*Heya everyone this is the sequal to my personal favorite story 'Between the Ages'. Its basically based off the movies and follows it with some variation so I dont get my arse sued. I DON'T OWN A THING!*


It had been a year, one long year since her return to her aunt's home in Connecticut. Life back there was mundane and plain compare to the exciting never ending world that was her Narnia. Despite it all, she had changed so much. She had grown with the knowledge and experience of a person twice her age and people found that truly odd. Her aunt was all but shocked at the surprise changes, even to the point of concern thinking that something terrible had happen but she would just shake her head and smile a knowing, far off smile. Somewhere along the way, she got use to the normality of life and pushed the memories back into the recuses of her mind, but never, ever forgetting. Some nights she would stare out at the nighttime sky and search for the constellations and stars of the sky, hoping that perhaps shed see the familiar Leopard, or Ship, or even the Lady of Peace. But only the moon seemed the same, and even then it wasn't. As time flew, so it came to the day she had to go off to school. This she didn't mind for it would give her something else to ponder over instead of her far off world. Yet she ran into trouble, for she was twice as smart as most girls her age and with her ever bright and cheerful nature and confidence gained a lot of attention from the boys. Both these things caused great harm to her, and one day she found out the hard way. It was between classes when four girls came up to her demanding her to stop being so, as they put it, 'strange'.

"I'm not being strange, I'm being myself." She replied but that wouldn't serve as a good enough answer. One girl pushed her back and taunted her while the other girls snickered and said,

"Alice thinks herself Queen!" she took the pushing, but name calling she wouldn't have.

"Stop it." She demanded.

"Or what?" snide another of the girls.

"Queen, queen, Alice thinks she's a queen!"

"Stop it!" and at that point she went charging full blast at the name callers and managed to grab hold of one by the arm. Screaming, the in ragged girl fought back and the fight was on. Soon a crowd gathered around them chanting,

"Fight!" as the two girls swung at each other. The name caller wasn't as good as the one being called the names though, for it was as if she was trained in battle for her aim was true knocking her in the eye twice and in the jaw once. It was only when she was about to send her name caller flying backwards did the teachers show up and stopped the fighting girls. Pulling the two apart, two teachers sent the injured girl to the nurses office while two others took the so called 'winner' to the principle. After explaining what had happened the principle shook his head and said,

"Why can't you just act your age Alice? And not an age you aren't?"