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There they were, falling down towards the elevator they had left. Ailyie wasn't sure who was alive and who wasn't. The events that had just transpired had stunted her thoughts and all she could see was Dekard just standing there with his head turned as the Hazekillers did their work. Now they were falling and she thought for sure that they would all die, if they weren't already dead. The gunfire came so quickly that she just let go without really thinking of a way to survive the fall, and now that she was falling she could only think of what had happened up top. That's when she started to hear a muffled voice that sounded like it was calling her name, and then she finally snapped out of her thoughts to hear Sev yelling.

"Ai! Ai, snap out of it! We need to come up with a way to slow our fall!"

Ai looked toward Sev to see him just staring at her with an unusually calm look on his face, despite their circumstance; though he was a Pewterarm and could probably easily use brute strength to save himself. That's when all of her senses rushed back at once and she could hear and feel the rush of air run past her as she fell down the elevator shaft. She quickly looked around to see who else was alive. She saw that Camis and Terrin were seemingly okay just above her. She couldn't see Shai, the Lurcher that had come with them, or Thom, her Rioter friend. She remembered that Heirm, the Coinshot, hadn't be as lucky as they had. The Hazekillers appeared so suddenly. Then she turned around in midair and saw Shai and Thom below her. The two of them were much farther ahead of them and she could just barely make them out against the backing darkness. She knew that they didn't have much time before they came up on the elevator.

At that moment Cam spoke up. "Terrin, can you see the elevator? Do you know how much time we have left?"

Then Terrin began to burn the tin in her system and used her enhanced vision, while ignoring her other senses' enhancements, to see further down the shaft than the rest of them could. "Yes. I can see the elevator coming up. I would say we have less than three-quarters of a minute before we hit it. Thom and Shai have less than thirty seconds."

They had to act fast. Ai yelled at the top of her lungs toward Shai and Thom. "You have to stop yourselves! We don't have much time!" Then she saw Shai lurch towards Thom, grab his arm and then the both of them flew towards the wall of the shaft, grabbing anything they could to slow and stop themselves. It would be a little more difficult for the rest of them since they were not Coinshots or Lurchers. They were running out of time, so Ai began to pull fortune out of her Chromiumminds. "Everyone, follow my lead!" Then she spread out into a position to help slow her descent and give her more control over her direction. They had rushed past Shai and Thom and were seconds away from the top of the elevator. Ai thought that her fortune had finally failed her. She expected for something to present itself so that she could stop them all from falling, but nothing seemed to be happening at all. Then she heard a loud sound and the elevator began to fall just before they reached it.

The elevator was falling at a slower pace than they were. The brakes on it must have still been making contact with the walls, enough that it wasn't in a complete free-fall. The group of Allomancers caught up with the descending elevator and climbed into it. Several seconds later, as Ai and Cam were trying to access a panel below the myriad of buttons so they could engage the emergency brakes, Shai and Thom climbed down from the roof. Shai pulled on the internal components of the small metal lock and broke it. When she was done Cam pulled the small door open and quickly pressed the emergency stop button.

As soon as Dekard exited the building through t he window hundreds of feet in the air a massive bolt of lightning lit up the sky and the clouds released an onslaught of rain. The rain was coming down in huge drops and it was blanketing everything that Dek could see as he was falling. He felt that it was the perfect imagery of what he was feeling. He had finally made a decision about whether he was going to really try to go back to his previous life or if he was going to make a new one. The fact that he had been struggling with this decision had been news to him, but as soon as his father had mentioned that Dek's mother had been killed at Lieman's command it all just clicked. Now he was falling towards the ground using the little time he had to think. What am I going to do? Ai, Sev, Terrin,and especially Cam will never accept me now. I let her down, the one person that ever put their trust in me and who treated me like a real person and not some kind of tool.

