I'm new what I think is called the home stretch of high school. Prom is tomorrow night and graduation is next week. Cady is almost 6 months old and I am still with Claire. One thing that I need to work on is my speech for graduation. Who know having a baby to take care really hasn't made it difficult to get my homework done and I'm still projected to be valedictorian. On top of that my life has been almost normal since giving birth. I don't know why people say it's so hard to take care of a baby and go to school. It really hasn't been for me. It might have to do with the fact that my girlfriend and her mom are helping me raise her. I have been living with Claire since Cady was born.

I was currently giving Cady some milk. Carlisle told me I could use my breasts to feed her but that seemed complicated so I just used this formula stuff. She seemed to like it so that was good. I smiled as Claire walked. She had just come home from cheerleading practice and she looked hot as ever. We had managed to have sex even with the baby in our lives.

I kissed Claire as she walked in. Cady seemed to like it when the two of us kissed.

"How was practice?" I asked.

"It was good." Claire replied. "So are you excited about prom?"

"Kind of, I hope that I actually get to stay this time." I responded. "You know I was at prom when I had my first bout of morning sickness last year."

"I can see why you would want to stay." She agreed. "Well I'm happy that I get to go to my first prom. So did you call a babysitter for tomorrow night?"

"Yeah Alice was actually going to come by." I explained.

"Are you sure that you trust her?" Claire asked in surprise.

"Yes I do." I replied. "She hasn't had human blood since she killed Gabriel and I trust her because she knows I'll kill her if she does anything to my baby."

"Can you do that?" Claire questioned as she took Cady and burped her.

"I've done it before." I reminded her, referring to when I killed Jamie. "Besides Alice is staying home because she doesn't feel the need to go to another prom. She's been to a ton."

"I don't have to invite her in, do I?" She asked.

"No that's just Vampire Diaries stuff." I remarked. "Anyway I can't wait to see how you look in your prom dress."

"You know that work you did to lose that extra baby weight really paid off." Claire complimented.

"You I'm kind of glad that I haven't had to deal with vampire stuff or any supernatural stuff for a while. I'm starting to feeling like a normal teenage mother."

"Yeah not like those girls on Teen Mom." Claire agreed. 'I don't know why they only hire the crazy ones."

"Who knows." I replied. "I'm they are normal ones."

I suddenly heard the doorbell ring and opened it.

"Oh hey Naomi." I replied.

"So are you two ready for prom?" The vampire asked.

"Yeah." I replied. "So are you sure that Alice is okay with babysitting and not going to the prom?"

"Alice has been to enough proms that she knows that she be missing much." Naomi informed us. "You know Cady is really adorable."

I noticed that she had seemed to fall asleep in Claire's arms. I went and carried her to her crib and smiled.

On prom night, I was wearing a red dress with a black trim. I think it made me look hot and not like someone who just had a baby a few months ago. Claire actually decided to get a haircut for prom. It was now shoulder length but not as short as Alice's. I don't know why she did it but I liked it. She was wearing a turquoise dress that looked amazing. I was excited, especially at the prospect of staying for the whole dance. I just had to wait for Alice to arrive to do the babysitting before I could go.

Alice arrived at about 7:15. I gave her a quick rundown of where everything was and what to do in every situation.

"You know she really likes that panda." I told Alice. "Thanks for agreeing to do this."

"It's no problem, Elle." Alice agreed. "So I'll call you if there are any problems and I'll try to make sure there are no problems."

"We'll probably be out kind of late." Claire added. We kind of hoped that tonight would be one of those sexy nights as in one of the nights where we had sex with each other.

"Good luck with the prom queen voting." Alice told me. For some reason, I was nominated for prom queen. I didn't really want to win but I guess as some loser once it was an honor to be nominated. I knew that Jessica was keen on winning. Curiously her date from late year was also in the running. Mike was still Miranda as it hadn't seemed to wear off. That power doesn't actually seem very useful without a way to control it. I gave Cady a hug as Claire walked out the door and headed to the car.

In other news, not long after graduation, my cousin Bella was going to visiting. I was kind of excited to meet her face-to-face. I knew Uncle Charlie was also excited even though I didn't live with him anymore.

The first thing on the agenda for the night was dinner. It was some fancy restaurant style place that had just opened, in time for prom no less. That was a rather interesting coincidence. The food was Chinese, something that I never had before. The Chinese apparently really knew how to make food because it was good. I guess communism doesn't hurt their ability to cook.

