DOT: Just a little depressing one-shot that I felt like writing. I woke up this morning and just had to write this down. (I only had the last few lines, which is why this is short). I like Young Justice, but I never really had an idea for it until today. There's a bit of violence and injuries in this, so be warned.


Roy knows he's been ambushed when feels the cool metal blade slide into his body. He gasps at the sensation. The red vest of his uniform darkens and becomes sticky with his blood. His stomach drops and he feels scared. Never before has he been in this serious of trouble before. Before, someone was always there to get him out of it.

He clutches his side and hunches over, trying uselessly to staunch the blood flow. He glances at his hand and see's the liquid is staining his hand red. It flows through his pale fingers, standing out against the stark color of his hand. Roy clamps his hand down harder, trying to force himself not to think about it.

The shadowy figures of his attackers shift around, encircling him. There is no escape. They will hurt him, maim him, kill him. Roy fights to bring his attention to the beings that have caught him off his guard. He tries to move his trembling hand to his quiver of arrows. His bow is not an option. It's a few feet away, he'd never be able to get to it or shoot from it. Maybe he can reach one of his exploding arrows if he just stretches his fingers a little farther-

Roy's face is whipped to the side as something solid, a fisted hand, connects with his jaw. He grunts as he falls back and slides across the ground from the force of the punch. His jaw aches because of the impact. His side spasms when the movement of his lungs aggravates the stab wound on his side. Roy wishes desperately he could see who was hurting him, but the shadows remain out of focus.

He can't get back to his feet; his muscles aren't cooperating with him now. He feels helpless. Helpless isn't what Roy likes to describe him self as. He likes feeling strong and powerful, able to take on any threat that gets in his way. Being weak is not becoming of him. Roy hates being weak, that's why he chose to be strong. To be a hero.

With what little leftover strength he has, Roy slides his fingers down to the comlink on his belt and activates his help beacon. Speedy's help beacon, not Red Arrow's. Red Arrow is tough, not needing a help beacon. Roy is secretly glad he kept that part of his Speedy costume.

He's slipping now, he can tell because time does not seem to add up. He knows that help will not come in time. Roy has regrets. He regrets not telling Ollie that he was a good mentor and father. That he enjoyed being his ward. Not telling Robin that he was the best acrobat and he didn't mind hanging around with him. Not telling Wally that he was a good kid, and he didn't mind the corny jokes. He wants to tell them that they are ready, that they are heroes. They were like his little brothers, and now he would never get to tell them that.

Vaguely, Roy can feel his body being slammed around and punched. It doesn't matter anymore, he doesn't feel the pain. He tells himself that the tears softly running down his cheeks are because some part of his body can still feel the hurt. He's lying, because those tears are for his future which is lost. The thugs continue to beat him until he barely feels their hits. Maybe they've stopped because they think he's dead? He doesn't care anyway.

It's dark and Roy knows no matter how much he scrambles he won't get away from it. It's over.

He does not feel the hands that grip him, or the voice begging him to stay alive.

DOT: It's up to you to decide who finds him, I'm going either Robin or Kid Flash. Either would be heartbreaking. Please review, and I hope you felt this was worthwhile!