At that moment another bolt of lightning painted the sky and he could see the silhouettes of Hazekillers in glider suits pursuing him. That's when the rain of aluminum bullets joined in with the rain of water. Dek quickly pushed himself further from the building burning steel, putting himself out of the line of fire. Then he shifted his body's center of gravity and turned himself into a dive towards the freeway that was now below him. He quickly reached terminal velocity in his dive and as the road approached he sprawled out catching the rushing wind with his body; then he steel-pushed to his left and right on buildings while continuously burning pewter to keep his body from collapsing. While continuously changing what he was pushing on in the two opposing directions he effectively slowed himself until he finally let go and landed on a large freight truck, iron- pulling himself firm to its top to keep from falling off.

When Dek finally stood up he turned and looked into the sky to see if he could still see the Hazekillers. It was just too dark and the sky was to full of raindrops. Dek decided to try and burn tin for the first time. He had been avoiding it because he knew he couldn't enhance just one of his senses. This made him apprehensive about it because he assumed that he wouldn't be able to discern anything from the flood of sensation. As he thought, tin didn't come as naturally to him as the other physical metals and as soon as he began to burn it there was a loud clap of thunder and he felt his head swimming from how loud it was to his tin enhanced ears. That compounded by the rain hitting his sensitive skin and the thumping of drops on the metal cab of the truck made his head feel like it was going to split wide open. He was lucky enough to see the silhouettes of the Hazekillers pulling back though and that told him that things were about to get much worse. He immediately stopped burning tin before it killed him, for that's what he felt it was going to do. I have to think quickly. I need to get back to the others. They may need my help, though they probably won't want it…

It hadn't taken the Hazekillers long to come flying up the highway in their deep-black utility vehicles. They were now up beside the large truck and beginning to box it in to stop it. Dek, without hesitation, steel-pushed off the top of the truck in the direction of the DMI building. As soon as his feet left the truck the Hazekillers opened fire. Dek then iron-pulled himself down towards the Hazekiller vehicle directly below him, landing hard on the reinforced roof. Then a helmeted head and a gun came up to his left and Dek quickly kicked the gun out of the man's hands. Dek's foot reflexively found the man's face soon after and if it wasn't for the other people in the vehicle the Hazekiller would have fallen on the road below unconscious. Dek knew that he didn't have much time and needed to get off of these speeding trucks and away from these Hazekillers.

Dekard's next move wasn't thought out extensively, but he had to do something. He knew that keeping this fight on the freeway going would get him killed. So he began to burn steel, immediately seeing the trail of blue lines burst from his abdomen. He soon found the two he was looking for; they were little in comparison to some of the others and they were spaced apart at just the right amount. He pushed on the left of the two lines and the truck began to skid across the road as the brakes were engaged. As Dekard's body slid forward he saw a few Hazekillers slam into the reinforced windshield of the vehicle and he steel-pushed off the hood, launching himself into the air.

Not a moment later he was burning steel and iron and quickly navigating the air using the speeding cars on the freeway as anchors. He could feel the torque of the speeding cars pushing and pulling his body to its limits, even with the enhancements that pewter offered it. He then saw a tunnel in the distance, his way to finally escape. He picked up his pace so that when he made the switch he would have enough distance on the Hazekillers to keep from being spotted. He neared the tunnel and the overpass on top of it and when he got into position he gave the car right below him a good hard push so that he would have the correct height to move onto the other road. As he pushed the car suddenly stopped and Dekard launched himself in a more forward motion than he had anticipated. Trying to adjust he pushed on another vehicle below him, and in his panic he didn't notice the giant overhanging streetlamp until it was too late. Just after Dek's head connected with the overhanging light he was flying through the air unconscious. A moment later a loud clap of thunder roared through the air and his limp form landed in the bed of an old pick-up truck full of hay.

With the elevator finally stopped Ai had just a moment to stop and look at everyone. That was when she saw that there was something terribly wrong with Sev that she hadn't noticed before. When she looked Sev in the eyes she saw a slightly blank stare peering back at her. She could see beads of sweat forming on his head and then her eyes fell to his shirt that she could now tell was soaked with blood. "Sev!" She screamed as she pushed through the others to get to him. It was evident that the only thing keeping him conscious and alive was the pewter in his system. "You're going to be okay! Cam, we need to get out of this place. Severith needs medical attention!" The unnatural worry was evident in her tone and urgency.

