Chapter 6- 1200 A.D

The fate of time PART 2.

?: Where are ya going?

Ayla: Show up!

?: Very well, my name is YAKREE.

Lucca: What in the world?

Yakree: I am a mutan demon class fiend.

Magus: Mutan Demon? Never heard of such, are you sure you are not a fake?

Yakree: Silence you mortal! In this world, only Yakree might dominate.

Lucca: A demon in prehistory? How did you have access to this era?

Yakree: I have created a corrupted gate from another dimension´s future.

Marle: Whaaat?

Frog: God, this is worst than we though.

Schala: Another dimension´s future? Is it… could it be?

Magus: What is it Schala?

Schala: I feel an essence from death.

Magus: Death?

Schala: Yes, is like this guy was once a human who got erased from existence.

Magus: Could it be…? No, that´s impossible!

Frog: What is it?

Magus: This fiend, he´s kind of familiar isn´t it?

Frog: No way, could it be?

Yakree: Restrict yourself! I shall fight now.

Crono: !

Yakree took out his Nightmare Sword.

Marle: Hey, that sword!

Lucca: It´s the opposite to Crono´s sword!

Magus: That´s because…

Ayla: What is it? Ayla very confused.

Magus: That´s because this being was once Crono in another timeline.

Everyone: WHAAAT?