Luna's ear flicked up.

"We get it mate! You're in space. I'm in space. We're in space. It's not gonna be changing any time soon."

Luna stood and shook the dust from her coat. She didn't see anypony and the voices sound like they were coming from far off but somepony was better then nopony. So Luna shouted back with all the force of her royal Canterlot voice.

"Hello! Is there somepony else here? It is I, your royal princess of the night! I mean you no harm! Please reveal yourself! I wish strongly for somepony to speak with."

Her voice echoed out over the barren lunar surface. Luna stared over the grey wasteland with a new eagerness but no reply came. Luna slumped over and pawed at the dry lunar surface. Then the voice returned, less distant and slightly more mechanical, as though it where being put through a megaphone.

"Co. Is there actually someone there? This is brilliant! I can't believe it! Did She send you? I'll bet She did. Couldn't get on without me could they? Know what? I don't even care! I'm going home! Home! Umm, where are you exactly? I mean I can hear you just fine. Audio receptors haven't been damaged by all the space dust. My optic is fine too, if that's what you're wondering. Slightly cracked. Nothing to worry about. Just can't seem too, Ah! Is that you down there? Hello! We're up here, floating about, in space. So any time you want to just pop up here and get us. That would be fine. If you're not ready thats fine. We'll probably orbit back around here soon. No- No rush or anything. I've gotten used to it at this point. You know, being in space. Been up here quite a long time I think. Don't worry about it. I'm sure you can just take your time. But really when ever you're ready. Could you come and get me?"

Luna stared up into the starry sky. High above the lunar surface were two small metal balls. They both seemed to have a light at the center of the ball, glowing in the darkness, almost like any eye, one blue and one yellow. The blue appeared to be the one that could talk as it spun and wiggled in time with the words. The yellow just spun wildly. Well they weren't ponies but at least they were company and they needed the help of the royal princess of the night. Luna backed up, dug her hooves in and sprang.

Luna leapt high off the dry lunar surface and extended her regal wings. She flapped them vigorously and fell back to the grey dusty surface.

"Oh! That's alright love. You can do it!" the little blue eyed ball called down from orbit.

Luna leapt several more times and each time fell short of her new blue friend.

"It's- It's fine. I'll just stay up here. forever. Thanks for trying love."

Luna shook her head. Digging her hooves in again she leapt gracefully upwards. As she reached the peak of her jump her long horn glowed and sparkled as the alicorn was surrounded by a beautiful blue glow. Luna spread her wings and floated gently upwards toward the metal balls.

"Amazing love! Stunning really! I don't know how you managed that but it's bloody brilliant!"

Luna floated farther and farther from the moon's surface and closer and closer to her new friends. She was just feet from them when she bounced off an invisible barrier. She floated toward them again and again she was stopped. Luna bucked and kicked at the barrier, mentally cursing her sister and the blasted enchantment that kept her from returning to Earth but nothing seemed to give. The little blue eyed ball's eye swiveled to the bottom of its case and it shut it's eye sadly. They floated there for a moment. The two lost to space. (and the little space core but he was having the time of his little core life so he doesn't count) The little blue ball stayed that way, with it's optic closed until it felt as though something were pulling it. It's eye flicked back open. Suddenly the moon seemed to be getting so much larger, and suddenly blueish.