"I'll be fine, girl. I still have another vial of pewter."

"That won't keep you from dying, Sev. It will only make it harder for you to tell when you need to slow down to stay alive."

Then Terrin stepped up and said, "We need to get this thing moving, or we will all die."

"Ai, keep an eye on Sev. Terrin, I'll need your help to bypass the power detent so we can get this thing running again." Cam was brooding with anger on the inside, but he knew that now wasn't the time to be angry. His friends needed him to step up and be a leader, to rectify the mistake of coming here in the first place.

Moments later the regular lighting in the elevator flickered on and it started to move towards their destination. Ai had given Sev his other vial of pewter so that his body could start trying to heal the wounds. The three bullets had passed through him, making the process much less complicated. Ai knew that if the bullets were still lodged in his system that she would have had to fish them out quickly so that Sev's body could begin to heal itself. As it stood though, she really felt, and hoped, that Sev would be alright.

When they finally reached the bottom floor Cam had everyone squeeze up next to the walls so that he could open the doors while keeping them from being exposed to any kind of ambush. Much to his surprise there was no one around. He quickly waved everyone forward. He turned the next corner and froze, seeing a contingent of Hazekillers. He then noticed that they were heading in the other direction; towards the area that Dekard had told them earlier was the garage. Cam took everyone the opposite way towards the freight dock and their van. Luckily for them and to their surprise they met no resistance on the way out. In fact, every person they saw was moving like they were leaving the building or going up towards the top floors. Moments later they were packed in the van and driving back home with Ai tending to Sev's wounds with some of the minor medical supplies stored under the van's seats.

Dekard woke to a bright beam of light piercing through the cracks of the wall next to him and some sort of livestock staring him in the face. After he pushed the creature out of his way so he could sit up, he began to try and recollect what had happened to him. His head was throbbing and his thought process was very hazy. "The last thing I can remember is trying to make my way to the road passing over the tunnel. What happened to me?"

After he finished speaking his thought aloud he heard the voice of an aging man. "Good, ye'r awake. I wasn't sure if ya were ever going to wake up." Dekard turned and saw a man that looked to be in his early to mid-fifties, whose hair was just losing the last of its color to age. Then he asked the man, "Who are you, and where am I?"

"Well, the answer to yer first question is Tiir. My name is Edvan Tiir, and ye'r currently on my land out to the east of the capitol. When I got here three nights ago ya were in the back of my truck, knocked plum out. Don't know exactly how ya got there though."

"All I remember is steel-pushing off a car and then waking up here with that animal in m…" As he was pointing at the creature he realized that he just revealed he was an Allomancer to this stranger. He still had a lot to learn about watching what he said. He quickly stood up and tried to get into a defensive position just in case the man attacked him. His efforts were fruitless though, for when he stood up as quickly as he did his body couldn't take the movement and he began to swoon.

Mr. Tiir quickly moved and caught the falling Dek. "Whoa, slow down there, son. You obviously took quite a blow to the head. You need to take it easy. Besides don't fret about being a Mistborn. You are in the company of friends." Mr. Tiir had a big smile on his face as he helped Dekard back down into a sitting position.

Dekard wasn't sure if his stunned feeling was from this man knowing he was a Mistborn, or from his slight concussion. Dekard stopped the man from leaving with a question. "How did you know I was a Mistborn?"

"My wife, Edith, is a Seeker. She's the one that found ya in the first place. I usually just park the truck and head inside, but when I walked through the door my lovely wife said, 'Who'd ya bring home with ya, Edvan?' That was when we found ya, burning yer metal reserves unconsciously. That's when I took a snippet of aluminum I had in the house and put it down yer throat. Didn't want ya getting poisoned and all; would've kind of made the whole finding and doctoring ya up thing pointless. Well, son, I gotta get back to the chores. Rest up. My daughter will come get ya when dinner is ready."

