Wings on Shadows

Chapter three: Averse Amour

By: Flamegaruru

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'Fate is a tangle; we can only follow a thread.'- Padmé Naberrie

'If you follow your thoughts through to conclusion, they will take us to a place we cannot go…regardless of the way we feel about each other.'- Padmé Amidala

Softly, silently, steadily did the beats of her heart ring in Ruki's ears. Her lavender eyes stared unblinkingly up at the ceiling. Her lips parted slightly as a sigh escaped from them. Sluggishly, her eyes drooped and shut as her breathing continued. In and out, inhale, exhale, Jen, Takato…

The hoot of an owl pierced the silent night and brought Ruki back to reality. She stubbornly frowned, remembering the events of the previous week.

Reality is where I belong; not some fantasy world! Ruki mentally slapped herself-as she had done many times before-for kissing Takato, for even allowing that kiss in the first place. But you liked it, admit it, a tiny little voice rang in her head. Oh shut up, Ruki groaned and sat up.

She hadn't seen Takato since then, so it must obviously mean that it was for the better; or so Jen and Ruki had reasoned. This past week Ruki had started spending more time with Jen. After all, she was betrothed to him, so she might as well get used to it. Sure, Ruki reluctantly admitted, Jen was pretty handsome, nice, and smart, but he just didn't fill that gap like….

Ruki fervently shook her head. Today was her nineteenth birthday and just a few hours earlier she and Jen were married. Yet, Ruki felt smothered by all the royal, prissy guests, and especially her frilly dress, so she excused herself, saying she was feeling ill [or faint, shall you choose] and went up to her room. Ruki had allowed herself a small smile-one of the few that day-while slipping on a nightgown. No one could see her in it, since she was the Princess and anyone who violated her privacy was stuck in the dungeon for half a century.

Ruki frowned slightly. Her father had fired Ryou for 'subjecting his daughter to that scruffy miscreant'. Ryou had a messenger carry a letter to her. He was now bunked at Hirokazu and Kenta's horse farm (Great. Those three numskulls together. I feel extreme pity for the horses, Ruki had thought when she read the letter). Ryou had also told her after she had left, there was quite a large ruckus from the room she was in, so he hurried there to find Takato sobbing into Duke's mane, the area around him trashed. Takato had then become secluded….

Ruki briskly walked out onto the balcony and placed her hands on the ledge. Gazing up to the stars, she uttered a barely audible sigh. Her eyelids drooping, she folded her arms and slowly lowered her head onto them.

" Ruki?"

Ruki's eyelids snapped open as she heard the tentative voice. That voice belonged only to….

What is a youth?

Impetuous fire?

What is a maid?

Ice and desire

The world wags on

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One hour earlier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Takato fervently paced his backyard, the scent of the cherry blossoms lingering in the air. He had done a lot of thinking the past week, spent countless hours under the trees, staring up at the sky. (A/N: Time to lay on the mush…Yami: Time to eat? Me: Gah!)

Biting his lower lip, Takato halted. He loved Ruki. How, Takato couldn't answer. The more time he had spent with her (it was a precious few hours), the deeper he fell into her trap; Ruki herself. Oh, how he loved every single thing about her! The way she would smile (every time she smiled at him, he had to struggle to remain up-right), her bright, vivacious personality (he even adored her sarcasm for crying out loud! Talk about love!), her heart (it seemed a bit odd, but when he kissed her, he could feel her heartbeat), her eyes (most likely the part he loved the most about her; you could get him started on her eyes, and he would talk you to sleep about them), well, everything! (A/N: Rei: *sighs* I said it was going to be mushy-I never thought it would be THIS mushy….blecchhhh….Yami: WHAT about the food? It's mush? Rei: I give up.)

Takato slapped his forehead. He was going way overboard with all this mushy stuff. He was a guy! There wasn't supposed to be all this lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey stuff involved!….Takato groaned now he had broken that particular mold.

Walking up to the tree, Takato plucked a flower off, holding it delicately in his palm. Today was Ruki's birthday, and he wanted to hive something to her.

Breathing deeply, Takato started the journey to Ruki's palace. Earlier that day, Ryou had given him directions, and Takato hoped he didn't forget them.

A rose will bloom

It then will fade

So does a youth

So does the fairest maid


Stealthily creeping along the castle gates, Takato tried not to think of what happened is he got caught. Think pessimistically became his mantra.

Down in the bushes Takato crawled along, deftly, silently, avoiding the few guards. Takato frowned. Most of the people were probably inside, celebrating Ruki and Jenrya's wedding. Takato had to remind himself that he still held Ruki's gift in his hand, so that he is careful not to crush it in his rage. Besides, Takato thought as he moved towards the nearest balcony, it's not Jenrya's fault, nor Ruki's. They were betrothed. Not like he asked her to marry him….

