Chapter 11.

4 weeks later...

I walked into the sonic boom "Hey, Als, Miss me?" i asked Ally.

"Hmmm well i'll just have to prove it" She leaned over the counter and kissed me on the lips. "Did that prove to you that i missed you?" She asked me.

I blushed and smiled. "Yeah totally, so Ally when are we going to you know... tell Trish and Dez that we're dating?" Ally smiled at me.

"don't worry they're right up stairs lemme call 'em down" Ally said, she turned around and called down Trish and Dez.

They came down. "Trish, Dez" Ally grabbed my hand "Austin and i are um dating" Ally explained how it all happend and so you know it happend the night i got Ally back we are very happy together.

Sorry that it's so short , anyway this is the end so i hope you liked it :) xoxo lots of love ~Rachael 3 xoxoxoxoxo