Jess's smile was beginning to hurt and yet she couldn't bring herself to do anything about it, "That is a good thing." She murmured before he leant down and kissed her. This time the kiss wasn't soft or desperate. It wasn't anything apart from a promise.

After all, they had all the time in the world.

Two years later

Jess screamed as her chair was wrenched to face the opposite direction.

Abby shushed her frantically, "Shut up!" She whispered, "Don't draw any attention to yourself."

Jess looked her incredulously and then to Emily who stood behind Abby's shoulder. "What are you doing?" She whispered back furiously.

Emily leant forward conspiratally, "We have exciting news!" She murmured eyes alight, and sweeping the quiet ops room as though getting ready to depart with a great secret.

A frown crinkled Jess's brow, "What?" She asked, a little wary of what could cause such a reaction. With Emily it could be anything from Lester having a nervous breakdown (by her reckoning he was due for another this month) or simply a new flavour of pringle.

Emily opened her mouth but Abby spoke over her, "Should we tell her, Emily?" She asked. Jess narrowed her eyes; Abby had every intention of tellng her and they both knew it, she was just enjoying hanging it over her friend's head.

A shadow passed over Emily's face before she caught on, "I don't know...after all, we wouldn't want to ruin the suprise."

Jess gave them her full attention. "What are you two going on about?" She asked, her curiosity momentarily overpowering common sense. One of the two should she could usually manage but with both of them against her she wasn't sure whether to be excited or worried.

"Well, we really shouldn't tell you..." Drawled Abby looking down, barely concealed glee written all over her face. She gave in when Emily elbowed her and Jess glared. "Alright." She said, snatching a chair from a near table and joining Jess in front of the ADD. "So y'know that mission earlier today?"

Jess knew the one she was talking about. Fairly routine with no incursions though it had interrupted her lunch with Becker. She'd been in communication it's them the whole time so there wasn't really anything to worry about, although it was annoying as they didn't really get as much time together as she would like-

A sharp pinch brought her to. "Hey!" She said indignantly.

Abby scowled impatiently, "I'm trying to tell you something important!" She said, "I need your attention!" She looked back at Emily who smiled and waved for her to carry on. "Okay," she continued, "so I swear I didn't mean to cross any boundaries or anything," (Emily gave a pointed cough which Abby steadfastly ignored), "but Becker was acting really weirdly all the drive back. He kept checking his pocket for something but when Connor made a joke about him looking shifty he just turned read and ignored him."

Jess had an inkling she knew where this was going but she prayed she was wrong.

"- no comment or anything. So when we all went for our debriefing he took his coat off and stepped out of the room for a second, so I kind of...went through it."

Abby did look a little repentant though not nearly enough for Jess not to let out a shocked "Abby!" Emily, on the other hand only cackled rather alarmingly at the look of horror an Jess's face.

"It was totally worth it!" Insisted Abby, "Because guess what I found!"

Jess had been right to be worried. She knew exactly where this had been going.

"What?" She asked, hoping for a different answer to what she knew it would be.

Her friend paused for dramatic effect before it looked like she couldn't hold it in any longer, "A ring!" She burst out triumphantly, "A diamond ring that- funny enough, looks like it would fit you quite well!"

Jess's heart sank.

"He's going to propose!" She crowed.

Abby was too busy grinning and so it was Emily who picked up on Jess's less than enthusiastic response. "Jess?" She questioned quietly, "You don't seem quite as happy as we'd pictured."

Abby's grin froze on her face. She opened her much to say something but Jess beat her too it.

"Come one guys, I'm a field coordinator. Did you honestly think I didn't know about it?" She asked despairingly.

Abby seemed a little put out that her shocking news had become less so but more confused over anything else, "What d'you mean you already knew-"

Emily's eyes lit with sudden upstanding, "Ah," she said sympathetically, "and just how long has the Captain had this ring?" She asked sagely.

Jess's shoulders dropped dejectedly, "About three months."

The mood of the conversation swung rapidly.

Abby's eyes widened before narrowing, "I thought we'd got him over this emotionally retarded state of his?"

"As did I." Murmured Emily, "You mean to say that in three months he has been unable to screw up the courage to ask you to marry him?"

Jess didn't bother answering, instead looking at them both dolefully.

Abby gave a small chuckle, "I don't know why we're surprised." She said casting a look at them both, "You did have to literally travel through time to get his attention." She said to Jess.

Jess sniffed, "Well, I'm not doing it again just so he'll finally ask. He knows what the answer will be."

"And what will your answer be?" Asked Emily interestedly.

Jess shot her a sarcastic look, "It's obviously a no." She deadpanned "Everone knows of the torrid affair I'm having with Lester."