Clearing a few stray leaves from his face, Takato's breath caught in his throat as the beautiful image of Ruki slowly walked onto the balcony. Takato stared at her for a few moments until her head drooped into her arms.

Gathering his courage, Takato called to her. "Ruki?"

Atop the balcony, Ruki's eyes became as wide as saucers as she scanned the area. "Takato?" She hissed. " What are you doing? You shouldn't be here! You could get caught…."

Takato grinned and stole up to a ledge, quickly scaled it, and popped up right next to Ruki. " You look especially pulchritudinous tonight." (A/N: Yami: Ha! That was from the first chapter, newbies! Rei: Last minute addition, but of course)

" Ack!" Ruki tensed slightly at Takato's sudden appearance, but almost immediately calmed herself.

" Happy birthday," Takato softly said and took Ruki's hands, closing his own over hers, thus dropping his gift into her palms.

Ruki smiled as she looked at the blossom. "Thanks, Takato," Ruki stopped when she was his stare. " Takato," she turned her head and slowly opened her eyes and looked remorsefully at him.

" Ruki, I'm in agony. My soul is tortured by the mere thought of you! Just thinking about you makes me catch my breath, stagger to breathe!" Takato's eyes shone. " I am tormented by that kiss you shouldn't've given to me. I sit, day after day, hoping that kiss will not become a scar," he leaned in closely to her face.

Ruki pulled away from him and stared determinedly in his eyes. "I'm not going to give in to this, this weakness! I'm not weak! I have more important things to do that to fall in love like some silly little fairy-tale girl!"

" More important things?" Takaato spat. " Like what? Developing a new spoon? Trying on different dresses?"

Ruki breathed harder. Her resolve was starting to ebb….no! She couldn't, wouldn't give in to this! " Think about it, Takato. I'm a princess, you're not a prince, I'm married; we just can't! If you follow your thoughts through to the solution of this problem, it will create an illusion!" Ruki found solace in her indignation.

" That kiss wasn't an illusion," Takato stubbornly pointed out.

" Yes, it was!" Ruki cried. "That is part of the illusion! That is a place we cannot go….not matter if we have feelings for each other."

" Then you do love me!" Takato's eyes lit up.

" Takato, don't do this to yourself. If we had a relationship, it would destroy us."

Takato shook that comment aside. "You're asking me to be rational."

" Yes; rational, not thick-headed!" Ruki felt all sweaty. She had to win this argument….why did she have to be reasonable for the both of them? " Do you believe in wishes?"

Takato arched an eyebrow. "Yes…."

" Then wish your feelings away. I've wished mine away," Ruki looked resolutely at Takato.

Takato's eyes contracted. Ruki….why is she making up these excuses? His eyes shone momentarily, but he tightened his jaw.

" Good night, Princess," he curtly said and climbed back down the ledge. He paused before he got into the bushes, but Ruki was looking away. He headed into the bushes, back home.

Come the time

When one's sweet smile

Has its season for awhile

Then love's in love with me

Ruki found it very difficult to breathe. Taking deep breaths, she suddenly ran to her bed and flung herself on it, her body heaving with heart-wrenching sobs. Why! Why am I feeling so horrible?

" Ruki?" Jenrya knocked at her door. After her sudden bout of sickness, he refrained from immediately going after her, believing that she probably needed some time to herself.

Ruki looked at the wall. "Come in…."

Jenrya slowly opened the door and sat next to her on the bed. "Is something wrong?"

" However could you tell?" the muffled reply was still thick with sarcasm.

Jen smirked. " It would help to talk about it."

" Did I marry a quack or a prince?"

Jen noted that she didn't sound too happy about the marriage part. " C'mon, look at me."

Ruki made no movement. Jen squinted and grabbed her around the waist. It was a bad move because he felt Ruki cringe and immediately break out of his grasp, reluctantly sitting up. Her eyes were bloodshot, like she had been crying.

Jen raised his brows for now he was truly worried. Ruki never cried. He reached out a hand to wipe at her tears, but she recoiled at that, too.

He sighed. "You're in love with someone else, aren't you?"

Ruki whipped her tear-stained face to him. "Why? Why do I have these stupid feelings? I cannot be in love! I'm not supposed to love him," her eyes scrutinized Jen, wanting the quick and easy answer.

" You're just afraid to love," Jen pursed his lips, giving Ruki the best answer he could.

