Ok, so in this story, here are some things you need to know:

1) They're all ponies (duh). They all have pony names, but you'll be able to figure out who's who.

2) Big Sav (Sav Bhandari), Apple Jake (Jake Martin), and Katie Bloom (Katie Matlin) are all siblings. Sav is the oldest, Jake is the middle kid, and Katie is the youngest. Also Fiarity (Fiona Coyne) is Sweetie Bee's (Bianca DeSousa's) older sister.


Rainbow Clare and Apple Jake trotted, hoof in hoof, around Ponyville. "Wow, what a gorgeous day." Apple Jake commented, "It's so beautiful and sunny."

"I know," Rainbow Clare said, "I got up early this morning and cleared all the clouds away."

"What would I do without my precious Pegasus?" Apple Jake smiled, as he leaned in and kissed her. Rainbow Clare blushed and flapped her wings. "I bet all the ponies will be out to enjoy this sunny beautiful day." Rainbow Clare nodded in agreement. They reached down town, only to find it empty. "Huh?" Apple Jake looked around the streets, "Where is everypony?" No pony was seen anywhere, except for a little pony who poked his head out the door, but was immediately pulled back inside.

"Psssst!" The couple heard. They turned around and saw Alli Pie peeking out through the window, "Rainbow! Apple!" She hissed, "Come here!" She ducked back down from the window. The two ponies looked at each other in confusion. Alli Pie peeked through the window again, "Come. Here. Hurry! Before she gets you!" Neither Apple Jake nor Rainbow Clare knew what was going on, but regardless the two ponies ran into the house where Alli Pie was. Alli Pie waved them in and quickly shut the door behind them. The room was dark and the two ponies could not see a thing at first. Then Alli Pie pulled out a flashlight and shined it in the pony's faces. "Are you guys ok?" She asked in a shaky voice.

The two of them squinted and turned their heads away from the bright light. Rainbow Clare grabbed Alli Pie's hand and shined the light away from her face, "Were fine. Alli Pie, what's wrong? What are you doing here alone in the dark?"

"I'm not alone in the dark." She reached up and turned on a little light bulb, revealing the eleven other ponies all crowded around us.

Rainbow Clare jumped, a little startled, "Ok…..what are you all doing here in the dark?"

"Were hiding from her!" Twolly J. Sparkle pointed out the window. Rainbow Clare pushed the curtain out of the way and peeked out the glass window. There she saw a mysterious hooded figure, digging at the ground. The figure turned around and faced our direction. All they could see under the hood was a pair of glowing greenish yellow eyes. All the ponies gasped and jumped away from the window.

"Did you see her?" Little Katie bloom trotted up to Rainbow Clare, "Did you see…Zimogen?"

"Katie Bloom!" Apple Jake scolded the tiny pony, "I told you never to say that name!"

"Zimogen?" Rainbow Clare raised an eyebrow at the little pony, "Who's she?"

"Zimogen….." Apple Jake said, "She's evil, Rainbow Clare. When she rides into Ponyville, she's always up to no good. I remember the last time Zimogen came here." He swung his arm around Katie Bloom's tiny body, "The minute my little sister saw Zimogen ride into town, she started shaking in her little horse shoes!"

"Did not!" Katie Bloom whined.

"So, I swept her up and ran her home!"

"Apple Jake, I walked home myself!" The little pony huffed, "I'm not a baby. I can take care of myself!"

Apple Jake shook his head, "Not from that creepy Zimogen!"

"She's trouble, Rainbow Clare." Twolly J. Sparkle said.

"Eeyup!" Big Sav agreed, "She's definitely a creeper."

"Wait…." Rainbow Clare stopped them, "can someone explain to me why everypony is so afraid of her? How do we know that all of this isn't just a rumor? What does she do that's so creepy?"

"Every month…." Twolly J. Sparkle began, "she comes into Ponyville."

Big Sav chimed in, "And then she starts lurking around the shops."

"And then…." Twolly J. Sparkle said, "She starts digging at the ground! Come on, Rainbow, that screams 'creeper'."

"And she lives in the Everfree forest." snorted Sweetie Bee, "That where all the skanky bitches live."