The sight of Lester, who had emerged from his office only to catch the tail end of the conversation, only served to make Abby laugh uproariously and Emily to give a very unladylike snort. Jess made a mental note to prepare for the inevitable breakdown that was now coming probably sooner than later.

"So you're going to wait for him to ask?" Said Abby with a smile.

Jess shrugged, "I guess so, I mean, he'll get around to doing it eventually...won't he?" She looked at them with a hint of desperation and the doubtful glances they received hardly built her confidence. She groaned, her head falling to her desk.

Emily looked at her uncertainly, "Why not...ask him yourself?" She ventured cautiously.

Jess looked up, ready for them both to laugh again but Abby interjected with an oddly thoughtful look on her face. "That's not a bad idea." She said looking at Jess.

"I suppose." Said Jess uncertainly. The idea had never really occurred until Emily mentioned it, but there wasn't anything stopping her. "But what if he actually wants to ask?"

"Tough." Said Emily brusquely, "He's had enough time by now, if you don't do it, you'll probably be waiting on him until your hair has turned grey."

Jess considered both the notion and the fact that Emily their perfectly ladylike relic from the nineteenth century had turned out to be the driving force behind it. "But how would I ask?" She said trying to keep her voice light.

"Dinner?" Suggested Abby.

Emily shook her head, "Maybe just...come out with it? How hard can it be to ask for the Captain's hand?"

Abby and Jess exchanged looks at her wording before bursting out laughing at the image. "Well, I don't know!" Said Emily in exasperation, "In my time it was the man who asked, though I doubt they put this much effort into it."She muttered.

Jess saw the dark look on Emily's face, no doubt put the by the memories of her own proposal and made a spur of the moment decision.

"I'm going to do it." She said firmly, "I'm going to ask for Becker's hand." She cast a mischievous look at Abby who tried unsuccessfully to choke back her laughter and then to Emily who only looked pleased.


By the time she got back to their apartment (well, more like Becker's apartment that she had moved into seeing as she hadn't had one of her own) she had already decided that simplicity was the key. She wasn't going to try and psyche herself out with anything fancy or elaborate, she was just going to ask him normally in a normal conversation because after all, she as a mature adult who could handle such things.

That and she was really looking forward to seeing the colour she knew his face would turn.

She waited until they were both sat together on the sofa that evening. They both had their feet up but her legs were slung across his lap. She swallowed down her fear at what she was about to do. Becker carried on talking oblivious to her internal turmoil, "-it wasn't too bad to be honest until Temple tripped over his own shoelaces and nearly fell through to the Jurassic. I swear I have no idea how Abby puts up with him-"

"I think we should get married."

There. She had said it.

She risked a glance at his face. He was staring at her his mouth still open from talking though it was being kept there by shock. "You want to get...married?" He asked in a strangled tone.

"Yes!" Said Jess quickly, "Well, if you want to." She amended. If she had been looking forward to his reaction she wasn't did indeed turn quite an interesting shade of red, though she didn't mind. She thought it suited him quite well. Then again she was probably biased.

"Are you kidding?" He demanded suddenly. "I've been trying to ask you for weeks and you just ask?" His voice got a little higher pitched than his usual time and Jess tried valiantly to keep her straight face. "I even have the ring!"

"I know-" said Jess trying for a soothing tone before Becker narrowed his eyes.

"How did you know?" He asked before understanding clicked, "It was Abby wasn't it? I thought I saw her putting my coat back today-"

"Hil, I've known for a while." She said waving a hand trying to dismiss Abby of the blame purely because of how proud the blonde had seemed when she thought she got away uncaught and unseen when she pickpocketed their head of security, "I just decided you along a little." She smiled at him, scooting closer on the sofa to rest both her hand on his forearm. He was still staring in semi-shock at her as she moved. "So, is that a yes?" She asked awkwardly.

"Yes!" He said quickly, "Of course it's a yes!"

Slowly, Jess could feel a grin stealing over her face. Becker only grinned back. Before she knew it she was hugging him fiercely, refusing to let go. If his grip on her was any indication then he was thinking the exact same.

"Erm..Jess?" Came a slightly hesitant voice from over her shoulder.

She hummed in askance.

There was a small awkward cough, "When we tell Connor and Matt...can we leave out the part where you had to ask me?"

Jess laughed. She would happily agree to it though she doubted they'd believe it. Becker was known for his emotional displays in the same way Jess was known for sitting and working quietly.

And it seemed, as she sat there in what could possibly be the best moment if her life so far, that walking through that anomaly into unfamiliar ground was possibly the best thing she had ever done.

After all, it got her her soldier.