"Mum, please let me go to Cackle's, please! All of my female ancestors have been to Cackle's, why not me?"
"That's true, but you're not female."
"They wouldn't know! Please mum, please! Dad says it's okay."
"I know darling, but I don't agree. Cackle's is a school for witches, not wizards. The holiday is almost over, on Monday you'll go to Camelot College."
"That's not fair!"
Edward looked away from his mother and went upstairs, to his room. It just wasn't fair. He knew he couldn't be a wizard. He was a witch. He knew everything about brewing potions, wandless magic and he even knew how to fly a broom. He was a better flyer than his own mother, who was a very experienced witch. And besides, he didn't even look like a boy! He was a tiny feminine fella with long hair, mostly worn in a ponytail. People who didn't know him always thought he was a girl. Then why couldn't he become a witch?

"Edward? Edward, are you there?"
Edward's father walked in.
"Hey Eddie, how are you?
Edward didn't feel like giving him an answer.
"What's wrong?"
Edward sighed.
"Oh you know, I want to go to Cackle's but mum's like: 'noooo, boys can't be witches!', even though you said I could go!"
"Edward, listen. Mum is just worried you won't fit in at Cackle's Academy. It's an all girls school. What if you get bullied because they think you're different?"
"I won't get bullied! They wouldn't know! I look like a girl don't I?"
"Edward, you do. But wouldn't they ask questions? Your name is Edward, that's an odd name for a girl isn't it? Their uniforms, you'll have to wear a dress at Cackle's, there are no other options. And what if you start hitting puberty? A girl named Edward with a deep voice and a beard, wouldn't that be weird?"
On the outside Edward seemed to understand his father, but on the inside he felt like he was about to explode out of anger. His father promised him he could!
"But you said I could go..." He said.
"Yes Eddie, I know. But I talked to your mother and... Sorry Edward, but you're a boy. There's nothing you can do about that. I'm sorry." He gave Edward a kiss on his forehead and left the room.

"Edward, dinner's ready!"
Edward whiped the tears off his face.
"I...I'm not hungry!" He shouted back.
He was incredibly hungry but he just didn't want to see his parents. How could they ever be so mean to him? He sighed. There was nothing he could do about it. If he just went to sleep the day would be over soon and he could forget about today in his dreams.

He started undressing himself, whilst thinking his parents probably already bought his Camelot uniform. He went to his parents' bedroom to get his pyjamas, but stopped in front of the mirror. He hated his body! Normally he looked girlier than his two younger sisters but in nothing but his underwear he felt as if he looked more masculine than a bodybuilder. He didn't have the nerve to take off his underwear, he just couldn't look at it. The shape of his body alone was enough to depress him. Edward sighed and whispered: "I wish I was a girl."

"Edward? My goodness Edward, it's half past seven, are you already sleeping?"
Edward opened his eyes.
"Mum, leave me alone!"
"Edward, I want to talk to you."
Edward hid under his blanket. He didn't want to his mother to tell him he couldn't be a witch, not again. He understood.
"It's about Cackle's Academy."
"I know!"
Of course, it was always about Cackle's. About how important it is to keep up the family reputation.
"No, you don't understand. Your father and I... Well, we don't want to send you to Camelot College if you don't want to. We know how sad you are and how desperately you want to become a witch, but we don't think you can go to Cackle's. I only want to best for you darling, you know that. And if you could go to Cackle's that would be great for you but... It's an all girls school. I don't think Miss Cackle allows boys at all."
"Mum, I know that!"
"No Eddie, you don't. We sent her a letter. We're trying to convince her to make an exception this one time. You're not just a boy, you see. You would make a great witch. That's all I wanted to say dear, we're trying."
Edward didn't believe her. Maybe she only came to comfort him.
"Really mum? Did you really send her a letter about me?"
"Yes dear, I did."
Edward put his head on his mum's lap and she stroked his hair.
"I love you Edward."
Edward smiled.
"I love you too."