"Sweetie Bee!" Fiarity the fashionista unicorn scolded her, "How dare you use such uncouth language!"

"Hey, I've got an idea," Scootadrew piped up, "Since she comes into Ponyville every month, maybe it's when she's on the rag and there are no tampons in the Everfree forest!"

"Ugh!" Sweetie Bee rolled her eyes, "Scootadrew…."

"Hear me out!" He continued, "So she comes into town and uses ours!"

"Haha….." Sweetie Bee said sarcastically, "Real cute."

"I'm not finished yet!" Scootadrew protested, "So anyway, none of the shops to buy tampons are ever open when she's here, so…she steals old ones from out of our trash cans!" All the guy ponies began laughing.

"Ewwwwww!" Katie Bloom screeched, "Scootadrew!"

Sweetie Bee shook her head, "That would only come out of the mind of a dumb jock."

"Hmmm…" Rainbow Clare peeked out the window once more. All the other ponies crowded behind her. The mysterious hooded figure continued to dig into the ground. She reached for her hood and pulled it down, revealing a pair of stripped black and white pigtails. Everypony gasped.

"Ugh! Just look at those stripes!" Fiarity snorted, sticking her snout up in the air, "BIG fashion don't!"

"Hey….." Rainbow Clare cocked her head to the side, "I think she might be…..a zebra."

"A what?" The overly accessorized Fiarity raised an eyebrow at her.

"A zebra." Rainbow Clare said, "I read about them. They're not from here." She turned to Fiarity, "And Fi, her stripes aren't a fashion choice. She was born with them."

"Really…..? Oh my!" Fiarity dramatically fainted.

"Well," Alli Pie cut in, "Zebra, pony, or pegasus, she's evil! She's so evil…..I even wrote a song about her!"

Sweetie Bee rolled her eyes, "Here we go…."

"SHE'S AN EVIL ENCHANTRESS THAT DOES EVIL DANCES! AND IF YOU LOOK DEEP IN HER EYES, SHE'LL PUT YOU IN TRANCES!" She sang loudly, accompanied by hoof-motions and dance moves, "THEN WHAT WOULD SHE DO? SHE'LL MIX UP AN EVIL BREW! AND SHE'LL GOBBLE YOU UP IN A BIG TASTY STEW! SOOOO…" She hopped up on the table and hung her hooves in the air, "WATCH OUT!" She held her pose and panted.

"Hmmm," Rainbow Clare cocked her head, "catchy."

Alli Pie hopped off the table, "It's a work in progress."

"You guys, come on." The raven-mane Flutter-Eli spoke up, "We don't know that these stories are true."

"But how do we know that they're not true?" His friend Derpyadam contradicted. Little Katie Bloom trotted over to listen in on the conversation.

"Look," The emo pegasus told him, "maybe Zimogen just comes into town every month to visit."

"Yeah!" Katie Bloom's little voice piped up, "Maybe she's just going to visit!"

"And maybe she's not lurking around the shops." Flutter-Eli continued, "Maybe she's….oh…I don't know…..shopping."

"Yeah!" The little pony agreed again, "Maybe she's just doing some shopping!"

"Katie Bloom," Apple Jake shoved her aside, "Hush up and let the big ponies talk."

"I am a big pony." Little Bloom pouted as she trotted away.

"Flutter-Eli, stop talking all this bullshit." Apple Jake told him, "We need to protect ourselves and our family." He overprotectively put a hoof around Katie Bloom.

"I'm talking bullshit?" Flutter-Eli raised an eyebrow at him, "You guys are the ones who are throwing all this witch craft nonsense around! I bet that Zimogen is a pretty cool pony…zebra…..well whatever she is. And if any pony was brave enough to actually go up and talk to her, we would know that she's really not that bad."

"Oh," Apple Jake snorted, "Give me a break."

Little Katie Bloom, who had been listening to the two, quietly trotted near the door, "I could be that brave pony….." She whispered to herself. She turned around and looked one last time to make sure no one saw her. Apple Jake was still fighting with Flutter-Eli and now Big Sav was backing him up, following everything Apple Jake said with, "Eeyup!" Katie Bloom tip-trotted out the door and slowly closed it behind her.