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title: litany to perdition
summary: Dreams of robotic screams. — Madoka/Kirius.






The sound of metal screeching against pavement lingered in Madoka's head for a long time after the Ovids had left the premises and disappeared into the sky. It wasn't a sound she was used to, and even the echo of it had her wincing.

It made her think of trampled peanut fields and rebuilding, and though Madoka was someone who didn't start things she couldn't finish, she wasn't very good at forgiving people who'd hurt the things she loved.

So the next time the strange Ovids appeared, and Lan dragged her out of class by the hand, Madoka set her jaw and went with it.

She had a score to settle.

And it was in the clash of a pair of giant robots that she began to figure out exactly who he was.

The fighting was the easy part. Kendo and jujitsu served her well, and the movements were as natural as breathing. She would duck and spin and kick his legs out before he even knew what hit him.

When they fought over the water, Madoka had no reservations.

She would drown him in the ocean, only to pull him back up again and scold him for attacking her planet. She didn't want him to die—she just wanted him and his comrades to leave her beloved blue world alone. She would not stand for its abuse.

"You know," she said over the COM link, "there are probably better ways to go about conquering the world. Or, you know, you could just not."

There was a grinding sound over the link that had her pretty sure he was clenching his teeth.

"You should have just stayed dead," he growled.

Madoka grit her teeth and slammed him back against the wall. The screech of metal against pavement was loud in her ears; it was a sound that she hated, hated, hated—she knew it too well, and, God, she hated it.

She hated the violence of it.

"Yeah, maybe," she said, but they both knew that that was a lie.

Midori flexed underneath her fingertips. The robot was an extension of her own flesh and muscle and bone, and Madoka knows it inside out.

She only barely rolled out of the way in time to avoid the glowing sabre that buried itself into the ground where her head had been not thirty seconds before. She didn't think about dying and she threw him off, because there was a viciousness in the way they fought. A no-holds-barred; because for once, for once, Madoka could let loose.

This wasn't a game. This was an intergalactic space-war, and Madoka did not have the time for games.

Lan and Muginami were far, far away. They had their own battles to fight, battles that Madoka had no place in. Villoguigui-whatever-his-name-was had hurt them, and though she would have dearly loved to have been the hand that dealt his punishment, she knew she did not have that right.

And besides.

Kirius was a decent distraction.

They fought like rats in a trap, breathing hard and vicious, and the taste of blood was thick in Madoka's mouth.

"I hate you," he said.

It was almost conversational.

Madoka grinned sharply. Her fingers closed around his wrist. Bit down and dug in, clung hard and stubborn.

She whipped him around once, and sent him flying. He went screaming through the air, inertia taking him far out over the water.

The splash when he hit the ocean was the most satisfying thing she'd ever heard.

Madoka quietly hoped he drowned.