Full Moon Typhoon

Chapter Nine: Blank Slates & Unexpected Mines

Some hours later, Hiroki stood in his bedroom fumbling through his drawers looking for something for Nowaki to wear while the youth sat on the couch in the other room. As he rifled through his wardrobe he reflected on how surprisingly easy it had been to get Nowaki to overcome his earlier hesitation of sitting on the sofa with a simple cracker.

Considering all their lessons of the last few hours and all the "dog" had learned, however, Hiroki had come to understand that in addition to Nowaki's obsession with food, his recently evolved companion also had a remarkable mind.

Looking at the clock on his bedside table, Hiroki grimaced. It was almost three am. He knew he should have been feeling far more exhausted than he was, but Nowaki was the best student he'd had ever had and he was feeling buzzed by their success. There was also the added charge of the fact that Hiroki had realized in many ways, in his new human form, Nowaki was a tabula rasa:* the ultimate challenge and opportunity simultaneously. And the idea of shaping him was both thrilling and overwhelming.

Finally, Hiroki pulled a simple pair of boxers from his drawer along with a tee-shirt.

He'd conducted their first classes in human mobility with Nowaki in his naked state. It had been a bit distracting at times, having a beautiful, bare, teen puppy wobbling around his flat. But Nowaki seemed to have no understanding of his exposed condition as something he should be uncomfortable about. So, Hiroki had decided to put off that particular lesson, in fact, he enjoyed the former hound's innocence in this matter.

Besides, on closer inspection, seeing Nowaki without his covering of fur, Hiroki had realized the youth's skin had a patina of dirt in places from his outdoor existence, plus the remaining betadine stains from the previous day's treatment of his now vanished injuries.

Hiroki knew a bath of some sort was in order.

He'd worked hard to convince himself that this was another reason why he'd allowed Nowaki to remain naked (with the exception of his collar) as long as he had. Not because he was a pervert, but because it simply made more sense not to put fresh clothes on Nowaki until he was equally clean himself.

Hiroki gathered the garments and headed out into the main room wondering how Nowaki would handle a bath.


Hiroki was surprised to not see Nowaki perched on the couch waiting for him when he emerged, especially since he'd told him to "stay." He had a sudden sense of panic.

The last time Nowaki had coltishly ambled down the hallway, he had grabbed onto the door knob of the guest room for balance. Within seconds of this contact, the previous canine had ascertained the benefit of his newly opposable thumbs and the mechanics of how to open a door.

"Damn it..." Hiroki dropped the clothes on the arm of his sofa and rushed to the hall entry, praying all the while that his big puppy had not decided to take himself out on a walk. Newly-human Nowaki, getting arrested for walking the streets of Tokyo bare-ass naked was the last thing either of them needed.

Hiroki breathed a sigh of relief when he came upon Nowaki sitting by the door with his leash in his hands.

"Nowaki, what are you doing here?" He kept his tone calm, having realized early on in their lessons how extremely sensitive the boy was to the subtlest shift in sounds. Nowaki also seemed to have tremendous perception when it came to body language as well.

"I told you to stay."

Nowaki looked down at his hands, his posture told Hiroki he knew he had disobeyed and was feeling remorseful. Innocent blue eyes looked up after a minute, their clarity pierced Hiroki's heart.

Somewhat hesitantly Nowaki lifted his hands offering his leash.

Hiroki was surprised to see that Nowaki had once again employed his new-found manual dexterity and already attached his leash to his collar.

"Please… San… out…" Nowaki tentatively petitioned. His human voice was sweet but rough as it wrapped itself around the new language.

Hiroki had given the canine command "speak" at one point that evening and discovered that Nowaki knew this when the youth gave a hoarse bark in response. Discovering this, he had decided to test and see if Nowaki was capable of speech.

"Please," was the first word he had taught: a request Nowaki had to make for his next cracker. He'd also tried to teach his new ward both of their names.

It seemed now that Nowaki had understood already that "please" prefaced a request. Not only that but he'd also obviously grasped "out" from their earlier excursions. But most extraordinary was that Nowaki was attempting simple syntax to communicate.

