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(Everyone is looking at a stage, completely empty except for a microphone. Kushina Uzumaki walks out onto the stage, with an annoyed look on her face. She walks to the microphone and sighs.)

Kushina: Due to technical difficulties, we had to interrupt your normal broadcast. Idiot Productions would like to apologize for the interruption and we assure you that the problem will be corrected immediately.

(Sounds of screaming can be heard in the distance.)

Kushina: Ignore that. That's the technical difficulty. (Looks around awkwardly.) Okay, we need something to pass the time. I know! I could make us all some ramen to eat!

(The screaming stops. The 2nd Maelstrom walks out onto the stage and whispers into Kushina's ear.)

Kushina: Already? But I was about to make the ramen! (Pouts.)

(The Maelstrom glares at her.)

Kushina: (Sighs.) Okay, fine. The problem has now been sorted out. We now return you to your normal broadcast.

(Vanex is sitting in is chair, his right hand on his face.)

Vanex: I apologize for that. It just irritates me how some people can read a request, but only pay attention to half of it. Anyway, I do thank all of you for all the different requests. I apologize to the person who suggested Sara. I'm already writing a story with her paired with Naruto. So, I won't be choosing her.

I do have to express my doubts on one woman who popped up at least three or four times. The woman in question is Fuka. Now, before those of you who support a Naruto x Fuka pairing start raging at me, let me explain my issues with the pairing. Fuka is a cold-hearted bitch. That's honestly how I perceive her. She's evil. While she flirts with her enemies, she takes delight in their anguish, including Naruto.

Now, some of you might think a romance would form between Naruto and Fuka because Fuka kissed Naruto. If it was a kiss that expressed love, I would more willing to believe that. HOWEVER, Fuka only kissed him with the intent of sucking out his chakra. That's all she was interested in. Stealing Naruto's chakra, nothing more.

But then you might ask, why didn't she try to use it against any of the others? Simple. Naruto's chakra has a wind affinity, which is rare to find in Hi no Kuni. This was not only expressed in the filler arc, but in the regular story arcs as well! She focused on him, because he had wind chakra. That's the only interest she had in Naruto. If it had been Asuma there instead of Naruto, she would have focused on him. Plus, Naruto wasn't her first victim. She's used this kiss of death on many people before Naruto, and if she had succeeded with him, he wouldn't have been the last victim.

But let's not forget Naruto. Let's see, well, I can think of one problem on Naruto's end. HE'S THE ONE WHO KILLS HER! Yeah, Fuka is killed by Naruto via a Rasengan to her hair, as that's where she was keeping her own soul.

So, yeah, I have a hard time believing that a romance could form between them. Well then, with that out of the way, let's get right into Chapter 1!

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"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Tailed Beast Talking"

"Tailed Beast Thinking"

*Scene Change*

Chapter 1

One month later...

The streets of Konoha are abundant with people talking. The Third Hokage announced a month ago that he will be stepping down and that a successor has been chosen. People are filled with curiosity. They all want to know who their Fourth Hokage will be. Today is the day that the answer to the question will be revealed. They know it's the day because the Fire Daimyo has arrived, along with a surprise guest.

*Scene Change*

Hiruzen is in the Hokage office when the door opens. He smiles at the Fire Daimyo as he walks in, but his smile turns into a look of surprise at the second person to enter. "Lord Kazekage?"

Sure enough, the second person to enter the room is the Third Kazekage. The Kazekage nods to Hiruzen. "Lord Hokage, well, I won't be calling you that for long. I heard that today is the day that a new Hokage will take over. As your ally, I came to meet and to get to know the new Hokage."

Hiruzen nods. "Understandable. It's good to know your allies. The inauguration will start in a couple of hours. You both can go see the sights or just relax in the VIP guest rooms. In the meantime, I need to help prepare my successor here."

The other two nod. Just then, there is a knock on the door. The door opens and in walks Kushina and Minato. Kushina grins. "Lord Hokage. Lord Daimyo. Lord Kazekage."

Hiruzen smiles. "You two have perfect timing. Minato, could you escort the Daimyo and the Kazekage to the VIP rooms? As for you, Kushina, I need to speak with you in private."

Minato nods. "Of course, Lord Hokage. Lord Daimyo, Lord Kazekage, if you could follow me?"

Minato leads the two out of the office. Kushina's gaze turns serious. "Is something wrong, Lord Hokage?"

Hiruzen shakes his head with a smile. "No. Nothing's wrong. On the contrary, your new Hokage coat is here and ready for you to wear!"

The serious look falls off of Kushina's face, as it's replaced with a look of glee. "Really?"

Hiruzen unravels a scroll that has a single seal on it. Hiruzen triggers it and the coat appears. "Go ahead. Try it on!"

Kushina picks up the coat and just stands there for a few moments holding the coat. Slowly, she puts it on. The decision for what Kushina's Hokage outfit would look like was a joint decision made by her and Minato. They settled on a white coat. The coat has red flames on the bottom and 'Fourth Hokage' is written on the back. Kushina strikes a pose. "How do I look?"

