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The car was full of a horrible and unusual silence. Dan, Harry and I were heading to the ITV studio for our first morning of promotion without Dougie, ever. We had an entire day of promotion and we would be heading to various magazine photo shoots after our morning at ITV. Danny and I were sat where we always sat, in the second set of seats in the car with Harry sitting by himself behind us. Doug's absence seemed very, very obvious as the seat next to Harry, that he usually occupied remained empty. Dan was sat next to me with his earphones in and his phone in his hand, looking out of the window, mouthing lyrics to himself and Harry was silent in the back of the car. He wasn't listening to music or texting, just gazing out of the window. Tommy, who was driving the car, was silent too and the only sounds that I could hear was the hum of faint music, from Danny's headphones and the quiet music that was coming from the radio. Dougie had only gone to rehab yesterday yet his absence was already effecting all of us. I was worried about him and I could tell that the others were too. Dougs wasn't allowed his phone in rehab but he was allowed to phone someone every night. He'd phoned Sam last night and she'd called Harry, Dan and Gi and I to let us know what he'd said. He had said that it was alright there and that he'd be starting some sort of meeting programme soon. According to Sam, he hadn't been as upset as she'd expected him to be so we all hoped that this was a good sign and that he was dealing with it better than we'd all expected.

After another twenty minutes of silence the car pulled into the car park of the TV studio and we all began to file out slowly. There were a few fans waiting for us outside of the building so we greeted them quickly before heading into the building, leaving no time for them to question Dougie's absence. We followed Tommy, and Fletch, who had met us at the venue, into the tall TV studio. We were welcomed by the producer of the morning show that we were appearing in a little while. He greeted us and lead us through the building, towards a dressing room where we would prepare for our performance. The performance was going to be broadcast live so we had no room to mess up, we had to perform to our best ability and true our best to get through it without Doug. We had all agreed that I should play Dougie's bass part for the song, our new single "That's The Truth" and Danny would have to take up guitar by himself. Dan, Harry and I were ushered into the large dressing room and Fletch turned towards us.

"Right guys," He said as the producer left the room, shutting the door behind him, leaving just Danny, Harry, Fletch, Tommy and I in the room. Fletch glanced at his watch before looking back at us quickly. "You're on in forty-five minutes. I'll be back in about half an hour and then the producer will come back and get you just before your slot. That alright?" Danny, Harry and I all nodded and murmured an answer back, making Fletch smile and turn to walk out the door. Tommy smiled at us all sympathetically, not saying a word, before turning and following Fletch. I looked around the room quickly, examining it's contents for the first time. Over the years the guys and I had been in so many dressing rooms that I could not remember a single one off the top of my head. This one was very similar to many others that we'd been in before. There was a small sofa against one of the walls, a few mirrors on another wall, with chairs in front of it, and a table full of snacks in front of the sofa. It was nice enough and it felt quite homely and welcoming as dressing rooms had come to feel like second home due to the amount of time we'd ended up staying in them.

I walked over to the sofa and flopped down on it, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back over the arm of the chair. Danny sat down next to me and Harry wandered over to the armchair that was opposite me and dropped onto it. I sighed loudly, rubbing my hands over my face to try and wake myself up slightly. I was pretty tired as it had been a very early start and I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night after saying goodbye to Dougs. Obviously, as a band, we'd been apart before. We didn't spend every moment together but a day did not go by that I didn't speak to at least one of my band mates and we rarely performed without each other. On a few, isolated, occasions we had been forced to but this time it was different. It was usually just because one of us was ill, abroad or busy but this was different because we didn't really know what was happening. I mean, we knew where Dougie was but we couldn't be certain that he was okay or that he would be okay.

"Tom?" Danny asked, interrupting my thoughts. I lifted my head to look at him.

"Yeah mate?" I asked in reply.

"You know your part right?" He asked, referring to Dougie's bass part. I nodded, letting my head fall back again.

"Yep." I muttered.

"This is shit." I heard Harry say from the other side of the room. "This is gonna be too weird to do this without Doug."

"I know Haz but we don't have a choice. We're just gonna have to pretend that we're enjoying ourselves. We can't give anyone any reason to think that anything's wrong." I said, looking over at Harry. He looked into my eyes and nodded.

"I know, mate." He mumbled.

"I'm sure it'll be all right," Danny said, clearly trying to be positive. "We'll be out of here in an hour and a half max." I looked up as I heard our dressing room door open to see Mell, our make up artist walking into the room. She smiled at us all as she shut the door behind her.

"Hello boys." She said, smiling. I smiled back as she walked into the room properly.

"Hey Mell." I said.

"I can tell it's gonna be a challenge to make you three look presentable this morning." She said, a sad undertone to her voice.

"Yep," I agreed. "Got anything to make us smile?" Mell laughed sadly before beckoning me over to the chair near the mirrors so that she could start trying to make me look slightly less shit.

The performance went much better than I'd expected it to. We didn't mess up but we definitely did not perform to our best. We all looked pretty lost and slightly miserable without Dougie there and, after being shown the footage by Fletch after the show, Dougie's absence had been very, very obvious. Danny, Harry and I were shoved into the car, as we had been this morning, after the show. We were all pretty exhausted all ready and I could tell that it was only going to get much worse. I got into the car and pulled my phone out of my pocket, seeing that Gi had sent me a text.

Well done on This Morning darling. You guys were great! Hope you have a decent day! xxxxx

The text from Gi was one of the few things that had successfully managed to make me smile this morning. I continued to smile slightly as I replied to her text.

Thanks honey. Having a shit day, doesn't feel right without Dougs! C u later. Xxx

I hadn't noticed that the car had started moving and that were already on our way to our first interview of the morning.

"This is when the real hard work begins," I said, sighing, leaning my head back to look at Danny and Harry. "They're all gonna ask where Doug is." Harry looked at me and nodded sadly.

"Yep but he's got a cold," Danny said from beside me. "He's just got a cold." He sounded like he was trying to persuade himself that our lie was the truth. It'd be so much simpler if it was.

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