a child grew inside her. Estil's child. An ocean of sadness threatened to swallow her up. No time for that. Over the time he's been gone, Cera taught herself you can't change the past, but it affects the future, so don't live in the past, let it go. It made getting over his death much simpler. At the time, she had only saw a flash of claws, then she ducked, not willing to be killed by this creature she didn't even lay eyes on. The funeral was organized and took a while. He was special after all. He survived it all. Who would think a random encounter would kill him?

Marla snapped her fingers in Cera's face to get her attention. "Hello?" Cera blinked. "Sorry, what?" Marla signed impatiently. "What are you thinking for names?"
"Oh, well if it's a girl, Tallia, if it's a boy, Flansk." She replied. At first she had been thinking April for a girl name, but that's living in the past. Plus it might be seen as disrespectful. "Good names!" Marla laughed.

A sharp pain came from her stomach. Her water broke. Her jaw dropped and she stared at Marla. "I'm going into labor!" She whispered. They were in the daisy meadow, too far from the meadow to get help. "Okay, we'll get through this. I'll help you. Just breathe."
"I am breathing." She joked. "Alright, lay down." Cera listened. Marla held her hand. "Okay, now push! The faster the baby is born, the less pain!" She instructed. "It hurts!" Cera cried. It was like being lit on fire and threw in acid. "Push harder!" Marla yelled. "I'm trying, believe me!" She grunted, gasping for breathe. "Remember to breathe, in and out, in and out. Push!" Cera groaned in pain. "Get this baby out of me!" She shrieked.

"I can see it's head! Keep pushing honey!" Marla encouraged. Cera groaned. "Military training didn't prepare you for this!" Cera laughed, grunting. "Typical you, making jokes at a time like this." Marla smiled. "Push!" Cera groaned loudly.

There was a cry. The pain dimmed slightly. Marla squealed with delight. "It's a girl! So Tallia huh? What a pretty girl!" Marla looked closer. "Oh my god!" Cera's head snapped up. "What! What?" Marla brought her over. "Look. She has her warrior strips."

The End.