This is my first ever serious undertaking of a fic like this. It was an adopted request from the AnonKink Meme on LJ and has since grown to stupid proportions! This is basically a bit of a re-write of my original anon posting. (original kink description: community . livejournal . com / tfanonkink / 491 . html?thread=143339#t143339)

I have the full set of chapters for this as well as 6 complete chapters for the sequal, I'll be posting it gradually as I work on other fics and poke at some things that still bug me in the chapters.

Also if anyone has suggestions for a better name for this by all means throw them at me! This is currently just titled the same as the request.

There will be explicit sticky based mech/mech interfacing in later chapters so you have been forewarned. Don't like? Then don't read.

It was well past 2300 hours and Skyfire was trying, and utterly failing, to be stealthy and quiet as he slid his considerable bulk along the narrow darkened hallway. His abysmal attempts sneaking around were all to keep least within eavesdropping distance of one particular mech. Said mech was walking sedately, several meters ahead narrowed optics scanning over a data pad completely unawares of the large flyer following him. This was how it had been for the best part of the last earth month, just as the shuttle had planned.

Skyfire had been pining for almost any form of intimacy since properly joining the Ark crew and the Autobots. Every day he watched as the few couples and trines amongst Autobots shared the most mundane, tame little intimate gestures in the halls and the rec room. A lingering touch here, a brush of plates there, the occasional chased kiss or warm embrace, all of it left the interface deprived flyer's spark twisting with unbecoming jealousy and loneliness. True he had some nice friends, mainly of the science department, but he wanted, needed more than that.

Ideally he wanted a mate.

He had attempted to get to know as many of the Ark residents as possible trying to shake his rather exaggerated reputation for being an introverted, brooding recluse, but had generally been met with animosity and suspicion. Apparently being one time friends with the now notorious Decepticon 2IC - despite spending the entirety of the war in stasis lock and frozen in ice - automatically put you in the bad books of a good 70% of the Ark's crew. The rest were nice enough but either not interested in more than friendship, already with someone or simply way too small for anything significant.

The mech he was currently observing fit the bill with their general size, being one of the largest mechs in the Ark, but there was more too it than that. Of all the Autobots he was the only one that had shown Skyfire unconditional friendship and trust from the outset. None of this 'earning your place and proving yourself to gain our trust' business everyone else tagged him with, even if unconsciously. Now was just the problem of actually getting to know a bit more about this very open and kindly, yet oddly solitary, mech before he made his move.

This was all easier said than done considering the mech he was pursuing was the leader of the Autobots himself, Optimus Prime.

Seeing the Prime turn a corner, Skyfire picked up his pace to ensure he wouldn't loose sight of him. He'd been observing, not stalking never stalking just discreetly following and observing, the Prime for a few weeks now to gain a full perspective on their personality and was rather pleased with what he had learned so far. Optimus was kind-sparked, affable, self sacrificing almost to a fault, highly intelligent and very strong both physically and mentally with a nice frame to boot (for a grounder at least).

Rounding the corner Skyfire froze when he spotted the Prime sub spacing the data pad as he moved into another room. He couldn't believe his luck! Optimus had just gone into the communal wash racks.

Skyfire shoved his back flat against the wall as a small war began within his CPU. The interface deprived, lust driven part of his mind was goading him to sneak in. Watch the Prime clean his plating, maybe innocently offer to help so he could get to feel the smooth lines of that brightly coloured armor, but the logical part of his CPU was quailing at how wrong and intrusive that would be.

Yes they were communal wash racks, but one expected to be left to their own devices unless they physically or verbally displayed a want for close company. Mutual cleaning was a perfectly normal gesture shared by close friends though he was unsure where exactly he stood with this mech.

He could easily say they were friends, having chatted several times over both mission/science related matters and general musings, but were they close enough for mutual cleaning? He doubted it. And to be so forward with a mech he was only just getting to know, on a somewhat one sided personal level, would be a breach of personal privacy, very rude and… the interface driven part of his CPU couldn't care less.

So wound up in his own thoughts Skyfire found himself standing in the open doorway of the wash racks before he even made the conscious decision to move. A furtive glace up and down the corridor outside and a quick scan of the interior showed they were alone. Slipping inside it was easy to spot the Prime standing in one of the stalls, back facing outward showing he didn't expect company and completely unawares of his voyeur.

Plastering himself to the wall, Skyfire awkwardly inched sideways aiming for the best view while attempting to keep out of sight. Settling in just behind a stall partition the white shuttle couldn't help but squirm in nervous agitation and need.

