It was an ordinary night on the planet Thgil, with the deep purple sky glimmering with hundreds of shining stars. And, same as every night, a young female slipped out of her round-topped house, telescope over her shoulder. She climbed her favorite hill, set the loved contraption up, and made herself comfortable of the ground.

And then she watched the sky.

Same as every night, she counted the shooting stars she saw. Focused on her favorite constellations. Let herself be taken by just how very big the universe was. Yes, it was a perfectly ordinary night.

And then the girl's mouth dropped open.


She sat back, rubbed her eyes, and looked again.

...Still there.

A little blue box, tugging a little blue planet across the sky.

A little, tiny, almost microscopic at this distance, honest to goodness blue box, pulling a large, round, very real planet right across space.

Slowly, the girl rose, scooped up the telescope, and walked down the hill. She entered her house, closed the door, locked it, and sank to the floor. She rubbed slim fingers over her face and groaned.

"No more herbal tea this late at night." she thought to herself. "Or...Ever again, actually."

Uhh…Yeah. I got bored, watched the end of the fourth season Dr. Who, and had a moment of 'good lord, that must look weird' at the end. And so this was born. It took me all of 5 minutes to write.