Chapter Fifteen:

A chance meeting


Yami knew they were behind him. He could not see them but he could hear their hearts pounding in his ears. Sometimes acute vampire hearing had its perks. He did not turn around to face them. He stood perfectly still gazing down at the ground. This is what they wanted. They wanted to see just how skilled he had become in such a short time. He didn't give a damn about their praise; he had only done what was needed to survive. Survival was all that mattered right now. He needed to go on living, as much as a vampire could be classified as 'living', so that he could regain his memory and find the boy. The boy that haunted every lingering thought and moment while he slept.

The dreams were the worst. He could imagine everything so vividly as if it were real. It felt, smelled, and even sounded so real that when he awoke he swore it was not all in his mind. The soft gasps, the sweet voice calling his name, as slender fragile arms and legs wrapped around his torso. The touch of that silky soft skin that left his own skin burning with need. What worried him though is that the dreams always ended the same. Near the end he would be consumed by the insatiable need to bite and drink every last drop of blood from the boy. He would make sweet passionate love to this entirely sweet virgin only to then rip out his throat like an animal. He closed his eyes, willing those thoughts away.

His opponents foolishly took this as a moment of weakness and attacked. When the blades that were burned into their hands were only mere inches from his body he vanished, leaping high into the air and flipping backward. The three of them collided and when Yami landed back on the ground he raced forward and with inhuman speed he sliced his sharp fingernails across the backs of their necks. He was gone in a flash before the blood even had time to spray. The zombies screeched and garbled, faltering as they stumbled. Yami landed on top of one of them, squishing it into the ground. The zombie to his right he kicked in its stomach and sent it flying across the arena. The one to his left lunged for an attack, which he avoided with ease. He grabbed the zombie's arm and tore it from its body before grabbing its head and twisting that free as well. He let the body fall to the floor. Blood stains and smears were everywhere, but not a drop had landed on him.

He then turned and looked to the men that stood looking down at him. There were three of them. A very tall brown haired man that had a long white tail with a blue fur tip, Seto. The man standing next to him had long white almost silver hair. His name was Pegasus. Yami never liked the way the man looked at him or the way he kept refereeing to him as 'Yami boy'. It was condescending and above all annoying. Finally the third man, who smiled down at him, had sandy blond hair, Marik.

"It seems you and Bakura have trained him quite well Marik." Pegasus cooed. "I have never seen a fledgling vampire come so far in such a short time. It's truly astounding. His cravings?"

"Completely under control." Marik answered.

"Even more astonishing! But then I suppose this is to be expected since I made him."

"Do not flatter yourself in my presence, it make me want to vomit." Seto spoke with a voice that would freeze fire. He turned his ice-blue eyes on Pegasus. "If you had done your job properly this would not have even come up."

"I swear to you I did!" Pegasus whined. "I never leave anyone alive, I have no control over my cravings." He sighed, "I honestly do not know how he survived." He smiled and it was a little too happy. "I even remember when he came to us. Oh, he was so perfect I could not help myself. And now... just look at him." He leered.

"You are worse than the succubi." Seto hissed. He looked to Marik. "He is a well enough warrior and he may prove useful. Though I never trust anything that used to be human….. I suppose we have no choice. Suit him up. I have a particular job in mind for him."

Marik frowned, "What do you mean? He just got done with his training don't you-"

"Did I ask for your excuses?" Seto growled. "This is a direct order from the king."

Marik pursed his lips "Should I have a weapon crafted for him?"

"No, he has not earned it." He turned his condescending gaze toward Yami. "Let him prove his loyalty."


Yugi could not help but gulp as he, Atem, and several others on horseback approached the black iron gates that were the entrance to Domino castle. The whole place was drastically different from Atem's castle. It was all dark stones and creepy looking statues. It made Yugi feel like ghosts lived in every crack and crevice. Atem and their companions did not look down or even give acknowledgment to the zombies in cages or in chains. They did not even glance as the other repulsive creatures that seemed to have been dominated and broken into doing the humans bidding. The human army, from what Yugi could tell, looked large. They had seen them approach and had parted to make room for them but their eyes were red and angry as they looked on. Yugi looked up overhead as the dark storm clouds that covered the skies. If it rained that would only make this utterly dreadful moment perfectly horrible. He tried to stand tall and not show any lick of fear. After all, he was now Atem's mate and that made him royalty.