Following someone in open communal areas with others present for weeks was one thing, but spying on them in the wash racks, in a moment obviously meant to be private, was another thing entirely! Especially when that someone was Optimus Prime, the great leader of the Autobots with those broad red shoulders, long shapely legs, tapered waist, perfect aft and...

Damn his raging libido! He knew it was wrong, so very wrong and utterly inappropriate but he just couldn't tear his optics away from the innocent yet oh so intoxicating sight.

Prime was taking his time, leaning this way and that, meticulously scrubbing down each individual plate and seam with slow firm movements. The shuttle shifted for a better view as his frame rapidly heated up. Just washing himself the Prime really put on a show! Any little fantasies Skyfire had conjured up in his quarters were nothing compared to this.

The shuttle fidgeted, fingers twisting and curling together as he watched the Prime stepped further under the spray heads, water and foamy solvents slicking down Prime's frame over his wide shoulders, down that narrow waist and hips, around strong white thighs and down his blue peds to flush down the drain in the floor. It was so easy to imagine his hands following the same path over the wet plating. The very idea sent a delicious shiver down his spinal struts, spark pulsing in delight.

Using a long bristled brush the Prime languidly scrubbed at his joints, clearing out stubborn grit, stones and other irritating organic matter from traveling in his alt mode. Working his way down his frame, Skyfire avidly watched as Optimus reached his hip joints, turning his thigh outward at an acute angle he carefully scrubbed at the joint and muscle cables inside the hip and inner thigh structure. Working slowly Optimus ran the long bristles of the brush through the exposed cables, shuddering with a faint low groan that sent short burst of static charge through the large flyers frame.

The Prime's unnoticed voyeur shifted from one foot to the other, one hand clamped over his mouth, the other pressed to his uncomfortably hot interface panel trying to keep it shut as his spike began to press at the inside of the plate. This was getting too much he had to get out before he made a complete aft of myself.

That was when Optimus turned around and Skyfire had to shut off his vocalizer to staunch the lustful keen that rose up within him and lock his joints as they nearly gave out from the huge surge his spark made.

Optimus' optics were shut off and his battle mask was retracted with that mysterious, always hidden lower portion of his face on full display. It took all of the shuttle's will power not to rush the truck-former, crush his derma to theirs.

He thought Prime was quite a fine mech before - for a grounder - but holy fragging Primus he was gorgeous! High chiseled cheek ridges, fine straight nasal bridge with a slightly upturned tip, perfectly shaped full derma, strong sharply defined jaw. The only flaw was the painful looking scar marring his otherwise perfect features.

It was a deep set, ragged gouge that split the corner of his mouth and stretched up over his left cheek to disappear under the flange of blue metal making up his helm. Long raised fracture lines ran off from the wound edges like fine silvery spider webs showing the injury had healed naturally a very long time ago with no added work to properly fill in the damage.

Despite that Skyfire still found him gorgeous, fingers itching to trail along that one awfully painful looking flaw, to caress those cheeks and derma and 'face the mech senseless his less than helpful libido added.

Not realizing how far he'd been leaning forward Skyfire let out an embarrassingly high pitched yelp as he over balanced performing a perfect face plant into the titled floor. The sound of his large frame striking the tiles resounded through the quiet room like a mini explosion. Groaning the flyer laid still for several kliks in utter mortification before lifted his head from the damp floor only to see two blue, dripping wet peds standing right in front of his nose.

Ever so slowly he looked up to be met with the narrowed sharp blue optics of Optimus Prime glowing over the edge of his closed battle mask.

"Ah… H-hello Optimus Prime, s-sir." Skyfire stuttered, quickly gathering his wits and scuttling backwards under the smaller mech's glare.

Red arms folding across his broad chest Optimus regarded the white shuttle coolly as he scrambled awkwardly to his peds, assuming a painfully stiff upright stance. "Is there something I can assist you with, Skyfire?" Optimus asked flatly, looking up at the taller mech from under the lip of his helm none to happy about having one of his few relaxing pleasures so rudely interrupted.

"I-I… ah… well I… y-you see I thought… I thought I saw one of those organic reptiles from out on the mountain come in here so I came in to get it and didn't know you were here and slipped on the tiles while looking for it but I don't see it anywhere so it must have run away so I'll be going now sorry to disturb you, sir. Bye!" With that the mech bolted out the door with a short flare of boosters.

Prime flicked his optics a few times as he stood there staring at the vapor trail left by the retreating shuttle trying to make sense of what was just blurted out at him in a manner befitting Bluestreak, but at a speed to rival Blurr.