Author's Note: wow….ummm…..I'm just going to say there is no real excuse for why it took me two years to finally do a sequel but I'm going to go with I lost my muse and life go in the way. I am now a college freshmen second semester and loving it! Going to wonderful NKU and its awesome. So here is the sequel finally. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

A year. It had been an entire year since the incident with Christian. Riley couldn't believe so much time had passed. His wounds had healed and the nightmares had faded away, and for the first time in a while, Riley felt like that everything was going great in his life. Ben and him were walking down the street by the Archives going to meet Abigail for lunch.

"So are there any new treasures out there?" Riley asked.

"No, besides I think were done with treasure hunting for awhile," Ben stated.

"Sure….what did Abigail say when you told her that?" Riley asked.

"She didn't believe me," Ben mumbled.

Riley laughed, "I figured she wouldn't."

"I know but I had to try," Ben smiled.

They got to the restaurant and saw Abigail already had a table.

"Hey guys," she greeted.

She stood up and kissed Ben. They all sat down and scanned the menu to decide what they wanted to eat.

"So what time is the gala tonight?" Riley asked.

"7:30 and no your not going to wear your Converse," Abigail firmly stated.

"But they're so comfortable," Riley whined.

"Riley it is a formal event and you are going to wear formal shoes. If I see you try to wear them I will burn them in front of you," Abigail warned.

"You wouldn't dare," Riley stated.

"Wouldn't I?" Abigail challenged.

"Ben tell your wife to be nice to me," Riley whined.

"Sorry buddy I can't help you there," Ben smiled.

"Fine I'll wear the stupid dress shoes," Riley sighed in defeat.

Abigail smiled in victory as the waitress came and took their order.

Ben walked out of his and Abigail's bedroom. Abigail was still getting ready, so Ben decided to go check on Riley. He walked down the hallway to Riley's room and saw the door cracked and heard the music coming out of the stereo. Ben peeked through the door and saw Riley dressed in only his dress pants, with his back to the door getting ready to put on his shirt.

The light caught Riley's back at the right angle, and Ben could see the faint scares on his back caused by the whip Christian used on him. It made Ben's blood boil and his heart break whenever he saw the remains of the damage that Christian had done to his best friend. It was a solid reminder to him about the one time he failed to protect Riley. As Riley slipped his shirt on and started buttoning it, Ben decided to make his presence known and knocked on the door, nudging it open. Riley turned around, tucking in his shirt.

"Hey Ben,"

"Hey you almost ready?" Ben asked.

"Yeah just about," Riley stated, "you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine why do you ask?" Ben questioned.

"Nothing you just seem a little off." Riley observed.

"It's nothing, just Abigail having a wardrobe crisis," Ben informed.

"Oh okay I'll be down in a few minutes," Riley assured.

"Okay see you down there," Ben stated.

Riley nodded and Ben left. Riley shook his head and finished getting ready.

Ben, Abigail, and Riley entered the Gala. The ride over had mostly been in silence, save Riley's complaining about his dress shoes being too tight and pointy. Abigail finally threatened to leave him on the side of the road if he didn't shut up soon. Riley once again sighed in defeat and settled into the backseat of Ben's car. Once inside Riley went off to the refreshments table and Ben and Abigail went to mingle. A little while later, Ben and Abigail were on the dance floor swaying to a slow song.

"Ben what's on your mind?" Abigail asked.

"Nothing why do you ask?" Ben wondered.

"Ben you have been distracted all night. I know something is wrong," Abigail stated.

Ben looked down at his feet.

"You saw Riley's scars again didn't you?" Abigail questioned.

Ben looked back up at his wife.

"Ben it's been a year. You have to let it go and move on," Abigail sighed.

"I know, but each time I see the remains of that horrible time, I can't help but feel guilty. It's like a bitter reminder that I failed to protect him and I just can't help but think about it," Ben confessed.

Abigail cupped Ben's cheek in her hand and made him look her straight in the eye.

"Ben, Riley is here and he is fine. He is here because of you. You got to him before Christian could really hurt him or worse. So stop blaming yourself for the past and just be happy that Riley is here with us now," Abigail explained.

Ben smiled at his wife.

"Have I ever told you how amazing you are?" Ben asked.

"Not lately," Abigail mused.

"Your amazing," Ben grinned.

"I know," Abigail laughed.

Ben kissed her passionately. They broke away and left the dance floos. They made their way to the refreshment table and saw a girl handing
Riley a piece of paper and walking away, Riley watched her go.

"Well look at you," Abigail smiled.

"Yeah I know I'm irresistible," Riley mused.

"Keeping telling yourself that buddy," Ben laughed.


"Come on boys I'm tired and the gala is starting to break up, lets get out of here," Abigail stated.

They grabbed their coats and left.