Pairing: Percabeth

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Forever and Always

"I love you - forever and always," were the last words he spoke to her as he lay dying. The girl, a curly-haired blonde, was crying, tears streaming down her face. She grasped at his hands, whispering his name over and over.

His eyelids fluttered ever so slightly below his messy black hair. His hand went limp as one last breath escaped his lips.

The girl leaned down and buried her head in his chest, wailing now. The sounds of the fight echoed in the valley around them. A dracanae approached from behind, stabbing the sobbing girl in the back with one of her poison-tipped swords. A small gasp worked its way out of the blonde's mouth. A shudder went through her body as the dracanae withdrew its weapon to find another victim. Now two broken bodies lay on the ground. And still fight waged on.

Soon enough, the battle was over. The surviving demigods stumbled around, exhausted before one of them spotted the two dead half-bloods. She screamed and pointed at the bodies. Everybody gathered around in a circle. They all began to cry for their dead friends; Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

Word count: 194
Song I'm listening to now: Brand New Colony ~ The Postal Service

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