Another Hetalia high school AU, just what we need, right. Sorry.

Pairings inside: Prucan, Giripan, Gerita, Polliet, AusHun, SuFin, and possibly others...


High School is an interesting situation for many people. It is both irritating and enjoyable, useless and relevant. Hetalia International High School was no different, and neither was Mathew Williams. He was fine with school, he disliked math and loved languages. He was signed up for electives he was incredibly excited about. His classes consisted of Pre-Calculus, Literature, Advanced French, Choir, World History, Chemistry, Photography, and Child Care, in that order. And, as he slid into his seat for the last period on the first day of his junior year, he found himself studying the other students in the room.

Mathew didn't know much about any of his classmates, though he recognised most of them from his past two year. It wasn't that he disliked them or that he was antisocial, no matter what his brother thought. He just simply preferred to be left by himself.

Being outgoing and overly social had always been Alfred's job. He got lonely if left by himself for more than ten minutes. It was because of that little problem that the two brothers had always been so close. When they were young they spent almost every waking moment together. This continued until they were half way through the seventh grade, at which point the boys' parents gave up and got them cellphones.

Once Alfred was given access to his friends at the touch of a button, he finally stopped dragging Mathew around with him everywhere.

It was a bittersweet day for Mathew. He and his brother started growing farther apart (which really was rather healthy, all things considered), but he was able to do things he liked, such as hockey, without worrying about his brother. Looking back, Mathew was fairly sure that everything about the two boys was shaped due to Alfred's utter terror of loneliness. More precisely, it was shaped by them being together constantly.

Alfred became louder and more outgoing as he tried to make friends and prevent himself from being lonely. Mathew on the other hand, fell back into the shadows, perfectly happy to let his twin take the limelight. The personality changes remained true even after they separated. Alfred continued to be the popular one, the one always surrounded by friends, while Mathew remained quiet and fairly reserved, only really relaxing around his few close friends or during a hockey game.

Because of all this, it came as no surprise to Mathew, when he sat in his desk during his new eighth period class, that he didn't recognise anyone in the room. He hated new school years, they meant a whole other batch of teachers who didn't see him, new classmates to get used to, and who knows what else.

The bell sounded shrilly, breaking through his thoughts and bringing his attention back to the front of the room, where a brown haired man he assumed was his teacher stood.

The man had a familiar and rather attractive face. It occurred to Mathew that, if the similar hair was anything to go by, he may be related to the Vargas twins. Lovino had once mentioned that their grandfather worked at the school somewhere, and though the man didn't look like a grandfather, the hair was the same as Lovino's and the smile most definitely Feliciano's.

The man called for attention almost carelessly and introduced himself, sure enough, as Mr. Vargas.

Mr. Vargas spent the first few minutes of class talking about Feli, insisting that, as Feliciano was a child once, it was somehow related to childcare. It wasn't until he'd apparently gotten bored that he started explaining the class. He explained that they would be paired up in groups of two and given daily assignments. The assignments would be either written or involve taking care of children from the near by daycare center.

He then continued on to take roll, telling asking that they name a country when called on.

"Roderich Edelstein?"


"Kiku Honda?"


Mr. Vargas paused to talk to Kiku for a moment, recognising him as Feli's friend before continuing.

"Eduard von Bock?"


"Elizabeta Héderváry?"


"Hercules Karpusi? Hercules?"

Kiku had to wake the boy up before he could respond, "Hm?

"Hercules Karpusi?"

"Heracles, Greece." The boy mumbled before returning to sleep.

"Feliks L-Łukasiewicz?"

"Like, Poland!"

"Toris Laurinaitis?"


"Gilbert Beilschmidt?"


Mr. Vargas looked up at the lazy voice, "Prussia isn't a country, anymore."

"So what? When it was it was awesome." At this, the Italian man blinked and shrugged, then continued.

"Ravis Galante?"


"Tino Vaina- Vainami- Vainamo-?"

"It's pronounced Väinämöinen and Finland!"

"Sorry Tino! Berwald Oxenstierna?"


"Mathew Williams?"

"Canada..." Mathew flinched at his voice, it sounded apologetic, not confident or steady at all, but the teacher didn't comment, announcing that he would now be splitting them up into the groups of two they would be working in for the rest of the year.

"Roderich and Elizabeta," (she laughed and grabbed the boy's arm) "Kiku and Hercu-Heracles," (Heracles smirked while Kiku blushed), "Eduard and Ravis," (the boys nodded) "Feliks and Toris," ("Oh my God, perfect!") "Tino and Berwald," ("'M with my wife," "I'm not your wife!") "and finally Mathew and Gilbert."

"Yo! Mattie! I haven't spent much actual time with you since we were tiny kids at Franny's birthday party!" Mathew nodded at the albino approaching him, he knew Gilbert as one of his cousin, Francis's, best friends, the third member of the 'Bad Touch/Friends Trio', but he didn't think Gilbert knew him.

"Yeah, hi Gilbert."

Said boy collapsed next to him, smirking carelessly, and suddenly it hit Mathew this was going to be a long, long year.

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