At his side Silent Magician floated and looked on with carefully calculative eyes. Yugi knew all he had to do was say the word and the little monster would rush right into battle. His loyalty comforted him. He looked to his other side to Yusei and Mana. They continued to stare ahead as the large iron doors opened for them. They lead their horses into a large arena area. There were dead dismembered bodies piled so high on the sides that the stench alone had Yugi's stomach churning. He moved to cover his mouth but thought better of it. There were only two men standing in the middle of the arena, a brunet and a white haired man. Both of them had long colored tails that Yugi recognized immediately, Dragons. What the hell were dragons doing on this side of the border? Yugi turned to look at Atem, and saw that his lover's face was contorted in a grim scowl. The horses stopped.

"Good evening your highness." The white haired man said with obvious sarcasm. "How unlike you to grace us with you divine presents."

"We are not fools Bakura," Yusei spoke up. "We are well aware of who you and Seto are."

Before Yugi could even ask, Atem mentally explained "Seto is my cousin and Bakura was once Ryo's brother before he was banished." "Seeing you two here certainly explains a lot."

"Do you not think I have done well for myself cousin? The people of this land certainly seem to like their new king. He's certainly more effective then the last one."

Atem frowned, "Your king is power hungry. He spreads lies and chaos so that he may gain more power." Atem gestured with his hand. "Where is this king. It is customary even among humans that it is the rulers that meet and not their subordinates.

"Then who is the little whelp?" Bakura asked, pointing to Yugi.

"He is my angel of peace. I had hoped that his abilities might be used to come to terms that we did not have to cause further conflict. I see that is inevitable now." Atem sighed "I do not wish them to know how important you are lest they use that against me."

"They will know eventually," Yugi answered "and they will come for me."

"I am aware, but it will not be at this very moment. The checks and balances at this given moment are not in our favor."

"We are aware that your army is just beyond the hills waiting to strike." Seto smirked. "Obviously your intentions were not completely peaceful."

"You king's actions are not honorable, I would be a fool to not have a secondary plan already prepared to be used. Shall we set a date then?"

"Tomorrow at sunrise." Seto answered quickly. His gaze was hard and devoid of all emotion.

Atem nodded and they turned their horses to leave. Yugi was surprised when they left and the gate closed behind them. They continued to ride without issue until they reached their camp where they dismounted.

Jaden ran up to them eagerly, "How was it?"

"It appears our enemies are Bakura and Seto." Yusei answered.

Atem said nothing as he turned and made his way toward his tent, gesturing for Yugi to follow him, the moment they were inside Atem closed the flap and then went to sit at the table that was set in one corner. Charts, maps, and franticly scribbled papers were already strewn about. Yugi could practically feel Atem's growing stress and anxiety. Not know really what to do Yugi just walked over and began to rub Atem's shoulders. After a moment Atem groaned and leaned into his touch. "Is it wrong... or maybe weakness that a part of me hoped it would not come to this?"

Yugi shook his head, "I don't think anybody wishes for war. Power, yes, but not war."

"And yet the two seem to be the opposite sides of a coin." he chuckled bitterly.

"Does their betrayal hurt?"

"It isn't betrayal. Seto and I were never close and Bakura was always cruel and vicious. It was his lack of compassion and love of destruction that drove my father to exile him."

"What about Seto?"

"I actually do not know. He just disappeared one day. I think that was the beginning of his Father's madness."

"Father...OH!" Yugi mentally slapped himself. Of course if Seto was Atem's cousin then that meant Akhenaden was Seto's father.

Atem chuckled. "You just now figured that out."

Yugi blushed as he looked down at the ground, "Don't make fun of me, it's an honest mistake." Atem only laughed more. He turned and gathered Yugi into his lap, kissing his cheek.

"What would I do without you my little angel."

Yugi smirked, "You would probably be dead from the people revolting against you." He leaned in and pressed their foreheads together. "We'll get through this."

Atem smiled sadly and turned to look at the closed flap of the tent. "Yes, but that does not ease the burden on my mind that many of those men and women out there are going to die."

Yugi turned to rest his head on his shoulder. "No one ever said war was pretty."

That night Atem had ordered a large empty cask to be filled with water and brought to their tent so Yugi might bathe. He had heated the water for Yugi himself using magic. He unfortunately had then had to leave to meet with Yusei and some of the generals to confirm battle strategies. Yugi, after submerging himself in the warm water, simply sighed in bliss. He wrapped his arms around himself and dunked his head under the water. He opened his eyes and watched the bubbles rising to the waters surface. The room was completely dark except for a single lit candle. Still looking up at the waters shimmering surface Yugi saw the faintest ripple in the shadows. Thinking it was Jaden trying to sneak up on him again, or possibly Atem returning for the night. Yugi surfaced with a splash and then rubbed the water off his face. He had halfway gotten out of the cask when he opened his eyes and finally looked at the figure in front of him.

