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While Listening to Rock & Roll...

The usual buzz and the noise that filled the lab slowly wound down as the shift ended and people made their escape back into their usual lives. They disappeared out of the doors to their cars rushing to get home to the people they loved, the good book they had been forced to put down or simply just the enticing lure of sleep. Sara sighed with relief as she finally filed away her paper work for the night having let Greg leave early for a date.

"Ah Sara...there you are." A familiar voice ended the bubble of hope that perhaps she would be able to have a relaxing evening with the bottle of Merlot that stood on her kitchen counter. Have a hot bath and watch the things on her TiVo.

"Doc, what can I do for you?" she asked, after fixing a smile on her lips she turned to face Doc Robbins as he stood at the door with a hopeful expression.

"Can you do me a favour?" He asked not letting his appearance falter hoping it would go some way to convince her to do what it was he was going to ask for.

"It depends... what is it?" She asked with her infamous half smile her arms folded across her chest.

"Well, my new assistant Kevin is flying in from LA today and today is my wedding anniversary so I promised I'd take Mrs Robbins out for something special. I was wondering if you could go and get him from the airport for me." He gave her a smile to test the waters and to see how she would respond.

"I see..." Sara pursed her lips and thought about the drive to McCarran Airport in rush hour traffic on a Friday night when the strip was bound to be extra busy.

"I'll owe you one." He continued attempting to persuade her.

"Okay, okay...you owe me big time, have a great time with Mrs Robbins." Sara smiled realising that she honestly didn't have anything to go home for and what reason did she have to let a friend down on his wedding anniversary.

"I will, thank you so much Sara, see you tomorrow." Doc Robbins smiled as he handed her some papers and then turned to walk away. Sara stepped out into the almost empty car park letting the Vegas heat hit as she did so. She climbed in to car taking a deep breath to pause the day where it was before she started driving.

The red tails lights of other cars stretched out in front of her like a map of the galaxy. She had always liked being stuck in traffic, it offered a sanctuary free from the need to socialise and falsely smile at the people that constantly surrounded her. The soft sound of 'Drops of Jupiter' played in the back ground; picking up the cover Sara re-read the note Greg had stuck to the front about listening to the piano track on the title song. A small, honest smile tugged at her lips as she noted the concentration it must have required him to make his hand writing legible on such a small post-it note.

The time alone gave her occasion to think about the 'new Sara' that she had developed into. There had been a time when she hadn't needed music advice from Greg, where she could hold her own when it came to the records of the year. Her vinyls had been the envy of many in lab and she struggled to remember the last time she had stopped to look at the covers of dusty old 12-inchs to add to her collection. There had been a time when she would have been in a bar drinking Greg under the table on a Friday night rather than longing to go home to slip into her PJs. She wondered at what stage she had become the type of person who longed for nothing more than a glass of chardonnay, a bubble bath and trashy TV. She wondered at what stage she had really grown up.

Brushing her thoughts aside her mind turned to the new M.E she was expected to collect. All Sara had was a sign Doc Robbins had given her with his name and a scrap of paper with his flight details on them. She didn't even know what he looked like, had no pre conceptions about his personality but she really wasn't in the mood for conversing with strangers today. She didn't feel like being nice or presentable, it had been a long week. A part of her wondered if he would be good looking, a small amount of hope bubbling up as she parked her car and climbed back out into the heat.

As she stood at the gate the hope for an attractive man dulled as she realise she hadn't had time to shower or change and probably looked groggy and tried from a double shift. Perhaps she should have checked her make up that was highly likely to have smudged and disappeared over the last six hours.

"Hot damn, I should have moved to Vegas earlier if the CSI chicks are all like you my darling. I'm Kevin." He winked at her giving her once over before biting his lip.

"I'm Sara." She said shortly realising that the make-up was not needed, she'd most certainly had enough of men like Kevin in her life. There was a glint in his clear blue eyes that suggested when he wanted to be he could be very charming. He had high cheek and thin, stern lips that she was sure artists like Bowyer would have called a dream. He was attractive she admitted. But he knew it. He had enough self confidence and awareness of how to use it.

They quietly made their way back to her car as Sara kept her fingers crossed that he was tired from his flight and was not going to be in a talkative mood. But as he stood aside checking her butt out as she placed one of his smaller bags at the back of the boot she realise that was not going to be the case. She gritted her teeth and without a word to him climbed into the driver's side of the car waiting for him to finish putting the rest of his suitcases in the back.

"Train- nice choice. Is this 'G' your man?" he asked flicking the note Greg had attached to CD as he flicked through the songs before settling on 'Whipping Boy' the song Sara had decided was her least favourite on the album.

"No, he's not." Sara replied bluntly remaining silent about his choice of song not wanting to start more of a discussion than was necessary.

"Oh I get it...he's your bit on the side you little minx." Kevin hypothesised while nodding in approval.

"What?" Sara asked raising an eyebrow attempting to figure out how he had come to that conclusion with nothing but a CD and a note.

"Well, I saw your wedding ring, if this 'G' 'ain't you're man...then he's only one other thing he can be." Kevin explained as he played the CD.

"He's a friend." She explained making a turn into a short cut hoping she'd be able to drop him off quicker.

"A friend...with benefits...I wouldn't mind being him, you're hot." Kevin continued talking crudely.

"No, he's not, he's just a friend." She corrected him with a sigh.

"Hey sweet heart if you're looking for a bit on the side...I tell you...I'll rock your world like no man before." He offered casually.

"No thank you, I'm happily married." Sara responded through gritted deciding that she'd already had enough of his company for the night.

"Whatever. Are you going to take me to see the sites... if you know what I mean?" He asked his eyes resting on where the neck line of her top dipped.

"No." She replied attempting to pretend that she had noticed where his vision was focused.

"Oh that's fine, I'm sorry I forgot people stopped being fun after they got married." He commented glancing out of the window at the neon lights.

Sara gripped her steering wheel tighter as they headed into a line of traffic. She realised she was fed up with people acting differently around her now that she was married- as if she was no longer herself. She was still the same, fun Sara she had always been. And here was someone who barely knew that was already making assumptions about her.

"Fine...I'll take you out. We have to stop at mine so I can shower and change though, I just pulled a double." She agreed impulsively speeding up as she turned into an almost empty road.

"Do I get to join you in the shower...I could wash your back." Kevin offered smirking at her. He watched as Sara laughed tongue in cheek at him as she shook her head.

"You don't give up do you?" She asked with a smirk.

"No, not until I get what I want at least...and at the moment honey, that's you." he explained.

Sara pulled into her drive way easily and climbed out of the car with little regard towards Kevin who simply followed her into the house. She felt a sense of relief as she realised that she was in her element at home it was her chance to feel Kevin out...figuratively obviously.

But as she caught his eye and saw his smile she wondering if feeling him out physically would be just as much fun...

"The remote's on the coffee table and there are beer's in the fridge." She offered absentmindedly pointing in the direction of the kitchen.

She stepped under the steady stream of hot water from the shower she began to wonder exactly what it was that she had let herself in for.