After dinner, we headed to the dance. The theme of this year's prom was The Oscars. I'm not quite sure that meant but apparently quite a few students were wearing replicas of the dresses that some of the stars wore to the award show. I know Jessica wore a dress similar to one worn by this actress who looked suspiciously like her. I mean I highly doubt they were the same person since Jessica was 18 and the actress in question was 26.

I found Miranda by the punch bowl and decided that I would talk to her.

"So you're at prom as a girl." I stated. "How does that feel?"

"To be honest I have never really like wearing dresses." Miranda responded. "They make me feel so girly."

"Well you kind of are a girl." I pointed out.

"That's only on a biological level." She argued. "Even though I like the way this dress feels against my skin. Anyway, I hope people vote for you for prom queen because I definitely do not want to win. If I didn't know that you did, I would believe that you just had a baby a few months ago."

"Thank you." I replied as I went to find Claire so the two of us could dance together.

Claire and I had to have the shortest combined height of all of the dancing couples but that probably wasn't the record because Claire was taller than Alice. As per the theme, the songs that were being played had all won the Oscar for best original song. This was called Falling Slowly from this little known movie Once. Other songs featured were A Whole New World, I've Had the Time of My Life, Jai Ho, Lose Yourself, and My Heart Will Go On.

Towards the end of the night, the principal came out announce to the winners for the prom king and queen. I already had an agreement that I would not dance with the king if I won.

"Attention everyone." The principal who looked suspiciously like that gay guy from How I Met Your Mother said. "I am here to announce the 2011 Forks High Prom King and Queen. First we will announce the queen. With 90% of the vote give it up for Elle Bishop."

Wow 90 percent, I find it hard to believe that that many people voted for me. I took a bow before I was crowned. It was good to be queen.

"And now for the king." He said after the applause had ended. "Please give it up for your Prom King with a 51% of the vote, Jasper Hale."

Oh hell no. There was no way in hell that I was going to dance with him.

"As per the queen's request, our king and queen will be dancing with respective dates as opposed to each other." The principal explained.

So I danced with Claire, not even looking at Jasper as he and Naomi danced together. I would never forgive him. There was no way. Some people told me that I shouldn't hold a grudge but they're not the ones who had someone try to kill them.

After the prom, Claire and I had sex. It wasn't like it was a big deal. It wasn't even the first time that we did it with each other. It felt good and that's all that matters. Granted the back of a car wasn't as uncomfortable people say it is. I don't know why people do it back there, but that didn't make it any less satisfying for the two of us.

We went home after our session of lovemaking. I actually couldn't wait to see Cady. Who would have thought that I would have good mothering instincts? But I did promise to be a better than my dad. Of course I had a long way to go before that could even happen. She was just a baby right and her powers obviously hadn't developed yet. I didn't know what they would be because they were completely random. The two of us walked in the door and there was Alice holding onto baby Cady with a smile on her face.

"Look Mommy's here." Alice said to her. I smiled at the sight.

"I'm gonna go to bed." Claire announced with a yawn before she headed up the stairs. This was actually not the same house that Claire's family lived in. It was down the street. Bennet actually thought it would be a good idea because he felt them staying in separate places was safer. I don't know if the company had any idea where they were.

"So how did everything go?" I asked Alice as she gave Cady to me.

"It went pretty well." Alice replied. "You know I never told you how nice you look in that dress. So how did the prom go?"

"I'm surprised that you don't know." I stated.

"I was too busy taking care of her to look into your future." Alice responded as Cady started to grab my fingers. I was lucky I didn't seem to one of those comedy babies that always seemed to cause trouble.

"I won prom queen but Jasper won king." I replied.

"I bet that upset you and I also bet that you didn't dance with him." Alice remarked. "You know he's sorry for what he did. You should forgive him."

"I can't do that." I replied. "You don't know hard for me it was to dance right next to him. Anyway thanks again for helping me out. Do you want me to pay in any sort of way?"

"No this was for free." Alice told me. "I would do anything for you. Don't forget that."

So as you can tell, Elle still has a strong hatred for Jasper. Other than everything seems to be going pretty well. But you know what Victoria is up to. Nothing ever stays calm for too long in Forks. Victoria won't be the only enemy of the story I can tell you that. Please don't forget to review