Ruki glared at the bedspread. It just didn't make sense! How could she fall in love with someone she barely even knew? A violent shake of her head sent that silly 'l' word out of her mind. A few hours aren't enough time to fall in love! Mental slap for using that word again. Okay, so he's good-looking, but everyone knows that looks are irrelevant!

" Why?" Jen's voice broke her train of thought.


" Why do you love him?"

" I do not love him!" Ruki argued. " He's just a boy! Besides, I have no reason to love him."

" But you do," Jen said.

" Do not! You're obviously seeing something I'm not."

Jen smiled. "I've known you all my life, Ruki. Two weeks ago, when you returned from West Shinjuku, you were smiling."

" Puh! Is smiling outlawed?"

" Ruki, you were smiling a lot."

" Can I not feel obligated to smile?"

" You know just as well as I that you virtually never smile."

Ruki grunted.

" Then, one week ago, you became extremely sullen."

" Is that not a part of my personality?"

" But your eyes! They wore the expression of hurt, pain, loss!"

Another grunt.

Jen frowned. Gosh, she was making this difficult! " Fine, then. Tell me why you don't love him."

" Fine!" Ruki snapped. " First of all, I'm a princess. He's not."

" I would hope he isn't."

Ruki put her head in her hands.

" Okay, okay, go on."

" Secondly, Father won't allow me to see him."

"Since when do petty matters like that stopped you?"

Ruki glared harshly at him. Jen gulped apprehensively.

" Continue."

" Thirdly, I have only spent a few hours with him."

An eyebrow rose on Jen's skeptical face. " Go on."

" And, uh," Ruki licked her lips.

" And that was enough."

Ruki sadly looked at Jen. " Why did I do that? Push him away like that?"

" I suppose it's because you were scared because you never felt that way before." Jen shrugged.

" Perhaps," Ruki averted her eyes.

" But, hey!" Jen placed his hand on her shoulder, but this time she didn't move.

" Huh?"

" You should go to him!"

" What?" Ruki's eyes widened. " But he's mad at me!"

" But he's in love with you. Go on and apologize."

Ruki grinned, but it was wiped away almost instantly. " My dad and the guards. I can't get out."

Jen smirked. "Let me help you," he said and stood up. " Get a cloak. We're going to sneak out."

Ruki grinned. She liked the way Jen was thinking.

Some may think only to marry

Others will tease and tarry

Mine is the very best parry

Cupid, he rules us all


Climbing down the ledge was the easy part, but Ruki had to frown when she was several guards standing outside of the horse pens. Jen, however, had a confident smile on his face and motioned for her to move into the bushes.

Ruki complied (even though she hated taking orders from Jen, yet alone anyone) and hid in the bushes. Her eye suddenly twitched as she saw what Jen was doing.

" Good night, gentlemen!" Jen jovially strode up to the surprised guards.

" Can we help you, sir?" A guard gruffly asked.

"Yes, my good men. I was just wondering if I could go for a night-time stroll with one of these fine horses."

" Uh, okay," the guards replied.

Jen stepped into the pen, and within moments, led Kitsune out. A brisk nod to the guards, and Jen walked right out the gates, Ruki running swiftly beside him.

Once out in the open did Ruki dare to speak. " That was a lucky gamble."

" Only the best would get away with that," Jen smiled.

Ruki appeared repulsed. "You have spent too much time with Ryou; it has become quite unhealthy for you."

" Ha, ha, ha," Jen sarcastically laughed. " Where do you plan on going for your honeymoon? Some exotic locale?"

Ruki rolled her eyes as she got up into the saddle. " Methinks you are spending way too much time with that deranged bunny of yours."

" Hey!" Jen put up his hands defensively. " It's not my fault he tries to get on the good side of terriers! It's, uhm, a survival tactic."

" Yeah, tactics….that's what Ryou called 'it' and you saw what happened to him," Ruki smirked as Jen visibly shuddered.

" Good luck," Jen smiled.

" thanks," Ruki smiled back.

A brilliant flash of lightning and a booming crash of thunder echoed across the night sky as rain started to pelt down to the Earth.

" Oh, this is just peachy," Ruki snarled.

" Have fun," Jen laughed as Kitsune galloped off in the directions of West Shinjuku.

Caper the caper, sing me the song

Death will come soon to hush us along

Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall

Love is a past time that will never pall

Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall,

Cupid, he rules us all


Takato barely felt the cold rain drops splash on his skin, onto his clothes which now clung to him, or even his hair drooping from it. Nothing mattered now. 'Then wish your feelings away. I've wished mine away.'

Takato's eyes glazed over. Why is she pushing me away? Jeez, Dad wasn't lying when he said women are impossible to figure out.

