What is even going on here? I blame Antoin and Jesse McGee for this chapter. I was content to believe that there weren't a lot of us fan people out there. And Antoin, I tried to message you, but you didn't have a way for me to. I think I have another three or four to introduce before I do anything past the immediate time following George dying. Thanks for kicking me back on track guys!

What a trip this campaign has been. First the Ryman's daughter, then the fictional, and now the newsie. I sure hope that those ladies are in a better place now. This news site sure seems to have a way of having things happen to them. Is it just me or does anyone else out there smell something fishy? Not just with these documents- I've attached them to my blog if you happen to have made it this far in the internet without reading any of them by now- or all of that, but with that last bit of feed that came in through Shaun Mason's cameras.

I mean really, that was the stupidest "villain speech" that I've ever heard. And I read Pre-Rising comics. Not that you guys didn't already know that, but you get my point. I mean really, you'd think that he would have been a bit less conspicuous. Real people don't give speeches like that.

Now now, before any of you get huffy with me I'm not about to spew my normal robot invaders spiel. This is a bit different. I'm talking secret organizations running the government. Neither of these candidates has been a president before, but the last one was one of Tate's party. Maybe they were pulling strings to try to get Ryman to back down, but when the drastic things backfired they had to pull the plug on Tate. Set him up with a speech, and try to break down the people that found the evidence as much as possible. Sure, I saw the article that mentioned the live Kellis-Amberlee virus on the Ryman's ranch. What a bunch of sickos.

Or or...maybe this is one of those things from the Free-masons or the Illuminati! Those guys made it through the rising right? I mean I've read a few articles that said that Doctor Kellis might have been in one of those sort of organizations.

But in all seriousness guys, let's get back to those comics. I recently got my hands on Thor 2 from the year before the rising. And for the kicker, I even found an old boot leg copy of Captain America 2. Someone must've filmed it while they were in the theater. Sure they recirculated a lot of those movies post rising, but this one is Pre-Rising folks! I'll be watching through these puppies tonight and tomorrow and I'll get you guys some articles. Take care of yourselves, I'm off to my lair.

From Llama Spit, the blog of Micheal Dalke, June 20, 2040