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Chapter 6

Violet's P.O.V

"I know right! It's so cool, it totally sucks!"


That was the sound of the school bell going. It wasn't over yet, but atleast it was last period. Just an hour left.

I made my way down the hall. I sucked on my dry grey-purple lip as I was walking to class. For a second I was tuck in the 'traffic jam' and I took that minute to look at a tiny kid being shoved inside a locker.

School; the last place I'd rather be on EARTH. My mom used to go to my school; Franklin Grove. The way she described it was the complete oppisite of the way I'd describe it. She said it was the best three years of school. I don't know what this place used to be like then, but I hated it here. The only thing that kept me coming back was this particular boy; Daniel.

He was about 2 inches taller than me. I know he's not a bunny judging from his eyes and his pale skin. His hair however, was unusual for a vampire, a rough dirty blonde. I had told mom aboout him before. That day at dinner when dad got angry at me. He was supposed to come over to meet mom on Sunday, but he canceled, and he didn't really talk to me after that. I took that as a break-up. Not that we were together or anything, but I just guessed he wasn't interested in me. But that's no suprise; every girl in school wants Daniel Mitchel. Even the bunnys.

I got to my locker and shoved in my books. I watched as Daniel walked by. I'm pretty sure he noticed me staring, cause he glanced over, but I quickly looked back to my reflection in my locker mirror and pretending to fix my loose knitted purple and white striped sweater. I felt extremly self concious as my v-neck hung low exposing my tank top and cleavage. I pulled up to the little knot in my neck and cover my chest with my hair.

I grabbed my binders for French. I closed the locker and trudged my way down the halls. I heard a high-pitched voice and saw a flash of pink. I didn't need a name tag or recognition to know who it was.

"Out of my way, Goth freak!" It was Kelly. The ultra Queen Bee of our school. She was also in the eigth grade. I swear she had the cockiest attitude ever, thinking she could boss around anyone. She looked like a highlighter with her extremly tight skinny jeans, and her sparkly pink top. Her soft blonde curls were bigger than the size of my whole body. I didn't understand how she could wear such huge earings, and her chest, ohmigod, her chest. I swear she had C-cups. Behind her was her Clique, Claire and Ariana.

I watched as she picked on another vamp. Man, could I bitch-slap her. I wanted to march over there and throw her head into a trashcan. I could if I wanted to, you know. But I shouldn't. Keep walking Violet, just keep walking. Don't pay attention to how badly you want to bitch-slap those huge eyelashes, and those bubble gum coloured lips...

I heard a thud as all my books fell down as Kelly bumped into me. My papers flew everywhere.

"Watch were you're going!" She exclaimed. I bent down to pick up one of the papers, and she just slapped it out of my hand as I almost doubled over. My loose sweater went down again as it exposed my see-through tank top and my black bra. I pulled up my sweater and kept a hand on my chest. "What are you using your hand for," She said in her nasally voice. By now, a whole crowd had gathered around us and one of them there was... Ohmigod, no, it was Daniel. How come out of all times, the only time he could notice me was when I was being utterly embaressed? "You don't need to cover up anything. There's definetly nothing going on 'up stairs' if you know what I mean." Ariana and Claire laughed behind her.

I kept my head down, causing my chocolate brown hair to cover my face. "Oh, not talking are we? I didn't expect anything else from Violet! Or should I say Shy-let!" She leaned a hand over to pinch a piece of my hair. I slapped her hand away.

"Don't freaking touch me..." I whispered.

"What was that? Couldn't here you" She said. Suddenly, she reached into her purse. I was wondering what she was doing untill I saw what she pulled out; a huge tube of liquid eyeliner. "Here, it'll make your work look better." She opened the lid.

"No Kelly, d-" but it was too late. My science homework that I stayed up till three a.m. to finish was destroyed.

"Let's leave girls!" And she walked away as if nothing happened.

I shoved the key into the door. I let James and Rose walk in first. Mom had me pick them up today. She said she was bringing me a 'suprise'. I opened the fridge only to find left-over mac and cheese.

"James do you want anything to eat?" I plopped down beside my little brunnette brother. I ruffled his hair as I opened up a pack of gummy bears for myself. "Here take one."

He grabbed a green gummy bear happilly and popped it into his mouth. "Rose, I'm going upstaris. Call me if you need anything, K?"

"Alri" She answered from the kitchen.

This was usually how I spent my time 5 days a week. I'd go upstairs, plop down on my bed, turn on my iPod and do my homework. Once in a while, I'd pop up the laptop and find one of those acting classes videos on Youtube. For some reason, I found acting really fascininating. Mom told me that her and Aunt Olivia were actors, so I wonder if that meant I sort of had a way into the acting world. I probably spent 90% of my day just listening to music.

I was just getting to my fifth question on Algebra when the door bell rang. I waited. Rose and James were down stairs. They had four hands. They could do it themselves. The door bell rang again. Twice. "James!" I yelled. Once again, the door bell rang. "James, Rose, get the damn door!" I grunted to myself.

