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My eyes still stung from the tears that I have shed, but the tracks on my face had dried. I glanced in the review mirror, my brown eyes were bloodshot and red rimmed. The window wipers tried to keep the windows clear, but the rain was coming down too hard.

I stomped on the gas as my truck gave an unhealthy groan of protest. I didn't let up though; I just pushed the old truck as hard as I could down the rain soaked highway, past the sign that said 'Now leaving Forks'. Good Riddance, I thought.

I am done. Done with the Drama. Done being a fucking Barbie doll. Done with being not good enough. Done with barely existing.

No one in that cloud covered town will miss me. Hell, they probably wouldn't even notice that I'm gone; until they look for someone to cook them a meal. Do their laundry. Cover for them. Do their homework.

Where I was headed, I don't know. But I know I'm not going back. I have had enough.

A/N: This story will be full of angst. It involves Bella basically walked on by her friends until she reaches a breaking point. So in the beginning she will lack self-confidence. Her friends treat her like shit.

So if you think they are over the top with comments or actions they are suppose to be. They all have lessons to learn(and will learn) on how to treat a friend and Bella needs to learn to stand up for herself. The story is about self growth and the importance of friendship.