Vanex: Hello all! Now, I said to myself that I wasn't going to start any more stories, but I couldn't resist this time! The idea behind this one is brilliant and surprisingly never been explored.

I have to give credit to the people over at the Kushina Uzumaki FC on Naruto Forums for helping me come up with this idea. This story is for all of you there! Enjoy! Well then, let's get to the prologue, shall we?

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"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Tailed Beast Talking"

"Tailed Beast Thinking"

*Scene Change*


Two people are sitting in a room, waiting. Waiting for the Third Hokage, the Elders, the Daimyo and Shikaku Nara to return from their conference. The conference that will decide the future of the two.

The first one, Orochimaru, sneers at the second. "There's no way they'll choose you. I am Sarutobi-sensei's prodigy! You have no chance!"

The second person sighs. "While I do aspire to reach the position, Orochimaru, I trust in the decisions of the Hokage. He'll make the selection for the right decisions."

Orochimaru raises an eyebrow. "I must say, I am surprised. You're known for your hot-headed personality, yet you're completely calm."

"While it's true that I am known for being hot-headed, I've learned when it's better to be calm and collected. So knock off you're attempts at angering me to increase your chances at being Hokage. It does nothing but show how desperate you are."

Orochimaru growls. The second person sends him a familiar grin.

*Scene Change*

Inside the conference room, Hiruzen sighs as he listens to Danzo's arguments.

"I think having this person as as option is foolish! This person would lead Konoha to its destruction!"

Shikaku sighs. "Troublesome. And what makes you think Orochimaru is a better choice?"

"He has his priorities straight about how this village is run! But he might be a little too sadistic. I would like to submit a third candidate."

Hiruzen glares at Danzo. "No, Danzo. You are not one of my choices. You can't submit yourself as a candidate without my say so. These two are my choices. It will be one of them. Not you." He looks at the two other Elders. "And it won't be an Uchiha either. None of them have proven themselves."

Danzo glares at Hiruzen before sitting back down in his chair. The Fire Daimyo clears his throat. "While I understand why Orochimaru is a candidate, why did you select this person, Hiruzen? I was expecting the Yellow Flash to be your second choice."

Hiruzen shakes his head. "No. While he has proven himself on the battlefield, he still has this childish naivety that could cost him in the future. He's almost ready, but not quite. Besides, it was because of this person that Minato even became the Yellow Flash. He learned everything he knew about seals because this person helped him and pointed him to the best teacher available. If Minato had never met this person, we wouldn't have a Yellow Flash."

Homura speaks up next. "However, can we really trust the safety of the village to this person? A foreigner who has no right getting involved with Konoha's political system?"

Koharu nods in agreement. "Yes. I would rather trust a ninja of Konoha over a ninja from another country. I recommend Orochimaru."

Homura nods. "As do I."

Danzo also nods. "If I can't even be considered to be a candidate, then I choose Orochimaru as well."

Shikaku sighs. "What country this person is from doesn't matter. Orochimaru is too arrogant and unstable to ever be Hokage. I would rather put this village's safety in this person's hands over Orochimaru."

The Fire Lord nods. "From everything I've read about the two candidates, I side with the Jonin Commander. This person is the better choice."

Hiruzen sighs. "But of course, the final decision falls to me as the Hokage. In the end, who you all think should be chosen doesn't really matter."

Everyone watches as Hiruzen ponders for a few minutes. He looks back and forth between the files of the two candidates.

"I've made my decision." He picks up one of the files. "This is my choice."

*Scene Change*

The two candidates are still sitting in the waiting room, when the door opens. They look up to see the conference group enter.

Orochimaru walks up to them. "Well, sensei? Hurry up and reveal that I was chosen!"

Hiruzen sighs. "I'm sorry, Orochimaru, but I didn't choose you. You are too arrogant and put your own problems over that of the village."

Orochimaru snarls. "You chose her? You are all fools! You should have chosen me! It was always supposed to be me!"

Hiruzen glares at him. "That little tirade only served to prove my point."

Orochimaru snarls. He turns towards the other person and moves to attack her. But she quickly uses her taijutsu to force him to the ground. Before Orochimaru can stand up, a katana is pressed against his chest.

Hiruzen nods at the person before turning to face the door. "ANBU! Get Orochimaru out of here!"

The ANBU run in and drag Orochimaru away. Danzo follows them, not wanting to be around to see what he knows will happen next.

The unnamed person in the room sheathes her sword and turns to Hiruzen. "Does this mean-?"

"Yes. You have been chosen. Congratulations."

A look of joy breaks out on her face. "Thank you! Thank you!" She quickly regains her composure. "Thank you for choosing me, Lord Hokage. I promise to not let this village down."

Hiruzen smiles. "I know you won't."

The Fire Daimyo steps forward. "I congratulate you as well. I will see you again on the day of your inauguration. But for now, I must return to my palace. There are many duties that I must attend to."

Hiruzen nods. "Of course, Lord Daimyo. Have a safe trip home."

The Daimyo leaves the room.

The person looks at Hiruzen again. "Is it okay if I tell him?"

"Of course. But make it clear to him that it is to be kept a secret for now."

The person smiles in gratitude before she runs out of the room.

Koharu sighs as she watches the person go. "I hop you know what you're doing, Hiruzen."

"Don't worry. I know I made the right choice."

*Scene Change*

At the Namikaze house, Minato is at his desk, working on trying to complete the Rasengan, when he hears the sound of the door opening and closing. He hears footsteps running towards his study, but he isn't alarmed, as only a few people can enter this house and none of them are enemies. He turns to the door to see his wife enter, looking excited. "You look excited Kushina. What happened?"

Kushina grins at him. "I'm going to be making my super, special ramen tonight!"

"Why? What's the occasion?"

"You have to promise to keep it a secret from everyone first."

Minato rolls his eyes. "I promise. Now stop keeping me in suspense. What happened?"

Kushina can barely contain her excitement. "I've been selected to become the Fourth Hokage!"

Minato looks at her in shock, before a grin breaks out on his face. "This is wonderful! Congratulations! This calls for more than just the ramen, this also calls for the good champagne! You prepare the ramen, I'll get the champagne."

"Sounds wonderful, dear. Don't take too long."

"I'll be back in a flash."

Minato disappears in a yellow flash. Kushina laughs as she heads into the kitchen to make the ramen. "Me, Kushina Uzumaki, the Fourth Hokage. And all the people back at the Academy laughed at me, saying there was no way I could ever achieve it."

She laughs to herself as she makes the ramen.

Vanex: Well, what do you guys think of this story idea? Kushina as the Fourth Hokage instead of Minato. You have to admit, this will be a fun alternative to explore. How much of the Naruto story will change?

Anyway, while Minato and Kushina are the obvious pairing, I also want to pair someone with Naruto. And yes, he'll still be part of this story. However, I don't want the common answers, like Hinata, Sakura, or Ino. Give me other options. Give me your suggestions and explain why I should pair that person with Naruto. I don't want explanations like, she's hot, or I would do her, etc. I want the pairing to make sense. Okay? Good. See you all next time!