebie wasn't a person to twiddle her thumbs, but if she was, she'd be twiddling the hell out of them. Suspense was not her friend. She couldn't even watch scary movies because of it. This was worse than some stupid movie. Still, the Doctor didn't say anything. She was starting to doubt he even would, but her worries were unneeded, because right when it looked worse for the Doctor, he suddenly cried, "Now would be a good time, Xiebie!"

She kinda froze for a millisecond, then went up behind the Slab. The alien quickly turned around before she could push and she skidded to a stop. The Doctor face palmed at her fail as he got out of the way.

"Um, hey," she said. The Slab took a step toward her and without thinking, she Sparta kicked it. It was sent sprawling with the force she used and she closed her eyes when it fell over the ledge. It didn't touch the force field, but they were on the fourth floor now, and there was still gravity. The Doctor rushed to the ledge and made a face when the alien hit.

"Well, that works too," he said. Xiebie started to peak over the edge, but the Doctor caught her arm and pulled her away. "You don't need to see," was his reasoning. She frowned but followed him back into the hospital.