Hiroki found his brows rising as once again with how quickly the youth was learning.


It shouldn't really have been that surprising, he supposed, as once they had gotten that particular ball rolling, Nowaki quickly began to grasp the meaning of many of the words he had been hearing humans say to him over the course of his short, puppy life. Hiroki's life focused on words as it was, watching Nowaki's growing comprehension of the sounds he'd heard and their meanings had been a very profound experience.

"Kamijou-san," Hiroki corrected.

Nowaki looked at him and nodded. "Please, San, out," he repeated.

Hiroki sighed. No matter how many times he'd told Nowaki his name, for some reason he seemed unable or unwilling to say Kamijou.

"Is it the 'K' sound that's troubling you, Nowaki? What are you going to do when you have to introduce yourself to someone?" Hiroki muttered shaking his head as he bent down and unsnapped the leash from Nowaki's collar.

"Look, you need to call me by my name, Kamijou-san… Kamijou Hiroki."

Seeing the intent way Nowaki was looking at him, Hiroki repeated this again pointing at himself. "My name is Kamijou Hiroki, Kamijou-san." He stood up and stepped back, hanging the leash back up. "And there's no way you're going outside like that."

When Nowaki understood Hiroki was not going to take him outside a soft whine burred in his throat and he shifted uncomfortably.

Realizing that Nowaki's desire to go out involved more than mere stretch of the legs, Hiroki sighed.

"Please, H-Hiro... Hiro-san, out." Nowaki's gentle tone carried an edge of desperation now.

Although Hiroki didn't relish being called by his first name or the way that Nowaki had abbreviated it, hearing the need in the youth's voice, he decided there were currently more pressing matters than correcting the puppy-boy. Besides, it was at least a step in the right direction.

"Come on, Nowaki," he coaxed, "up."

Nowaki's face maintained its tense expression, but he rose without question.

"Come." Hiroki turned and began walking back into the apartment.

Nowaki hesitated, not wanting to leave the entry. "Please, Hiro-san…"

"Out… yeah, yeah, I know." Hiroki finished the sentence.

"Come, Nowaki," Hiroki directed in the firm but calm tone he'd quickly learned the teen responded the best to. "I am going to teach you how humans take themselves out."

He headed off down the hall with Nowaki following reluctantly but obediently after.

If someone had told Hiroki a few hours earlier that he would be housetraining a recently transformed human-hound at three in the morning the day after being attacked by some kind of demon, he would have immediately called the authorities and had the obviously deranged individual hauled away. And yet, here he was, doing exactly that.

"Okay, Nowaki... You go 'out' in there." Hiroki pointed down into the toilet bowl. Nowaki looked down into the porcelain basin and then back up. His blue eyes blinked uncomprehendingly. The new human had smelled the concentrated scent of his person at the door of this room when he was a dog, but still, having not often been allowed to linger inside during his short existence, Nowaki had never been in a bathroom before.

His recently reconfigured nasal passages were still considerably more acute than most humans. Given this, despite the clean conditions of the man's bathroom, he could still detect Hiroki's scent and this just made his now pressing needs all the more urgent. Nowaki looked at Hiroki and offered a pleading, "Please, Hiro-san."

Hiroki pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried to consider the best way to teach Nowaki this. Finally, with his cheeks flushing mightily he came to a decision. He had been kind of needing to go himself anyway.

Stepping up to the bowl Hiroki began to fumble, undoing his pants. Normally he would have just unzipped and pulled his cock out the slit in his briefs, but he figured this too was something that Nowaki would have to be shown.

"So… uh… yeah…you don't have undo the button, just unzip, and make sure you get the zipper down far enough. When you close up shop after, you want to watch when you zip, okay… Because if your underwear fabric is thin, you can still get skin caught too."

Hiroki knew that Nowaki wasn't following even half of what he said, but somehow talking it through like this made the whole embarrassing process a little easier. "This is how you access your dick through your shorts… then umm… you just take it and aim it and uh… go 'out.'"

