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Chapter 2

Bella's POV:

'This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This is NOT happening!' I thought to myself as I continued to stare at her. She was busy talking to a student. Her body stiffened and her eyes immediately focused on me.

I bit my lip and was panicking inside. I could feel my heart beat pick up faster. It certainly didn't help that my hormones were raging. I felt my lower member get excited. I cringed; it has never been more comfortable. It was pushing against the fabric of my underwear and pants. I was instantly mad at myself for choosing jeans. It was actually starting to hurt because it was too tight.

I didn't move, too afraid that if I do, I would spray everywhere. Okay I know that might be an exaggeration but the point is, the jeans were now uncomfortable.

The teacher looked back to her student as she was talking. I saw the teacher gaze in my direction every so often, but still didn't want to be impolite to her student.

I closed my eyes and thought about anything else. When I finally did, I was relived. The teacher nodded and motioned to an area, guiding the student somewhere else. Her gaze fell back to me. She smiled and hooked her finger in a come-hither motion. I gulped but walked toward her anyway.

When I reached her, she smiled, "To what do I the pleasure?" She asked in a musical voice, putting her elbows on the desk and clasped her hands to rest her head on.

"I'm a new student." I said, handing her my slip.

She took it and looked at it. "Bella Swan." She stated and looked up at me.

I nodded and she smiled in return. She picked up her blue pen and signed her name and handed it back to me. "Welcome Bella. I'm Irina Denali." She said huskily.

I politely smiled and took a seat in the back. "You new here?" I heard a voice say. I looked to my right and saw a guy with black hair and a letterman jacket.

I nodded, "Yeah."

"Sweet. I'm Riley." He said.

I smiled at him, "Bella."

"So, you want to catch a movie with me after school?" He said.

At the corner of my eye, I saw Ms. Denali glaring at him. When I looked to her, she put her head down and continued writing.

"I'm going to be busy. Sorry." I said.

He looked confused, "Doing what?"

Why did people insist on getting into my personal life? "Work."

He looked interested, "Where?"

I fought to roll my eyes. "For a towing company." I answered. I looked to the front and saw Ms. Denali looking at me. Her eyes held curiosity and determination.

Ms. Denali got up and walked to the front. "Okay class. Today we will be watching a video about reproduction. It will start off very basic but will get more complicated as time goes on."

I closed my eyes, feeling my pants get tighter. This was the wrong topic to be going through with her. Why couldn't it have been history or music? I thought this was supposed to be child development!

Ms. Denali powered up the t.v., played the movie, shut off the lights and started walking to the back. What was she doing?

She went behind me and sat behind me. Great. As if this wasn't uncomfortable enough. I swallowed hard and leaned back in my seat. The movie started off with the male reproductive system. It was very graphic and realistic. I fought the blush and ran my hand through my hair, uncomfortable. That was my nervous habit, running my hand through my hair.

I kept looking at the clock, waiting for this movie to end. The thing was, I had no idea how long it was. I shifted, uncomfortably.

I nearly leaped out of my chair when I felt a cool hand on my shoulder. Ms. Denali leaned in so that her face was inches to mine. I didn't look at her; I just kept my eyes to the front. "Are you alright?" She whispered.

I nodded, "Yeah sure. I just…I've been sitting down all day. I have all this energy that I don't know what to do with." I whispered back.

Ms. Denali smirked mischievously. "Class is almost over. Then you can relieve yourself." She leaned back in her chair before I could respond.

My eyebrows scrunched together. Was she flirting? Was she implying-? I stopped and told myself that I was overanalyzing…or just wishful thinking.

About ten minutes later, she got up and turned the movie off. "Okay, class. That's it for today. I will see you tomorrow." She said the last part, staring at me with a smile. I smiled back and got up from my chair to leave. As I passed by, Ms. Denali smirked, "I'll see you tomorrow."

I nodded, "Good day." I said.

I went home to shower and did my hair again. I got my mousse and did the same sex hair style. I got back in my clothes and went outside. I decided to use the black 2011 Dodge Durango this time. My dad bought me this for me and my future family. It holds seven. How many kids did that psychic tell my dad I was having?

Charlie always liked to think ahead…way ahead. He said that a psychic told him that I was going to have a family soon. While I thought it was hilarious at first, he was been on my case about using condoms.

I drove to work, greeted everyone and sat at the front, doing paperwork.

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