This is just a small one off piece, whilst having a slight writers block with New Life I decided to write this up and is in no way connected to that at all.

I don't own Teen Wolf, this is just work created by my warped mind.

Scott arrived at Danny's house the next night, he had to apologise to his team mate for hurting him - He had wanted to do so at school but hadn't seen the other boy. He had managed to apologise to Stiles who had forgiven him.

He rang the door bell and waited for an answer, hiding the bottle of Jack Daniels behind his back just in case Danny's parents were in, he hadn't put much thought into this, he still wasn't sure what he was going to say yet. How do you apologise to someone you hardly know?

A few moments later the door opened revealing Danny, the nervous feeling came back to Scott, he really should have thought this through more "Hey" Danny started to close the door again, he deserves that, he put his foot in the door to stop it "Danny wait!"

The door opened again and Danny sighed "What do you want McCall?"

"I - I wanted to apologise for yesterday"

"Apology accepted" Danny replied starting to close the door again - Once again a foot stopped it.

"You didn't mean that" Scott pulled the bottle from behind his back "I was hoping we could maybe talk? Can I come in?"

Danny let out another heavy sigh and let Scott in, he knew he wouldn't be able to make him go any time soon and they might as well be comfortable. Besides there was now the offer of JD, what sane teenage boy would turn that down? Danny stopped by the kitchen to get glasses and a bottle of Coke from the fridge before leading Scott upstairs to his bedroom.

The boys sat on Danny's bed drinking, they were now on their second glass, the first glass had been downed in one go - It would be nice if it were due to a drinking competition but no, it was due to the nervousness of both of them.

"Not that drinking in silence isn't fun and all, I think I'd prefer some conversation" Danny said taking another sip of his drink "What did you wanna talk about?"

"I'm really sorry for hurting you Danny"

"It's okay" It wasn't okay, was that alcohol talking? It had hurt a lot. Maybe telling Scott it was okay would stop Danny feeling bad for drinking his JD "Thanks for the drink"

"It's cool - I wasn't sure what to get, I didn't think flowers would go down too well"

"I'm not that gay" Danny replied. His words making Scott feel uncomfortable again and making him regret them "So what happened yesterday? I don't know you that well but I'm pretty sure that isn't you"

"I was having a bad day - No excuse I know, I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I'm sorry"

"You can stop saying sorry now, it's good" Was that the alcohol again? It couldn't be, Danny wasn't one to hold a grudge, especially after his co captain apologising a few times. He could probably milk the apology but that wasn't his style either "I heard Allison broke up with you, are you okay?"

"Kinda - Alcohol helps" Scott replied causing them both to laugh "I made sure to leave my phone at home though, I doubt drunken texts would help me much"

"I've never had the chance to be in that situation" Scott gave him a questioning look "I haven't had a boyfriend that lasted more than two weeks, guys don't seem interested in me"

"They should be" That had come from nowhere, both boys blushed "Sorry"

"Stop apologising Scott"

"I'm sorry" Danny gave him a look telling him there was no need for it "Sorr... Ah Damn it!"

Danny laughed "If you don't stop it I'm going to find a way to keep your mouth shut so you can't say it"

"How you going to do that?" Scott asked pouring them their fifth drink - Or was it the sixth?

"I dunno, I'll either have to gag you or kiss you" That had to be the drink talking this time, Danny wasn't violent and he wasn't attracted to Scott... Was he?

"I don't like the sound of the first one but I don't deserve the second" They were both blushing again "Sorry" Danny gave him that look again, at least he tried to but there was a smile tugging at the corner of his lips "So you interested in anyone at the moment?"

Danny sighed and laid down on his bed motioning for Scott to join him. He wasn't sure how to answer that question, he could honestly say that he wasn't interested in anyone until about an hour ago when the drinking had started to take affect and he found himself wanting to get to know his team mate better "I got asked to the formal today"

"You don't sound too interested mate"

"I guess I'm not, I said yes but that was mainly because I don't want to go alone" Danny sighed again "Is that wrong?"

"No, not really" Scott replied "I doubt I'll be going now" He missed Allison but probably not as much as he should do "I'll take you if you want"

"You could do better" Scott tried to punch him but he was at the wrong angle and his arm didn't seem to want to do what his brain told it to "Epic fail there buddy"

"Totally the alcohols fault"

"If I wake up with a hangover I'm blaming you"

"You can lead a lacrosse player to the JD but you can't make him drink it"

Danny chuckled, if Scott was half as drunk as he was that was not small feat to get that out without messing up. He put his drink on the side table and wriggled further down the bed to get more comfortable.

"I guess I should get going soon"

"No!" Danny shouted shooting up "I mean you're drunk and don't have your phone" He started looking sheepish "You can stay here... If you want" He didn't like to lie but using Scott's intoxication was a good excuse to get the other boy to stay, he wasn't sure that Scott would stay if he told him the truth.

"Are you sure?" Scott asked, he didn't really want to go, it was nice to have some company that wasn't Stiles or Allison.

"Yeah I want you to stay" Danny had been feeling lonely lately "I don't get to spend much time with Jackson anymore, it's nice to talk to someone"

"You have other friends besides Jackson"

"Not really"

"Like Stiles said, everyone likes you"

"When I first come out, a guy started to bully me for being gay. Jackson found out and literally beat the crap out of him, ever since people talk to me, I think they're scared of Jackson"

"I like you"

"I don't think I wanna know what state my nose would be in if you didn't like me"

"I'm sorry"

"I was joking Scott and I thought we covered the saying sorry thing"

"I'm trying to find out if I'm going to be gagged or kissed" Danny turned away from Scott feeling uncomfortable "Sorry"

"Either stop saying sorry or go" Scott got up and sat on the edge of the bed to put his shoes on "I didn't mean that"

"Have you thought that the reason I keep saying sorry is because I am?" Scott walked the other side of the bed to retrieve his jacket.