Takato narrowed his eyes. He could swear he heard horses hooves clattering against the ground, but with all of this rain, it was near impossible to tell for certain. Too lazy to turn around, or not to lazy…. Takato weighed his choices.

" Takato!" Ruki yelled, her cloak beginning to dampen.

Immediately Takato whipped his body around to see (well, he couldn't quite make out her features, but he could tell by the voice) Ruki hanging on for dear life to Kitsune's golden mane. Kitsune slowed to a trot right in front of the stunned Takato, the water dripping from her velvety nose.

Ruki rubbed her hand across her face to wipe a few droplets away, climbed down off of her horse and stepped right up to Takato. Well, Ruki thought as she glanced up at Takato, he could be stunned to see me, I could've forgotten to close my cloak properly, or both. Ruki sighed as she tightened her cloak, muttering curses under her breath about being a princess and reading too many fairy tales has permanetly warped her brain and her sense of judgment.

" Ruki?" Takato breathed.

" What? You were expecting Ryou?" Ruki gagged as Takato cracked a small smile.

" What are you doing here?" Takato perplexedly cocked his head.

" Uh," Ruki's eyes wandered over to the sakura trees.

" Tell me," Takato persisted.

" I need to tell you something," Ruki raised her eyes to Takato's.

Oh boy, Takato thought, but nodded instead.

" Ever since I've met you, I cannot get you out of my head! No matter where I go, or what I do, you're always there. In my soup, in the sky, in my room, in my dreams," Ruki talked animatedly.

" Hold on," Takato raised his hands. " In your soup?"

Ruki rolled her eyes. " As an example, goofball."

" Oh," Takato said with understanding. "Wait! Let me assure you I was not in your room, or even peeking into your room…." His face became a bit redder.

Ruki growled softly. Why was she doing this again? " In my mind's eye, Takato. You weren't really there. I just imagined you."

" Sorry," Takato laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. " Anyway…."

" Anyway, I just can't stop thinking about you," Ruki lowered her head so Takato couldn't see her minute blush. " I am haunted by that….kiss…." she steadily looked up at Takato.

Takato bit the inside of his lip, steeling himself for what was about to happen.

Ruki swallowed the lump in her throat and her voice rang, clear and true. " I want it."

Takato looked quizzically at her. " Want what?"

They stared at each other for a few moments until Ruki spoke again. " That kiss. I've tried denying it, but I can't…." Ruki smiled at Takato's shocked expression. " You look like you've been struck by lightning."

Takato mouthed wordlessly as Ruki's laughter echoed hollowly in his ear. It seemed he was finally putting two and two together. Ruki's laughter died away, but her eyes were smiling as she continued to look at Takato.

" I-I-I love you," Takato stammered.

Ruki flashed a warm smile at him. "I know."

The raindrops hung on the tips of her eyelashes and Ruki slowly blinked them away. Reaching up, Ruki yanked Takato down (gently, of course) so that their noses touched. Takato had finally calmed down and smiled gently at her. Hesitantly, almost fearfully, did their eyes lock on as their heads moved closer and their lips parted to lock onto the other's in a passionate embrace.

After a few moments the pair reluctantly ended their kiss, but their foreheads still touched as they looked at the ground. The rain continued to pout down as the pair slowly made their way to Takato's house….

A rose will bloom

It then will fade

So does a youth

So does the fairest maid

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* (Imagine the Emperor's them from SW)

The royal guests screamed in terror as they fled from the castle. Down in the courtyard, the vicious battle between the palace guards and the warriors continued to burst with intensity, though it was obvious that the guards would win, what with the valiant Lee Jenrya leading them forward.

In the castle, however, all the servants, and the royal family alike sat huddled in the dark corner of what was once the royal bedchambers. In the darkest shadows a short, stout figure was outlined.

A palace guard with shoulder-length white hair and a golden earring that dangled, much like an arrow from a compass, from his ear casually strolled in and stood next to the short man. " Count Jigo, our forces are being fought back. What is your command?"

The scratchy voice of the little man answered. " Retreat. We got what we came for. The Princess will not be able to hide forever. She will return when the news reaches her, or when you find her. And when she does come back, you will bring her to me."

The guard nodded. " What about them" He jerked his thumb to the frightened people.

Count Jigo smiled nastily. " Wipe them out. All of them."

The white-haired guard motioned for several warriors to step forward. As the Count stepped out, the doors swung shut behind him. With all the creaming going on, no one could hear those coming from inside the castle walls….

A rose will bloom

It then will fade

So does a youth

So does the fairest maid

'You're right. It would destroy us.'- Anakin Skywalker

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