Nowaki's intense scrutiny of all he was demonstrating was slightly disturbing: keen eyes had followed his every move. They'd widened when Hiroki pulled out his cock and Hiroki observed Nowaki's hand drift down and grab his own member.

Averting his eyes, Hiroki focused on what he was doing; he'd always been a bit piss shy in front of others and preferred the privacy of stalls when he was out in the world. Finally after some hesitation, his reluctant bladder relented and a strong stream of urine hit the back of the bowl with a satisfying hiss.

Once he was done, Hiroki gave his dick two quick shakes and put himself away.

"Okay Nowaki, your turn," he said, stepping back from the bowl.

Nowaki obviously really had to go as he stepped up quickly and immediately let loose with a fierce jet. His aim was off a bit, however.

"Hey, watch it!" Hiroki barked. "I don't have a maid in this joint you know!"

Without thinking he leaned in and set his hand atop Nowaki's until the pup had his stream under control. At his touch Nowaki looked at him, though his piss didn't waver. Catching Nowaki's eye, Hiroki blushed and withdrew his hand as soon as he knew the other had gotten the gist of aiming.

"Wow, you really needed to go," Hiroki muttered when Nowaki had finally finished. "You must have a bladder like a camel's hump." His voice was laced with admiration. "Okay, so now shake, you don't want any little bit left in there dripping out later.

He watched Nowaki try and emulate what he'd done and was hard pressed not to snort when the youth grimaced. "Shake it, Nowaki, not try to break it off." Seeing Nowaki adjust his motion, Hiroki noticed the young man didn't release himself after.

"Drop it," Hiroki said firmly. "More than two shakes and you're just playing with it." Nowaki looked at him with a certain expression and Hiroki realized that the youth didn't relish the idea of unhanding himself.

"Seriously, Nowaki, that is not a lesson I want to get into tonight." Hiroki thought he might be well on his way for breaking his record of most blushes within a twenty-four hour period. "Drop it."

At this sterner tone, Nowaki complied, but the sigh he emitted told Hiroki he wasn't entirely happy about it.

Hiroki leaned over and depressed the lever. Nowaki's eyes widened again as he watched the colored water disappear. "Now wash your hands." Hiroki demonstrated, turning on the sink and grabbing the soap from its dish.

Nowaki followed suit but spent a few minutes afterwards alternating between turning the taps off and on and flushing the toilet; he was absolutely entranced by what his new hands allowed him to do. Hiroki watched the puppy boy's fascination with quiet amusement.

"Okay, Nowaki, as long as you're in here, we might as well get you cleaned up the rest of the way. What do you think about that?" Hiroki moved towards the shower not expecting an answer to his rhetorical question. He stopped short then when Nowaki gave a slight growl as he cleared his newly human throat.

"Please, Hiro-san, out."

"But you just…" Hiroki started. Then seeing Nowaki's expression, he realized that all the crackers consumed must have set some of Nowaki's other internal works into motion.

Moving back over to the commode again, Hiroki flipped the ring on the seat of the toilet down. Nowaki cocked his head at the toilet's new appearance.

"That's so you don't fall in," Hiroki patiently explained. "Now being a guy and living alone, usually it's up okay, but be aware that little ring can cause a lot of tension... Especially if you 're visiting somewhere where there are females and you leave it up like that…" Hiroki shook his head at Nowaki's bemused expression.

"Never mind," he sighed, wondering why in the hell he felt compelled to expound on such unnecessary issues of etiquette, when his audience had maybe a dozen words at the moment. "Come, Nowaki," Hiroki moved aside. Nowaki stepped obediently over.


Once again Nowaki complied, he sat down on the ring, but after a moment he looked up. His handsome young face wore a look that was a combination of expectation and anxiety.

"Please, out, Hiro-san."

"Shit," Hiroki sighed knowing that was exactly what he would soon be dealing with. He wondered how he was going to field this one.