Hiruzen smiles. "Like a Hokage."

Kushina grins. "Thank you! All it's missing is the hat."

Hiruzen nods. "Which you'll be getting in under two hours. Now, let's talk about the actual ceremony."

*Scene Change*

Fugaku sighs as he looks at his pouting wife. "What's wrong, Mikoto?"

Mikoto looks at him. "I was hoping that Kushina and Minato would come with us to the Hokage inauguration, but I can't find them anywhere!"

Fugaku rolls his eyes. "Do we really need to go with them? Kushina may be your best friend, but she irritates the hell out of me!"

Mikoto snickers. "Oh, please. You only say that because she turned you down years ago. I remember how you desired her when we were younger."

Fugaku gives her a look. "I never desired that woman!"

"You did so! Ever since she bested you in the Chunin Exams, you proclaimed that she was worthy of you and that she should be honored that you were interested in her! Of course, she kicked your ass when you demanded that she'd go out with you. That's the real reason you can't stand her! She turned down the 'great' Fugaku Uchiha!"

Fugaku scowls at Mikoto. "Whatever."

Mikoto smirks at Fugaku, before turning towards the doorway of the living room. "Itachi, it's time to get going!"

There is a sound of footsteps. First from above them, then from the room next to the living room. Soon enough, a four-year-old Itachi comes running into the room. "I'm here, Mother."

Fugaku sighs. "Why are we going now? The inauguration doesn't start for quite some time."

"I want to try to find Minato and Kushina again. This time, you two are going to help me look."

Fugaku grumbles. Itachi remains silent.

Two hours later...

Everyone is gathering outside the Hokage Mansion, ready to learn just who their new Hokage is. Mikoto is grumbling, as her second attempt to find Minato and Kushina turned up no sign of the couple. It was at that moment that Mikoto finally spotted one of her targets. "Look, there's Minato! He's over by the Daimyo and the Kazekage. But, where's Kushina?"

Fugaku sighs. "You can ask him after the ceremony, which is starting."

Sure enough, the Third Hokage, no longer wearing the hat, is standing on the roof of the mansion. He's staring down at them, alongside Homura and Koharu. He clears his throat. "Today is the final day I stand before you all as Hokage. I've had a good, long run as Hokage, but it's time for someone new to take the role. History is being made here, for today marks the day of the first female Hokage."

This gets different reactions in the crowd. Some are impressed a woman has become Hokage. Others feel that the position of Hokage should only be for men. The rest are indifferent and just want to know who their new leader is.

"And now, it's time for you to meet your Fourth Hokage." Hiruzen steps to the side as a woman wearing a Hokage coat walks forward. They can't see her face as the hat is tilted down. But the red hair gives it away to some of the people.

Fugaku's mouth drops open. "No way. There is no way she could have been chosen." Mikoto is also shocked, but that shock turns to joy.

"Your Fourth Hokage is our Red-Hot Habanero and wife of the Yellow Flash, Kushina Uzumaki!" Hiruzen smiles as Kushina tilts the hat up, revealing her face. The crowd goes completely silent. Hushed whispers and murmuring breaks out. Kushina, Minato, and Hiruzen have worried looks on their faces from the crowd's reaction.

Finally, a civilian, who had been in Kushina's class at the academy, steps forward. He looks at Hiruzen. "Uh, Lord Hokage, I think I speak for most of us, when I ask this one question. "Why did you choose her, of all people? She's not fit to be a Hokage! I personally think it should have been the Yellow Flash!" Most of the civilians nod in agreement.

This pisses of Hiruzen, but before he can say anything, Kushina speaks up. "And this comment is coming from a guy who failed miserably at the ninja academy. Oh, I remember you. You hated me from my first day in class, just for being from a different country. You think you're more qualified to choose the next Hokage than the Third Hokage is?"

The man growls in anger. "And that's why you shouldn't be Hokage! Only a person of Konoha deserves the position!"

"And I am a ninja of Konoha! I have lived here with all of you for years! I have fought for this village, bled for this village, and have nearly died multiple times for this village! If that isn't proof of my loyalty, then what is? Well? What more must I do to prove myself?"

The man goes silent, along with the rest of the crowd. Soon, the sound of someone clapping is heard. Kushina looks to see that it's Mikoto applauding. She then sees Fugaku sigh, before starting to clap. Then more people. Then more. Then even more. Soon, the whole crowd was applauding their new Hokage.

Hiruzen smiles. "With that, this ceremony comes to a close. Let us all go celebrate our new Hokage!"

The villagers cheer as they all head towards the village center, where the party got into full swing.

*Scene Change*

Inside an underground lab, Orochimaru sneers. "How dare they give that bitch what should be mine! But I can wait. Soon, I'll have my immortality and I'll become Hokage someday! Then I'll have all the test subjects I need!" He laughs as he works on his next experiment.

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