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The Arrangement

Chapter One: Unstoppable

Four years ago

"Table for two, please. Reservation is under Weasley." The hostess, who had previously been looking down at a reservations book, perked up excitedly at the sound of his surname.

"Right away, Mr. Weasley." She said, blushing furiously. Although it had been years since the war ended, it still surprised Ron when his name sparked this kind of reaction. He had always known that the name 'Harry Potter' would generate excitement, but he never would have guessed that he would have this affect on people as well.

"Is Miss. Granger with you?" the young hostess said, glancing around wildly, clearly hoping to spot another third of the golden trio.

"Ms. Weasley will be meeting me here. It's our anniversary" Ron replied, emphasizing the pronunciation of his last name. The hostess blushed, embarrassed. As Ron sat down, she tapped the table twice and two menus appeared on the table. She then quickly walked away.

Ron noticed immediately that the center of the table held a small mason jar with a bright blue flame floating in the middle. It had to be the same charm Hermione used, and it elated Ron immediately. He took this as a good sign on his restaurant choice. As he reached for what he assumed was the wine list, the hostess returned with a bottle, corking it and pouring Ron a glass. "On the house. Congratulations, Mr. Weasley. And thank you."

Ron smiled, and thanked her. Yes, these were definitely good signs. He sat back and glanced around the restaurant. It was a new place that had opened after the war in Godric's Hollow, called 'Three Muses'. It was a little much for dinner, in Ron's opinion. The ambiance was very high end, and even though he was much more well off than he had been in his youth, spending this many galleons on dinner still made him uneasy. But Harry had recommended it and this was a special occasion, after all. It was Ron and Hermione's first wedding anniversary.

Ron looked around the restaurant, feeling rather proud of himself. He was so glad he could now afford a night like this. Just a few years ago, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb and panicked at the prices on the menu.

He was alone because Hermione had made him meet her at the restaurant. She didn't want him to see the dress she had picked out for the occassion until she was all ready. As he awaited her arrival, he found himself weirdly nervous. His heart was beating faster than usual. "This is Hermione," he whispered to himself trying to calm himself down. "She is your wife. She already said yes, now relax."

As he was giving himself a pep talk, Hermione walked into the restaurant. She spotted him first, and Hermione had never found him so handsome. He was wearing an outfit that Ginny had helped him pick out earlier in the week. He had on dark grey slacks and a light blue button down that matched his eyes.

When he looked up and made eye contact with Hermione, who was wearing a show stopping dress in a deep red, his jaw dropped. No matter how many times he saw her, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world.

It had the makings of a beautiful night.

But things never really do go as plan. Especially when you are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger-Weasley.

Even though Voldemort was dead and gone, there was still always the risk of attack. Although far and few between, they were still targets. They were, after all, Harry Potter's best friends. They were two-thirds of the trio that brought down the most evil wizard of all time.

And although Voldemort was gone, there were others. Former death eaters, angry family members of imprisoned or dead Death Eaters, and even others who were just looking to make a name for themselves by taking down part of the golden trio. The truth was, it might have been known as the golden era of the wizarding world, but darkness will always exist in the hearts of some people.

Ron supposed he should have noticed their attacker earlier, he was an Auror after all. He was trained in this sort of thing. Any other time he would have noticed the man in his 30s, sitting alone at the bar shooting them occasional glances that were not the excited adoring kind.

Ron figured that the man must have arrived after Hermione did. Once she showed up Ron was too focused on her to notice anything else in the world, let alone a man at the bar him eyeing them strangely. Their attacker was at the restaurant for one reason and one reason only: To kill. Ron might have missed his arrival, but he did see the familiar movement towards a wand.

Instincts kicked in. Ron and Hermione had been sitting next to each other at a square table that could have sat four. When she had arrived, he pulled out the chair of the seat next to him. She had laughed. "Don't want to sit across so you can stare at me?" she teased.

"I want to be as close to you as possible" Ron had replied.

This move, it turned out, was incredibly lucky. When the man pulled his wand out and pointed it towards them, Ron dived on top of Hermione, knocking her to the floor. The killing curse missed Ron's hair by inches when he tackled Hermione to the ground. He felt very cold when he thought of what could have happened if she were across from him.

Not for nothing was Hermione the brightest witch of her age. She was quick, intelligent, and rational. Even while being crushed in mid sentence by her husband, she able to shoot a stunning spell at their attacker. He was now safely in a cell at Azkaban.

Together, they were unstoppable.

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