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Here I was: thinking about Lily again. Our first kiss had been pretty awesome. I was hoping we would kiss again, but for some reason, I didn't feel brave enough. It was like the first kiss was so cliché that it was inevitable and easy, but all the ones after it seemed forced.

My thoughts were interrupted, of course, by the girl in question walking by and smiling at me.

"Hey." She said, grabbing my hand and swinging it as she danced around.

"What are you all happy about?" I asked, looking into her eyes.

"School starting next week. I'm so sick of homeschooling." She said excitedly.

"Well don't get too excited until to get there and see what public school's like for yourself." I said, "Kids can be pretty mean, believe me."

"Lily!" Kelly yelled form inside the barn, "Come help with the monkey feed!"

"Coming!" Lily yelled. She stopped and looked straight at me. "Oh Dylan, I'm not scared about school. I'm happy. You'll be with me, how could I be scared?" she said, and just easy as that, she kissed me before running off to help Kelly.

Still in awe at how easy she had made that, I looked around and noticed a figure under the barn roof.

"Dad! You were spying?" I said, embarrassed.

"Aww, but it's so sweet!" Dad said. Still, I couldn't believe he'd been spying on Lily and I. I mean, some things were to be kept private, you know?

"Okay, I'll stop: promise." He said. "Now come on, I want to take a walk with you."

"Ummm, okay."

We walked off towards the lion cage before he stopped, and said "You know…I've been thinking about you and Lily lately."

I was just about to answer him when far off, I heard a girl scream.

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