We rode finally towards the castle and were changed into more ceremonial clothing. Caspian was crowed the Tenth and we were lead through the streets on horseback, the Kings and Queens of Old with the newly crowned King. Aslan and Caspian rode on horseback in front, followed closely by us five and the rest of the Narnian's who were welcomed with opened arms. That night fireworks burst through the skies as welcome to the New and the Old and there was a great banquet with many types of food. Time flew, and before we knew it, it was the next day. Aslan had brought Susan and Peter away for a moment in time before everything was ready for the ceremony. We went out all of us, Narnian's and Telmarien's together at last as one where there stood a might oak tree on a cliff. Caspian was talking, saying,

"Narnia belongs to the Narnian's as much as it does man. Any Telmarien who is willing to stay in peace is welcome to. But to any of you who wish, Aslan will return you to the land of our forefathers."

"It's been generations since we left Telmar." Said one man in the front.

"We're not referring to Telmar." Said Aslan softly, but loud enough for all to hear.

"Your ancestors where seafaring brigands, pirates run aground on an island. There they found a cave, a rare chasm that brought them here from their world, the same world as our Kings and Queens." He said referring to us. We all looked at one another with wonder, having never considered others coming to Narnia other than ourselves.

"It is to that island I will return you, a good place for any who wish to make a new start." Said Aslan stepping forward ever so slightly.

"I will go," said a voice, and all heads turned to see the former General saying,

"I will accept the offer." I noticed how Caspian bowed his head as a sign of respect as he came forward. And then, a woman holding a babe stepped forward and an older man saying,

"We will go too."

"Because you have spoken first, your future and fortune will be good." Said Aslan and then he breathed a deep breath on them, Deep Magic I guessed and then turned to the might oak tree and blew on it too. It opened and twisted and turned until there was a doorway threw the very center of it. All the people were amazed and I just smiled, for I had seen wonders before. Willingly, the three stepped through the door and were gone in an instant. Voices raised in alarm and concern and one voice shouted out,

"How do we know he is not leading us to our deaths?"

"We'll go." Said Peter looking brave faced along with Susan.

"We will?" asked Edmund questioningly.

"Come on, our times up." Said Peter, his hand ever on his sword handle. Stepping towards Caspian, he said,

"Besides, were not needed anymore."

"I will look after it until you return." Said Caspian taking the sword that Peter handed to him and holding it close.

"That's just it, were not coming back." Said Susan softly.

"Were not?" asked a lost sounding Lucy.

"Were not, but you two are." Said Peter indicating Edmund and Lucy. Me though, I wasn't spoken for, yet.

"But why, have they done something wrong?" asked Lucy to Aslan. He just shook his mighty head and said softly,

"Quite the opposite dear one, your brother and sister have learned what they can from this world, now it's time to live in their own."

"It's alright Lu, it's not how I thought it would be, but it's alright. One day you'll see to." Said Peter taking hold of Lucy's hand and giving it a squeeze before stepping back. They said their goodbyes to the members who were standing beside Aslan, Peter to Glennstorm, Edmund to Doctor Cornelius and Lucy to Trumpkin. They bowed/curtsied and only then did Lucy and Trumpkin hug. When they were all finally ready, they turned to me and said,

"Coming Alice?"

"No, I'm not." and here they all looked confused and looked to Aslan for help.

"She, was never meant to leave Narnia children." Came his response to the obvious question.

"It's alright, we'll see each other again." I said as Lucy raced into my arms and hugged me something fierce.

"But you're like a sister to me!" she cried.

"And so I always shall be." I said pulling her away to look down at her. She smiled then, halfheartedly and returned to her family. It was Susan who came next saying,

"I wish I had gotten to know you better, we could have had fun together."

"Maybe next time." I said and she smiled than returned for Edmund to come next.

"You missed a wicked awesome fight." He said in a joking tone.

"You'll have to tell me about it the next time I see you." I answered patting him on the shoulder. Finally, Peter came to me and we hugged, not saying a word but letting our sorrows out through the hug. When we pulled back I whispered,

"Let's just be friends." And he nodded, returning to his family. Then, they all turned to go with Lucy giving one last finally look at Aslan before they were gone from sight.

"You'll come back, when we call you, no need to say goodbye." I whispered feeling hot tears trial down my cheeks, but I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and turned to find Caspian holding on to me. Looking at Aslan, I wondered when I would see my family again.