"Come on Mitchie, breath!" Shane pumped his hands back on forth against her chest rapidly in desperation to save her.

"Breath!" There she was, the broken lifeless girl he loved, laying on the shore. Why did that girl Tess have to have her rehearsal for The Final Jam(Its like a week till Final Jam anyways) on the docks? Not a smart choice because, and I know my Uncle Brown would take offense, I don't think the docks are the safest. I watched her sing backup from afar, the other two singers drowning her out. Actually, I had never heard her sing before, which is weird…The I watched them practice the dance moves, then Mitchie fell through the docks, so surprised that she was in the water she froze up, unable to move. I dived in after her and pulled her up to shore.

Mitchie coughed up some water and began to gasp for air. "Shane…" she smiled.

"Oh Mitchie! The Camp's cook parted through the crowds. "I thought I had lost you!" She held Mitchie tightly. That's weird, why would the Camp's cook care….I suddenly saw the resemblance, that was her mother. My head spun, her mother wasn't President of Hot Tunes China! She was the cook! I got up angrily, not stopping to talk to anybody.

. . .

Later, I sat inside my cabin, strumming my Guitar.

"Hey, you alright?" My Uncle Brown strolled in and plopped himself down across from me. I looked around the cabin.

"Yeah Uncle Brown, why do you ask?" I ask in a fake voice.

"Because when you came in last night, you looked crushed, pummeled, absolutely destroyed-"

"I get it Uncle Brown."

"So any luck on that girl with the voice?" I looked at him incredulously. How did he know?

"Hey, I'm plugged into the Camp Rock gossip you know." He said in defense from my glare.

He had a point there, I had to admit.

"No, I can't get her out of my head," I said as I began to sing. "This is real this is me I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now, gonna let the light. See?"

Uncle Brown only nodded and left.

. . .

Gosh it was loud, glow sticks waved in the air as people cheered. The Final Jam was here already. I looked for Mitchie, hoping to talk to her. No matter what she did, I was still going to forgive her. I shrugged as the performances started and ended one by one. I was just glad by the end of Final Jam when Uncle Brown told me to go with the rest of Connect Three to go judge. We started to talk about the last performance, we loved it. The end of the show performance started as we decided the winner. Funny it sounded so familiar…..That was it! I spun around, Mitchie facing me from across the stage, singing that song.

"That's the song!" I gasped as I grabbed the mic from Uncle Brown, ignoring my bandmates comments.

"You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason why I'm Singing! I need to find you, I gotta find you!" we sang in harmony, smiling as it ended. I looked into her beautiful face after it ended, blocking out all the cheers and everybody else, it was just me and her. I kissed her.

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