"Thanks for saving my life. Though I probably didn't deserve it, and my name is Dekard."

"Well, Dekard, it's nice to meet you officially, but we know who ya are. Spitting image of yer father, plus we seen ya on TV a few times. Rest up, now. I left some milk and bread next to ya, but ya'll probably want to eat it before ole' Bessie there gets to it." As Edvan motioned towards the creature in the barn with them he turned and headed out the door.

Dekard was continuously amazed at finding allomancers who, despite their circumstances, just cared for people. He couldn't believe that he had been out for three days, and he couldn't help but think about Ai and the others. I hope they're okay… I shouldn't have frozen. I should have been more decisive… Snapping out of his thoughts he took up the food beside him to eat and drink. He, then, laid back down wishing he had some pewter he could burn. That's when he realized that he actually desired to feel the burn of a metal reserve in him. It was a weird feeling, realizing that he had gone from wanting to forget the last month and a half to finally accepting who he was now. It felt releasing. He also heard his own condemning voice because of not making the decision sooner. Sooner so he could have prevented the hurt he caused the only people he felt like he could really trust. Then he fell asleep on the bed of hay in the barn on the Tiir property.

A few hours later Dekard woke to the noise of someone coming in the barn. In stepped a tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl that looked to be about seventeen years old. "Hi. My name is Avian. My mom told me to come get you for dinner since you're finally awake." Then the girl turned back around and started walking towards the quaint, country house Dek could see through the open doorway. He stood up as quickly as he could, without passing out, and started to make his way towards the house.

As soon as he got to the door and was reaching for the handle it opened and Avian was standing there holding the door open for him to come in the house. That was when he first saw Mr. Tiir's wife, Edith Tiir. She wasn't very tall and you could tell by the color that was still left in her hair that it had been brown before she started to go grey. She had a huge smile on her face that made Dekard feel very welcome. "Hi! Have a seat, it is almost done. Here ya can sit over here." As she moved to show him to his seat she accidentally knocked a porcelain container full of milk off the countertop. Dekard moved to try and catch it, but before he even realized it Avian had already caught it and was putting it back where it had been. Dekard was amazed at her reaction time, though he figured that her mother was a little bit of a klutz and that Avian was used to it.

When they were finally sitting down eating Mrs. Tiir began to ask Dekard question about himself and how the son of the leader of the metal user oppression was a Mistborn. He explained a little about how he Snapped and how he hadn't gone through the Snapping session when he was supposed to. He also talked about his friends, though after it was all said and done he had left out most of the event that happened at the DMI building.

When Dekard finished Edith spoke up saying, "It's just sick how they make those children go through those awful Snapping sessions, especially when it isn't even necessary to beat people to get them to Snap."

This statement peaked Dekard's interest. "Wait? What do you mean you don't have to beat people to get them to Snap?"

Edvan obliged with the answer to Dekard's question. "Snapping through traumatic events is the ancient method of Snapping people. When Harmony took up both Preservation and Ruin he changed the way people were Snapped, though because Ruin was still part of him he had to leave the former way in as well. This society of people who hate Allomancers decided that physical trauma made people tougher for hunting down and killing metal users."

"Wait a second? I've heard of Harmony before, but what exactly is Preservation and Ruin?"

"That is probably a conversation for another day. It's kind of a long and complicated story. It's just important to know that the way that the government forces people to get Snapped is disgusting, especially because it's unneeded."

"Oh… Okay. I guess I'll have to let you tell me some other time then… Well thank you so much for dinner Mr. and Mrs. Tiir, but I've got a lot on my mind and I'm getting tired again. I think I'm going to retreat to the barn."

"Nonsense! We finally got the guest bedroom ready for you to stay in. Avian, will you show Dekard to his room?"

"Yes, mom."

"Thank you all for your hospitality. Goodnight." Then Dekard followed Avian upstairs to the little room that looked much more comfortable than the pile of hay he woke up on in the barn.