His breath exhaled out of his chest in a frantic gasp as his hands flew to his mouth. His brain refused to function, his knees grew week, and his vary soul seemed to crack. This was not happening. It had to be some jaded trick or a spell! His eyes could not be seeing this! But they were. Yami dressed from head to toe in black stood before him. Even though his hood was up, concealing his hair, Yugi could recognize his face immediately.

Yami, in turn, looked just as shocked to see him "You... You're the king?" he gritted his teeth and clenched his hands. Yugi's eyes flicked down to the sharp pointed dagger in his hand.

Yugi's breath returned only to utter a sudden gasp. "Yami... what-what are you doing?" Yugi shook his head. "I mean," tears came to his eyes "You're alive. I thought you were dead. Gandora said you were dead."

"So Yami is my name." he walked forward, but he did not drop the dagger "And you're... Yugi."

Yugi moved back slightly, "Yami you're scaring me what is going on?"

Yami's eyes darkened as he looked down Yugi's naked body. He did not even try to hide his expression. Yugi shivered at the obvious attention. Now he knew something was really wrong, his brother would not have stared at him this way. "I... was sent to kill you."

"Kill me!" Yugi exclaimed, fully stepping out of the cask and moving toward the tent flap.

"Don't." Yami growled in a predatory tone that had Yugi freezing in his step. "I'm barely holding onto my control as it is. Do not run, it will make it worse." Yami ran a hand over his face, obviously trying to calm himself "Why... why is it you?" He held his head in his hand, "Fuck... it hurts."

Yugi glanced toward the entrance, wondering if he could make it out with enough time to scream. How the hell had Yami even entered their camp so easily? He looked back to his brother and gulped. "Yami... please put down the blade." Yami raised his head and blinked at Yugi. If Yugi had had more light he would have seen the dark ring of red around Yami's irises. Yugi took a step forward, putting up his hands defensively. He talked slowly and calmly, as one would when approaching a dangerous animal. "Yami please, put it down. I don't..." he gulped again, "I don't want to see you get hurt." He held out his hand. "Please, take my hand and-"

"I have to kill you." Yami spoke in a deep guttural voice that was not his own. Then his eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously. "No, no I don't want to kill you. I can't kill you I...I..." the dagger dropped from his trembling fingers. Yugi sighed with relief and then yelped as he was roughly tackled and then slammed onto the table. The paper and parchment went scattering in all directions. Yugi stared up at Yami in stunned silence. His older brother pinned him to the table by his wrists. Yugi's wings strained as they were practically squished into the wood.

Yami's breathing was in slow labored breaths as he looked down at Yugi through heavily lidded eyes. "You've haunted me. Your smell, your feel, your voice... all of it." He brought Yugi's wrists together and restrained them with one hand. Yugi made an attempt to break free but Yami's grip was astoundingly forceful. Yugi's eyebrows furrowed. Yami had never been this strong before. Yami's free hand then cupped Yugi's cheek and then a finger trailed down his neck, his chest, over a delicate pink nipple, down his stomach, and then to his groin. Yugi's eyes widened in fear.

"Yami what are you doing!" Yugi involuntarily arched his back. He shook his head. "No, stop! This is wrong!"

"Yugi are you alright?" Came Jaden's voice a second before he opened the flap. His eyes widened and he blushed. "Woops, sorry you two. Didn't mean to disturb." He went to leave.

"Jaden!" Yugi screamed. Yami's head turned in Jaden's direction and a primal snarl escaped him, exposing his long white fangs.

"Shit!" Jaden yelped and then growled. He took a step forward. Yami's grip on Yugi tightened more. It reminded Yugi of the force of which Atem had held him when he protected him from that creature. Yami was protecting him? He looked down and saw long claw like fingernail forming out of Yami's hand.

Yugi shook his head. "No Jaden! Go get Atem! Now!"


"Now!" Jaden flinched at the tone in his voice and then skittered off.

Relieved that at least Jaden would be safe from Yami for the moment he turned back to find Yami's face mere inches from his. Yami smiled, "Yugi." He said the name in the most sensual caress that had Yugi's body burning with need. The bite mark that Atem had left only days before, his mating mark started burning. Yami's face grew closer and closer. Yugi released another wavering breath. He was consumed with the warring emotions inside him. When Yami's lips touched his, his cracked soul all but shattered like a mirror into a thousand different directions.

Then in an instant Yami's weight and force was gone. Yugi heard a loud crash and then it was accompanied by a roar. He heard Atem call his name but as he tried to sit up his body didn't seemed to want to move. He felt tears sliding down his cheeks. He looked up to see both Atem and Yami glowering at one another. Before he could even comprehend what happened they rushed and collided with one another.