Nowaki sat on the floor in the bathroom watching as Hiroki started the water in the shower. Both males were a little frazzled after their last experience, but Nowaki seemed to have at last grasped the necessary concepts of toilet usage all the way through to the "end" as it were.

The dog-boy watched the spray start in the shower with an expression of apprehension. Hiro-san had said "bath" and this word was not exactly coupled with Nowaki's best memories.

Not long after he'd shown up at the orphanage a couple of the older boys had stuck him in a basin to wash him. Frightened of the new experience of the water, Nowaki had struggled and in trying to subdue him the riled boys had almost drowned him. After that, all of his baths had been carried out with a hose and cold water while he was staked outside. The hound had not particularly relished these either.

"Okay, Nowaki, up!" Hiroki ordered. Nowaki stood somewhat shakily.

Hiroki immediately noticed the young man was trembling. "Are you cold? The water will warm you up." He put a hand on Nowaki's shoulder to guide him, but the teen balked. A soft whimper escaped Nowaki and his shaking doubled.

"Wait... Are you scared, Nowaki?"

Hiroki gave him a gentle push towards the shower and was flummoxed when Nowaki sank back down to the floor folding his long arms protectively over his head.

"No…no… Hiro-san, p-please." Nowaki's low whines had taken on a bleating quality when he spoke.

Hiroki heard the fear in Nowaki's voice and was hard pressed to imagine that this was the same being that had hurled himself so boldly at the creature in the park.


The pup looked up hesitantly, his blue eyes watery with his distress. Feeling the wetness on his cheek, Nowaki rubbed his hand against his eye. He studied the glistening streak on the back of his hand with an expression of perplexity.

Hiroki was profoundly moved by these fearful tears, though he imagined they were also partly from exhaustion and all the shock of the human pup's new state. But he realized too that these were Nowaki first human tears and he was witness to them.

"Hey, Nowaki..." he kept his voice soft and reached out a hand to ruffle the shaggy, dark head.

Given his past experiences at the orphanage, knowing he was being disobedient, Nowaki couldn't help but shrink a bit as Hiro-san reached towards him. Hiroki frowned, seeing this flinch. Once again he found himself disgusted with the place where Nowaki had spent his life up to this point.

Hiroki knew a thing or two about being scared. When he was really young he'd had an overwhelming terror of the dark. His father's response to this was to shut him away at night and close the door. "You need to harden up, boy. Face your fears head on, that's what being a man is all about," the senior Kamijou had said. He'd even gone so far as put a drape down in front of the door from the outside so that no light from the hall would leak in under it leaving his son in total darkness.

This had made bedtime incredibly traumatic for Hiroki as a boy. He remembered all too well, even still, the rising sense of dread that would begin to fill him as soon as he arrived home after school each day knowing what lay ahead for him. He'd been a wreck about it and despite his father's shaming would become emotional before bed.

It wasn't until one day before his father had come home from work that his mother had saved him by giving him a flashlight. She had told him, however, that once the batteries wore out, she wouldn't replace them. Hiroki had used the torch the first few nights, but then after that, just knowing he had access to the light if he needed it had been enough and he was able to weather the night's darkness with much less fear.

Hiroki considered his situation now with Nowaki; he had no desire to be like his father. Besides, he already knew full well how courageous the dog-boy's heart was. He set his hand gently on Nowaki's shaggy head and ran his fingers through inky locks.

Nowaki pushed into the touch unconsciously. He stiffened, however, when he felt Hiroki's hand leave his head and then both of the man's hands on his collar. He leaned back a bit expecting Hiroki to grab it and pull him into the shower. Nowaki's blue eyes looked up in surprise, when instead he felt nimble fingers undo the buckle and his collar was slipped off him.

He watched as Hiroki straightened and pulled off the shirt he was wearing. Hiroki then pushed his jeans down off his slender hips. Hiroki left his briefs on however, wanting a bit of a restraint for himself, because despite his best intentions, as the evening had worn on, he could not help but find Nowaki increasingly stirring.