When I came down stairs, they weren't there. That's when I hear the un-mistakable sound of zombies. Oh. James was playing his Vampire-Zombie invasion video game. And the line wouldn't work, so I guessed Rose was talking to one of her friend on the phone whilst doing her nails or something.

I went to get the door. Mom stood there in a red beanie and a dark black jacket. There was even snowflakes over her jacket. "Mom? Why are there...Where did you go?"

She stepped inside and gave me a kiss on the head. "That's...a long story. But I need you help right now, Sweetheart. And I also need your co-ooperation."

"What's going on?"

She sat me down on her velvet sofa. "Okay, so there's someone here to see you. More like stay with us for a couple weeks. She's, she's not...doing so good."

I scanned my mind thinking of people. Mom started talkign again; "Listen, she's...I just thought it was important for you to meet her, Violet. Your aunt Olivia is here."

I actually jumped out of my chair. Suddenly I noticed a replica of me walk into the house. Or, I could say I'm a replica. She had the exact same hair, exact eyelashes, our lip shape was the same, our almonde shaped eyes. It was almost scary. Her baby bump was un-mistakable. It wasn't too big, but she was definetly pregnant. Is that why she came here? Probably not to see me...

She held out a hand to me. "I'm Olivia. Nice to meet you, er..."

"Violet." I said. How pathetic. She couldn't even remember my name.

"Nice to meet you Violet." She held her hand out. I refused to shake it, but I felt extremly guilty at the pout on her face. Something about her, I just felt a...strange connection to her. I don't know why, but it's the kind where you can only stay mad at a person for five seconds.

"So you decide to come now?" I ask. Aunt Olivia lightly put her hand away. Her sad pout grew bigger. "You know I've waited along time to see you. So what took you so long?"

"Violet, I told you to be nice. Now you need to co-orperate with me. Olivia needs to-" Mom started but I cut her off.

"Where were you for these 13 years that I was alive? Or when James was born? Or Rose? How come I don't even have a single picture of us together?"

"Violet, don't use that tone!" Mom yelled, but I ignored her.

That's when it hit me. She's pregnant. I know she's not married. "And now you're here just because you need a place to stay? Did you boy-friend dump you after you got pregnant?" Aunt Olivia's face grew in horror. I thought I could see tears forming in her eyes. Sure, I felt bad and extremly guilty. But also like a weight was lifted off. I needed to say that. I was hiding it all in.

"Okay, that's enough Violet. Go to your room, now." My mom pointed to upstairs.

I glared at her and then at Olivia. I sighed before turning around. "Whatever," I mumbled "I don't want a hooker for an aunt anyway."

Mom grabbed my wrist and turned me back around. "Excuse me? Come back here young lady. How dare you say that. You get here and apologize, or else, I'-"

"Or what?"

"You're grounded for a month!" She yelled

I just stood there. I glared into Aunt Olivia's eyes. It was true. What I said. The only reason she was here was cause she needed mom to take care of her. Not like she would give a damn about me if it weren't for that.

And that's when another thing hit me. I sniffed, but I don't know why cause I didn't need to double check. I knew that Aunt Olivia was human. And her blood clean. Not that I wanted it. I already over-came my vamp senses. I wasn't a young vampire that couldn't resist the taster. I had control. But...

"Aunt Olivia, get out of the house."

"Excuse me Violet. You don't use that tone. Do you want me to turn it into 2 months? How dare you do that? She-"

"No, she needs to get out of the house!"

"Violet, she's my sister, and she needs a place to stay. Now I d-"

"Mom your not listening to me. If she doesnt..." And then I heard footsteps. Too late. "Olivia, take cover!" I yelled. James and Rose came running down. They were already on. They're eyes were blood red and they're fangs were activatied.

"Omigosh!" Aunt Olivia screamed, she ducked behind a desk. Rose came closerand slapped the table away. Poor girl. She didn't know what she was doing. The smell of blood had come over her.

I stood infront of Aunt Olivia and pushed Rose away. Then James came, and as much as i hate to hurt the litte guy, I pushed him away harder, and he landed on the floor.

"Here! Take this!" Mom said as she handed me the bag of cinnamon from the fridge. Cinnamon. It would keep down thier temptation. I got ontop of James and shoved some down his throat. He gagged for a while and swallowed it. I repeated the same thing with Rose.

Aunt Olivia came from under the table. Her eyes filled with horror. I felt so bad for her. This was how we welcomed her? For the first time?

For a while everyone just sat in utter silence heavily breathing.

Then Rose looked up a small tear in her eye. "I'm so..."

"I didn't mean to..." James started.

Olivia shook her head. "It''s fine. I'm just glad everyone is okay." She got up on her feet. "Violet, I'm,..."

I got up and ran straight up stairs. "Just...just leave it."

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