Popular Girls
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Inspired by a commercial from this year's Super Bowl. Stupid fun.

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Popular Girls (02.20.12)

Jeremy looked up from wiping the counter at Mr. Slushy Dawg and smiled when he saw his girlfriend, Candace, and her two friends, Stacy and Jenny, enter the eatery, and head his way.

"Oh, hey, Candace! Girls! Corn dog?"

He grabbed a corn dog on a stick from the warmer and offered it to the girls. But upon seeing it, they reacted unfavorably.



"So gross."

Jeremy stood there, dumbfounded by their responses.

Linda Flynn-Fletcher had just sprayed whipped cream on top of a tray full of homemade cinnamon buns that were fresh out of the oven. Just then, she heard the front door open and close in a matter of seconds.

"Candace, is that you? I'm in the kitchen!"

Candace, Stacy, and Jenny walked in shortly thereafter, and they saw the matriarch finish up. She then held out her hands, presenting it to them.

"Ta da!"

Unimpressed by the sweet display, the girls voiced their disapproval.



"That is so gross."

They then marched towards the back door, and Linda responded by pushing the entire tray into the trash can.

In the backyard, the girls were astonished to see what Phineas and Ferb were up to today.

"Somebody challenged us to make a machine that could seed a cloud in order to make it rain chocolate," explained Phineas. "But only white chocolate... dark's been done already."

Phineas snapped his finger, and Ferb pressed the start button on the large cubical of a machine. A small cannon rose out from the top of it, which then proceeded to fire a cylindrical container rigged to open upon reaching a predetermined altitude, at which its contents, liquor-free cocoa beans, would empty out into a nearby cloud. In less than a minute, a cloud began producing white chocolate rain, which drizzled down into the backyard, a drop of which landed right on Phineas' outstretched tongue.

"Yum! So, what do you think?"

Candace, Stacy, and Jenny all smirked. They knew exactly how to react.

"Ooh, I've got you now! You guys are so busted! MOM!"

Candace ran back inside, leaving behind her confused friends after she had unexpectedly gone off-script.


"Dude, that is so totally gro-"

"WE'RE NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE!" Candace yelled from the sliding door.

Phineas looked back at Ferb, who had a question to ask.

"Doesn't it feel like we should be pitching something right now?"

Phineas smiled and replied, "No. No, it doesn't. You're not even old enough to get a license."

"Grgrgrgrgr!" chattered Perry, waddling out from a nearby bush.

"Oh, there you are, Perry! For a minute, I thought you were a lizard!"

Perry chirped again, then used his left hind leg to push a gecko costume that was partially sticking out of the shrubbery back in.

The End