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"Kiki, we need to talk."

Kiara's face went hot. He wasn't going to break up with her, was he? Oh, gosh…

"About why I didn't answer your texts."

Oh no, he was, wasn't he?

"Something happened with my sister." Phew. Bullet dodged. "My mom's boyfriend" he spat the word, "was creeping on my sister. I shoved him and cops got involved."

Well, the relief Kiki felt was already gone. "Oh my gosh! What did the police do? Did they send the creep to jail? Is your sister okay? What did your mom do? Jared!"

"Calm down, give me a minute to explain." He sat at the lunch table bench with a heavy sigh. "I think they're going to do an investigation. I'm not in trouble. I don't think. How can I be? The creep was grabbing Cara and I had to do something!"

"I'm glad you did," Kiki said, taking a seat next to her boyfriend. "Wow, I hope he gets sent to jail. That's horrible. Gross and nasty and creepy and wrong and horrible."

Jared took a long, deep breath. "I wish my mom would stop dating these kinds of guys."

"She's dated others?"

"All of her boyfriends are bad news. All of them, I swear. And she's so blind to it. I mean, what's wrong with her? How can you not notice that the guy you're dating is a scumbag?"

"I don't know, Jared. But I'm sorry." She rested her head on his broad shoulder.

Trina dipped her paintbrush into a cup of water spinning with color. She looked at Anna and beamed. "We are so getting an A on this." Anna crossed her arms and marveled at what their team work produced. It was a large sculpture of a realistic ballet shoe with untied laces. A hand on either side was tugging at the lace, just as Anna had described it. It looked fantastic.

"We could pass this as professional, even," Anna noted.

"Totally." Trina high fived her partner. "You know, I actually, sorta had fun on this. Sorry about the whole Hunter thing."

"Enough about Hunter," Anna brushed it off. "Yeah. This was fun. We should collaborate more often. Are you really as good of a dancer as you say you are?"

Trina did a double take. "Girl, have you seen me? I'm a star! Oh; I see what you're getting at. A dance duet?"

Anna shrugged. "It might be fun." She started washing out brushes and took off her smock. "You're a lot cooler than everyone says. No offense."

Trina shifted her eyes. "Gee thanks. None taken, I guess."

The girls took one final look at their project. "It's perfect," Anna said. Trina turned off the lights of the art room and the two girls walked outside, satisfied with their sculpture and new found friendship.

Eve was discussing the upcoming auditions for Beauty and the Beast with Cat.

"I guess you got your wish. We're doing your play," Eve smiled bashfully.

Cat giggled. "I know, it's it fun? I love Beauty and the Beast! Especially Mrs. Potts." She gasped. "Maybe I'll get her!"

"You're so good at singing, you probably will," Eve complimented.

"Awe, thanks. Your dancing is really good, too."


"So, who do you want?"


"What character, silly!"

Eve wrung her hands. "Oh. I haven't thought about it much. Well, maybe Babette. She dances, right?"

"They all dance! It's a musical!"

"Right. It doesn't matter much to me, as long as I get a part." Now that Cat had her thinking, she started listing out all of the characters in her head. Which would she be best for? Who did she want? A better question yet, who was she likely to get?

"Be positive. Maybe you'll be Belle."

Eve shook her head. Short blonds with buckteeth who dress as converse never got to be the princess, for some stupid reason. "I don't think so."

"Chin up,' the redhead offered, "the sun will come out tomorrow!"

Eve giggled. "You're quoting Annie? Really?"

"Awe, man, I should have suggested Annie, too!"

Soon enough, the bell rang signaling the end of Friday, and a menagerie of kids headed into the black box theater for auditions. Sikowitz was excited, as he almost always was at auditions. It was a chance to kick back, drink some coconut juice, get some visions, and watch his students shine.

"Sikowtiz," Beck started after ten minutes had passed, "aren't you going to give out auditions sheets or start, you know, auditioning?"

"Ah, Beck, the key to directing is patience." Sikowitz, leaned back for another good full minute. "Okay. Now we will begin. Good afternoon, children! Thank you all for attending this audition for Beauty and the Beast. Sinjin is going to give out audition sheets, which you will then stack here," he made and elaborate gesture towards a table set up in the back of the room. "I will call you up in whatever order your audition sheet comes up. Good luck to you all and may the force be with you." He marched back to his directors chair. Once Sinjin had handed him the stack, he grabbed the first paper and said "our first to sing will be Trina Vega!"

Students moaned. Oh well, at least they'd get the worst out of the way first.

Her song was painful, as expected, in sharp contrast to her sister's beautiful performance. There were only a few gems amongst the kids singing wise, but most could hold their own vocally. After singing, Sikowitz had everyone do a scene between Belle and the Beast. Matteo read with Dylan, Beth read with Robbie, Jared read with Cat, and Jared read with Eve. Anna read with Hunter (lucky coincidence), Kiki read with a cute senior (who she would have noticed if she wasn't already smitten and taken), Andre was partnered with a shy freshman girl, Beck read with Trina, and Jade read with a sophomore named Harold. There were many other pairs in between, of course, and after the long day, Sikowitz went home to decide on his cast.

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