Hiroki stepped into the shower and pulled the bath stool in front of him. "Come on, Wa-chan," he coaxed. "No bath tonight, just a shower."

Nowaki cocked his head; a new shiver coursed through him. Seeing his person standing there in the water though, he leaned forward, enticed by Hiro-san's soothing tone.

He watched as Hiro-san ran long fingers through his thick brown hair, pushing his soaked bangs back. Nowaki noted the lean look of the man's hard torso, the way Hiroki's water-heavy briefs slid low on his hips. There was something about this, that stirred the hound and he knew that even as much as he didn't like the water he wanted to be with Hiro-san.

He rose a bit unsteadily and stepped warily into the shower.

Hiroki stood quietly and watched as Nowaki adjusted to the warm water. He didn't try and do anything that would serve to provoke the teen's fear. Soon Nowaki was standing directly in front of him looking down on him.

Hiroki found himself feeling mildly annoyed that the big puppy was so god damn tall, but rather than allow this to show, he instead offered Nowaki a "good boy!" for his efforts.

Hearing these words of praise from Hiro-san, Nowaki beamed and his previous shivers of fear turned into ones of delight. His blue eyes sparkled as he placed his large hands on Hiroki's shoulders and leaned down, nuzzling the man under one of his ears.

Hiroki tensed, unprepared for this act of affection. In truth this wasn't something he was used to in his life, even under normal circumstances. After a minute, feeling the youth's touch begin to rouse him, he put his hands on Nowaki's broad chest and pushed gently back.

"Okay, that's enough," Hiroki growled hoarsely. "You need to settle, Nowaki. Come on. Sit." He indicated the bath stool on the floor of the shower between them.

Nowaki drew back at the admonition, but he didn't sit. Instead he stared into Hiroki's eyes with such a blatant expression of happy gratitude Hiroki found it overwhelming.

It was all Hiroki could do not to drop his eyes, but he understood that despite the fact of his very human appearance, Nowaki was still much governed by his canine sensibilities. Hiroki needed to stay on top of things as the alpha, if he had any hope to maintain control of this very unusual situation. Realizing this, he hardened his gaze and held it until Nowaki looked down.

Then the dog-boy did something unexpected. With one hand he grazed his own jawline, his other hand reached forward and cupped Hiroki's. Nowaki brushed a thumb across his lips while the other traced Hiro-san's mouth. Hiroki watched transfixed as Nowaki's hands slipped in tandem down strong necks, slid over broad shoulders. Single fingers circled hardening nipples in a mirrored fashion and then became flat palms, settled over glistening pecs.

Hiroki's dark eyes followed Nowaki's mesmerized gaze as the youth moved over his body.

Hiroki knew, as with their hands earlier, that the pup was comparing their two bodies, understanding his own in relation to his. At the same time, Hiroki had never felt so revealed to another. Even past lovers had never read him so closely. His breath hitched. Hiroki's cock sparked to hardness, his balls quickened too as Nowaki's large hand slid further down his abdomen.

Hiroki jumped back when this same hand reached his cock, brushing it through wet cloth. Feeling its rigidity, Nowaki's eyes had widened with surprise.

"Enough, Nowaki!" Hiroki pointed down at the stool. "Sit now!" he ordered, his voice breathless.

Nowaki's gentle face crumpled with hurt, unsure of what he'd done wrong, but sensing by the tone Hiro-san wasn't playing, he dropped his hands.

"Turn!" Hiroki ordered. "We need to get this done and get out of here."

Nowaki did as he was told and then sat down on the stool. His concern for his unknown infraction dissipated, however, when a moment later, strong hands began rubbing a sweet smelling shampoo into his thick hair.

A pleasured groan escaped from Nowaki at this touch. He leaned back into to Hiro-san's attentions. Nowaki found himself thinking that this would be nice to do, a lot, as soapy hands glided over him.

Behind Nowaki, now that he was safe from the probing gaze of those keen blue eyes, Hiroki's blush had reached a whole new color of crimson.

What the fuck am I doing? This is crazy, Hiroki thought to himself.

