Chrono Dream

Prologue- 1005 A.D

It was a beautiful morning, the sound of the Nadia Bell echoed and beyond that sound there was a lazy boy sleeping around.


A voice said.


The voice second attempt to wake up the lazy boy.

-Crono, wake up!

In front of the bed, a boy with a red spiky hair and clothes that of a hero stood.

-Mom: So you finally decided to wake up, c´mon Crono, Marle is waiting for you on the castle.

The boy checks its equipment, and desperately sets to the castle.

-Mom: Leaving so soon? Care to take at least a fine!

Crono received 3000G.

-Mom: Take care son! Recently the monsters are acting stranger than usual…

The boy departed, and with nothing else to say he arrived the Guardia Forest in a short time. On the forest a weird sound echoed. The sound was nothing but the memory of the entity, which is the same sound that Crono and others heard while traveling. The boy didn´t pay attention and so he enter the castle.

-Guard 1: Hold on! Who dares to enter without permission…? Oh! Prince Crono, my mistake, you shall pass.

-Chancellor: Ah, Prince Crono! Your highness is waiting for you on the left tower.

Crono ventured inside the castle, and with the same anxiety he entered the first time, he arrived to the top of the left tower.

-Marle: Hi Crono! See, they finished the left tower in a couple of months. Now we have a clearly view of the entire Guardia Kingdom; Truce, Medina, Choras and Porre. Isn´t it great?

Crono agreed, and proceeded with the conversation.

-Marle: Can´t believe it has been 5 years since we traveled through time and defeated Lavos. Wonder how´s everybody and what are they doing. Since Lucca is now working on the first Truce Lab, she has not enough time to enjoy with us! Care to visit her?

And so…

The young couple departed to Lucca´s house. But suddenly…

-Marle: What is it Crono? Is there something bad here in the forest, don´t worry it might be just one of those stupid Imps.

They arrived to Lucca´s house and encountered her, which was extremely unaware of the visit.

-Lucca: What the…? What are you doing here; you should always remind me before coming here.

-Marle: Did we come in a bad time?

-Lucca: Time… That´s what trigger us to discover the wonders of our world. The Chrono Trigger, the time egg, those artifacts woke up my interest on the Time Science.

-Marle: So, what are you working on?

-Lucca: I had been working on a new type of Gate Key that led you open any Time Vortex without the need of one of the Entity´s gates.

-Marle: Sweet! Does it work?

-Lucca: Unfortunately, this Gate Key is just a prototype and will not work on its current state. But just give me a couple of days and this will work accurately. Now I just need an energy source extremely powerful to finish the Gate Key, then, I will test it the following days so it can be used without any problems.

Crono shocked, reminded that mysterious sound on the forest. Could it be a time gate? An energy source necessary to travel back in time.

-Marle: Come to think of… I heard an mysterious sound on the forest, it was very familiar to that of a time gate.

-Lucca: Really? Is it possible to check right now?

-Marle: Sure, why not?

The trio departed to the forest, where one of the biggest mysteries lies.

-Lucca: Wow! This is amazing, this is a new type of space-time distortion, and maybe we can use this energy.

-Marle: So Lucca, what is that Gate Key made of?

-Lucca: It contains a fused part of the dreamstone, and the reminiscent of the Moon Stone.

-Marle: That´s Amazing!

-Lucca: So, let´s try!

The Gate Key Absorbed enough energy from the Time Gate, and the Dreamstone combined with the Moon Stone reacted.

-Lucca: It´s working! The Gate Key its opening a portal.

-Marle: Wow! It´s bigger than those one created by the entity.

-Lucca: Huh? What… I feel a reaction between the stones. Wow, sparks.. The gate… It´s dragging us!

The opening gate dragged our heroes inside, and so an unknown time period is receiving them.

Next Chapter- 7500 B.C