"Scott please don't go" Danny said getting up to try stop him, only he moved a bit too quickly for someone who had drunk so much. He started to fall backwards, Scott trying to stop him but being taken down too, falling on top of him "Shit!"

"Are you okay?"

"You're heavy"

"Sorry" Scott replied trying to get up "Er Danny? You have to let go of me"

"No, if I let go you'll leave"

"I'll stay" Danny still wasn't letting go of him, he threw his jacket down and kicked off his shoes "See?" Danny's hands gripped him tighter, he rubbed his foot up Danny's leg "No shoes, I can't go"

"I'm sorry for telling you to go, I didn't mean it - Sorry"

"If you don't stop saying sorry I'm going to gag you or kiss you so you can't speak"

"Do I get a choice in which one?" Danny asked, his breathing had got heavier.


"I choose the second option - I think - Whichever one involved the kissing" Scott smiled, before he could say anything Danny lifted his head and placed a quick kiss on his lips. He dropped his head and closed his eyes "Sorry"

His eyes opened again in shock when he felt soft lips meeting his. The kiss was slow and intense, Danny wanted to stop it but he couldn't, he'd never been kissed with this kind of passion before, all his other kisses were sloppy and wet. He pushed his tongue against Scott's lips, needing to taste the inside of his mouth. Scott moaned with pleasure allowing Danny's tongue to wrestle with his, he slowly moved his hand underneath Danny's shirt caressing his smooth abs before moving further up and tweaking his nipple.

"Scott.." Danny said between moans "We have to stop" Scott moved down to Danny's neck kissing and biting "Please..."


"You're confused and drunk, I don't want to take advantage of you"

Scott moved back to Danny's lips "You're not taking advantage" A quick peck to the lips "It's my hand up your shirt" Now a deeper, intense kiss "Not yours up mine" Followed by biting and pulling his lower lip "Yet.."

Danny accepted the invitation and removed Scott's shirt, he kissed and licked his way down Scott's neck and chest before settling on his left nipple, gently biting it. He started to unbutton Scott's pants, he shouldn't be doing this - They're both drunk but the alcohol in his system wasn't making him do it.

They both got up to remove their clothes, somehow the JD wasn't slowing them down and minutes later they were back on the bed naked and kissing. Danny moved further down Scott's body, soon reaching his hard cock, licking up the length before taking the head in his mouth.

Scott moaned loud, thankful that Danny's parents weren't around to hear him. He hadn't even realised that he was interested in guys but now he was glad that his first time was with Danny... He wasn't interested in guys, just Danny, always Danny.

"Danny?" Scott started between moans "I want you in me" Danny stopped sucking his cock and looked up, his face saying the words his mouth couldn't "It's okay - I want you - I need you"

Danny reached over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out an unopened bottle of lube. He rummaged around but couldn't find anything else, then it hit him.

"Shit!" He remembered that Jackson had 'borrowed' his condoms. He'd never had sex before but had the gear ready, until Jackson. He hadn't gotten around to replacing them "Sorry"

"I will tell you how, just not yet - I can't catch or give anything - I promise I'll tell you why, soon, but please trust me"

Danny thought for a moment. The one thing that is parents had stressed on was safe sex, but he felt sure that Scott, like him, was a virgin, it was very unlikely that he could have anything but more importantly he did trust Scott "Always" He opened the bottle of lube and applied some to his cock, not knowing when it had become harder than rock, then applied some to Scott's hole. He slowly entered until his whole cock was inside, pausing so Scott get used to it "You okay?"

"It hurts" Scott replied barely above a whisper "But in a good way"

Danny kissed Scott, waiting a few moments more before pulling out and pushing back in, gradually increasing speed. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected to feel so good. He reached down and grasped Scott's cock and started pulling hard and fast, his groin matching the speed of his hand.

A few minutes later and Scott released his load, covering his chest, Danny's hand and stomach - Danny released Scott's cock and brought his hand to his mouth to taste Scott. He often tastes his own after wanking, Scott's tasted a lot better - He smiled as Scott wiped some of his cum from his chest to taste it, he lifted his head to kiss Danny.

It wasn't long before Danny's load shot into Scott's accepting hole. He slowed his thrusting and fell down on Scott, kissing his neck.

Scott's breathing was still slow and deep "That was amazing" Danny smiled into his neck, he couldn't find the word to explain how it had felt but Scott was close enough.

"Amazing" He pulled out from Scott and laid next to him. They probably should shower, but not tonight. He started to wonder if this was due to the alcohol "Scott - It's up to you if anyone knows about this and I'll understand if you never want it again"

"What makes you think this was a one off?" Scott asked "Danny, I'm scared but I like you, a lot - I like lacrosse Danny and intelligent science Danny and drunk Danny and I really like love making Danny"

Danny smiled and kissed him "Yeah?"

"I like you Danny and I want to call you my boyfriend, I want everyone to know, please will you go out with me?"

"Yes" Danny replied pushing his lips onto Scott's in a passionate kiss "I have a date for the formal"

"Yeah? What's his name?"

"Scott McCall"

"That loser? You could do better"

"No I couldn't, he's the best and I think I love him"

"Really? I think he loves you too"

The kissed again, both feeling happier and more content than they ever had before.