He felt his cock twitch again at the sensation of Nowaki's sinewed flesh beneath his hungry fingers.

I can't believe I have a hard on for a dog. But even as he thought this, Hiroki was painfully aware that desire was only the surface of what it was he was he had begun feeling from the first moment he'd laid eyes on Nowaki's human form.

Bath done and beds made, Hiroki stood in front of his couch and a very mournful looking Nowaki.

Hiroki's exhaustion had finally caught up with him and knowing that daylight would be creeping in through his bedroom window in about an hour wasn't helping his mood at all at the moment.

"One last time, Nowaki, this is your bed... 'Yours.' The one in the other room is 'Mine.' Now get in."

Nowaki looked at his fatigued person. "Mine?" he pointed towards Hiroki's room.

"No… MINE." Hiroki growled, reaching the end of his patience at last. He pointed to the bed he'd made for Nowaki on the couch. "Yours!" he said lifting the blanket.

Nowaki's smooth brow furrowed as he moved over and sat on the edge of the sofa. "Mine, Hiro-san?" he asked again.

Hiroki looked down on the handsome dog-boy: clean, shiny, and looking hot as hell in his boxers and tee-shirt. "Now you've got it," he sighed gratefully. "Okay, lay down."

Nowaki did, after twisting about a bit. Then he finally settled in, nestling his dark head into the soft pillow Hiroki had laid out for him.

"Now stay."

Nowaki looked at Hiro-san a moment contemplatively before a yowling yawn overtook him. He made no attempt to get up as Hiroki stepped back.

"Stay, Nowaki." Hiroki uttered softly once more as he flipped off the light. He turned and headed into his own dim bedroom.

"What an insane day," Hiroki muttered as he sank down bonelessly onto his firm futon. He himself had changed after their shower into fresh boxers and a tee-shirt. He shivered as the crisp air of the apartment chilled him through this light garb and sighed as he clambered wearily between the cool sheets.

What in the hell is going on here really? He wondered on multiple levels. And even more so, what am I going to do when Monday comes to manage this mess?

Despite his mental turmoil, Hiroki found himself drifting off rather quickly; he was roused again before he completely lost consciousness, however, by a quiet shuffling of feet. He felt the covers lift and the mattress depress as a warm, clean-smelling body joined him.

"Nowaki, I said stay," Hiroki growled in the darkness, too tired to kick the giant, disobedient puppy out of his bed. He was surprised, when at his words he felt Nowaki's deliciously heated body press up behind him. A long arm draped over his shoulder and drew him against a comforting expanse of firm chest.

Hiroki sighed as he felt Nowaki snuffle lightly against the back of his head. "Hiro-san, mine," Nowaki declared rather boldly. Though his voice was sweet there was absolutely no question contained in his words this time.

Hiroki thought seriously about extricating himself from Nowaki's grasp and making the pup go back to the couch. He knew that with dogs one had to be consistent regarding bad behavior in order to correct it. Instead though, he closed his eyes and let the warmth of the dog-boy's long body soothe him. The fact of the matter was, that in this moment, Nowaki's disobedience didn't feel bad at all… in fact it felt really good. Hiroki found himself, against his better judgment, snuggling back into Nowaki's embrace.

Nowaki sensed Hiroki's capitulation immediately and was incited to one more joyous snuffle.

"Hiro-san, mine," he murmured happily against the skin of Hiroki's neck.

Hiroki heard the teen's soft words and something in his heart broke slightly at their innocence. He considered himself and his history with Akihiko. If only it were that easy, Nowaki, he thought as he drew a deep breath and allowed sleep to overtake him.

*Tabula rasa is the epistemological theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception. Generally proponents of the tabula rasa thesis favour the "nurture" side of the nature versus nurture debate, when it comes to aspects of one's personality, social and emotional behaviour, and intelligence. The term in Latin equates to the English "blank slate" (or more accurately, "erased slate") (which refers to writing on a slate sheet in chalk) but comes from the Roman tabula or wax tablet, used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it to give a tabula rasa.

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