This is for all the ones who didn't deserve it. I don't own Doctor Who.

| Earth, 1942 - Berlin, Germany |

He really just wants to grab them by their necks and shake, but he doesn't. This isn't his first run-in with the Nazis and it likely won't be the last. But all the same...

The guns aimed at his chest don't bother him. He can't make them understand what they're doing. They're wrong, and some of them even know it, but they follow the crowd, and the Fuhrer, anyway.

Amy and Rory are in the TARDIS. Or at least, that's where he told them to stay. Not that they ever really listen.

He repeats a phrase he once heard - "People only know what they know." - in his head, over and over again, but it doesn't really help. He doesn't like making excuses for the stupid and cruel.

Amy and Rory appear, coming to his rescue with what sort of looks like guns. Except he knows better and they're just the handful of parts that fell off the TARDIS's console two days ago. The awkward rescue is a success, except every one of the Nazis is left alive.

| Earth, 2023 - London, England |

He thanks the man for his military service and offers a strange salute. The ex-soldier gives him one in reply, pushing the wheels of his wheelchair in the direction of his ex-wife and son. As far as the Doctor can tell, they divorced because she couldn't handle having a husband with one leg. Too stressful, she said.

The Doctor mumbles about giving her something to stress over, then resumes his hunt for the rogue Sontaran that's been stirring up trouble.

| Earth, 2012 - New York, New York |

He kind of tries to avoid them, to be honest. There are certain things that even he - The Doctor - can't fix.

He peeks through the window with a sorrowful look on his face. The teenage boy in the hospital bed has Muscular Dystrophy and he is dying. The boy's mother sits at his bedside, clutching her child's hand for dear life. The boy's fraternal twin brother - perfectly normal in every respect - is on his way back from a school baseball game, where he himself threw the winning pitch.

It isn't fair, but there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Even autistic savants have something that they love, some wonderful gift or talent that has been given to them. But these poor souls trapped in defective bodies cannot even cry out. It isn't fair. Who decided that mutations and disease were a part of the game?

The Doctor closes his eyes, silently defeated, and walks away.